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Daniel on the Side --Assorted Authors page 1

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Daniel Stories
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A summer meadow, you and Daniel are lying in the sweet soft grass looking at a late afternoon sky. Suddenly he gets up an disappears, only to return a few minutes later with a handfull of plump shiny blackberries. He stretches back out on the grass and you turn 90 degrees and lay your head on his taut stomach, one at a time, he pops the blackberries on your tongue. Fresh air, fresh fruit and Daniel on the side!



It's October, a late afternoon in the British Museum in London. It's strangely quiet, all the students have left, as have the sightseers. You are gazing at the Assyrian relief carvings from Nimrud. You begin to get the strangest feeling that you are not alone. Turning, you momentarily catch the gaze of the bluest eyes you've ever seen. A young man, jeans, trainers and an oatmeal coloured cotton jumper , glasses, looks kind of studious and now seems totally absorbed by the carvings. You turn back to the images of state ceremonies. Two rooms later, you are in Assyrian sculpture and this time he gives a little guilty smile when you catch him watching you again. You smile back, a little puzzled and move off into the Great Hall, you need a coffee, via the bookshop of course.

There is a strange echoing quality under the huge glass roof, quiet voices envelope you, families getting ready to leave, staff moving purposefully around the hall. You go to the cafe and order a latte. As you reach for the last slice of tempting chocolate cake another hand snags it. The blue eyes are crinkled with laughter this time.

"Share?" he says with a quizzical lift of the eyebrows.You nod.

"My name is Daniel."

Two forks, one cake, culture, coffee and Daniel on the side!



It's a very hot and steamy day in Austin, and the air conditioning is out in our house. Daniel comes into the living room with a bowl of ice. He takes the ice and rubs a piece around my lips, moving it down my throat, then down each arm, taking a new piece as this one melts. I take a piece and rub it around his lips, sliding it down his throat and down his chest and take it from there!!!



How's this, it's a cold nite in Austin (as if!!) and Daniel and I are sitting in front of the fireplace. I take a bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup and removing Daniel's shirt, proceed to dribble the syrup down his chest and tummy!!! Then I slowly start to lick it off!!! He stops me, and takes the bottle and dribbles it down my chest and tummy and starts to slowly lick it off...take it from there!!



Daniel and I are painting the spare room in our house, and I accidentally flick paint on him. He is barechested and wearing tight levis!!! Daniel turns around and gets paint splattered on his chest, he dips his brush in the paint can and flicks paint back on me hitting my chest and face. We proceed to start painting each other instead of the room. After we are covered in paint, we head to the shower, where I start to wash the paint off his body. Running my hands over his chest and body to remove the paint. Daniel turns to me and starts rubbing my chest and body with his hands slowly to remove the paint off of me...take it from there!



I was finally ensconced in my favorite section in the library with no one else around! I could sit on the floor and pull interesting books off the shelf at my lesure. I reached out to look at a book on Pompeii, hoping it had something about pyrclastic flows in it.

"Actually, I'd look at the next next one to the right," a voice from above advised me.

"Excuse me?" I asked and looked up.

The most incredible blue eyes were looking down at me.

"The next book over has a better description of the dig."

"Why do you think that's what I wanted to read about?"

"This is the archeology section. People read about archeology."

"I was looking for something else."

"Then you'd want another section in the library."

I got to my feet and got a better look at him. It took all my self control to keep from drooling. He was drop dead gorgeous!

"Are you trying to get rid of me?"

"I was just trying to help."

"I am looking for information on the eruption, not the dig." I found myself snapping. "I have been trying to get some time alone in this section so I could enjoy reading about pyroclastic flows, but I guess I'll have to come back...again."

I bent to pick up my backpack but he had already had it in his hand.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to drive you away."

"Well, you did it anyway. My pack please?"

"If you accept my apologies..."

"You're holding my pack ransom?"

"...and join me for coffee. I would like to talk to you about Pompeii."

"Who *are* you?"

"Dr. Daniel Jackson. I'm an archeologist."

If I had been holding my pack, I would have dropped it .

"Dr. Jackson! I'm sorry! I should have recognized you!"

"Join me for coffee?"

I walked out of the library with Daniel Jackson at my side.

Katie (yeah, it's me)


I'm strolling across the townsquare, it's hot and I spot the public drinking fountain in it's leafy shade. I get close enought to press my fingers to the operating button. Just then I turn around in response to the merry shout of a passing aquaintance.

Distracted, I'm pressing the button before I've turned back to the fountain and I can hear the hiss of the jet of cool, clear liquid.
I turn and bend to drink the water. To my horror a man is bent over the stand using the other tap.... and I've drenched him.

"I...I'm so s-s--sorry" I stutter in abject apology as I take in the dripping state of the stranger. 
He straightens, his hair darkened by the water, his eyes rapidly blinking droplets from his eyes, the front of his shirt soaked to transparency. He looks at me and flashes an engaging smile, "Not to worry, Ma'am, It's hot and I really needed cooling down".

I think to myself, "you're hot"! as I study him more closely, the cool water has done interesting things to his chest, as he begins to unbutton his wet shirt, his fathomless blue eyes are framed by long, damp, spiky lashes that sweep down across flawless cheekbones covered by luminous skin.

He smiles at me again as he cups his hand under the tap, raises it to his mouth and suckles the water from his palm. My palms are dry, as I shamelessly stand and stare.

As he licks his palm dry, he shoots me an almost challenging look from under his lashes, a droplet of water has missed his mouth and is sliding down his chin, and I follow it's slow progress.

He once more cups his hand under the tap, and fills it with the cool, refreshing liquid, but this time he offers his hand to me. I lean forward, lips parting to partake of the water in his palm, as I slowly lap at the water. As I do so, I hear him murmur, "my name is Daniel Jackson, would you like to have another drink with me tonight"?



Having paid for my order and clutching the tray in my hands, I scan the crowded bijou Coffee shop for a seat. "Drat", I think to myself turning a full 360 degrees in vain. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I spot an empty seat in one of the secluded booths, I hurry towards it, before anyone else can pinch it.

I reach the table, and see to my consternation that the opposite seat is occupied. I hesitate, wary of encroaching into a private space. "Please sit", requests one of the sexiest voices I have ever heard. I hastily sink into the velveteen seat and busy myself emptying my tray and removing my coat and scarf.

"Snap" says the voice, I look up bewildered, "I have Kahwascitto too, I recognise the aroma anywhere, and I can see you have Baklava , a wonderful combination of dark and sultry with sweet and crumbly". "Yes", I return shyly "it's my favourite". "Mine too", he replies conspiratorially, his eyes twinkling.

For the next twenty minutes, we chatter inanely about any subject under the sun, his easy charm winning over my usual reticence, as we sip the dark coffee and nibble the flaky Baklava. Just as I finish my pastry my cell phone rings, it's work, I tuck the phone under my chin as I converse. I feel for my serviette to wipe my sticky fingers, when suddenly my free hand is taken into a larger, warmer hand.

I must resemble a gaping guppy as my fingers, ever so slowly and thoroughly are licked clean by the gorgeous man opposite, I sit mesmerised, the voice on my cell phone white noise. My hand is freed and it feels bereft. By the time I've recovered my wits, he's gone. I look down at the table, trembling with disappointment, when I spot the serviette, on it is written, Daniel Jackson. Call me Please and a cell phone number.



I had been exploring the hills and valleys for hours in the bright sunshine. I'd never felt so alive as I did gazing down at the lakes, the wind blowing my hair into a tangled mess, it was easy to believe I was the only person on the planet at that moment, just me, the birds and the rabbits.

As I continued my ascent of the largest of the hills, I noticed a sudden mist spring up, the sky began to darken with ominous looking black clouds. I looked for suitable shelter and spied an outcropping rock, which I sat under.
It was getting cold, and dressed in my light summer jacket I shivered. I checked my watch. Gosh where had all the hours gone, it was evening. I got out my cell phone to phone the hotel and let them know where I was, but there was no signal.

It was really getting dark and very misty. Just an hour ago, I was revelling in the feeling of being alone and now I wanted nothing more than to see another face, I began to sing, loudly, a couple of verses into the song, I paused to draw breath and in the silence I could here someone shouting.

"Heeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllo" I shouted back.

Suddenly in a few minutes, a gorgeous man appeared, "hello" he said, "hello"
I replied shyly.

"I thought I was going to be all alone",

"Yes, me too".

I offered to share the sandwiches, I had brought and my flask of Tea.

"Tea" he spluttered "Oh well, needs must" he said with the most lovely smile.

As we chatted about this and that, I shivered, immediately he offered his jacket, which I refused, but he insisted. I put it around one shoulder and offered the other shoulder to him to share, we sat closer together as we wrapped the jacket tightly ourselves. Soon the heat of his body so close to mine was making me forget that I was miles from anywhere with a total stranger. His wicked sense of humour kept me in a ripple of amusement and I actually wished we could stay here longer.

Suddenly he turned to me "By the way, since it looks like we are going to be spending the night together, let me introduce myself, my name is Daniel Jackson and I don't believe in one night stands".



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