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Fic Challenges 501-600
Our Stargate Fic Challenge
Daniel Stories
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#501 During the season-that-shall-not-be-named, what if a situation occurred where Daniel was needed (I know, there were lots of them onscreen), what if Tyler came to earth and helped the team by pretending to be Daniel?

#502 Why did Daniel keep calling Jack "Jim" in Fallen?

#503 After the stargate becomes public knowledge, what would happen if Daniel's personnel file were to become public knowledge? How would the academic/archaeological world deal with that information?

#504 In Fifth Man, during Daniel's interrogation, Simmons makes a comment that his past could cloud his judgment and that could be dangerous for a man in Daniel's position. If you consider now that Daniel is second-in-command of the base, how would that affect the situation if that conversation/interrogation were held now?

#505 What if the NID and the Trust and the SGC and the Tok'ra and the Rebel Jaffa were all after the same thing at the same time?

#506 Not exactly a crossover---A technologically advanced race has found the Balance of Judgment avatar. They were able to separate the Remiel and Gabriel personalities and put them in two different avatars. When Remiel finds a way to go back through time, Gabriel follows to stop him. They end up on a planet where they run into SG-1. As it turns out, when the Highguard began building the ships like Andromeda, they patterned several of them on SGC personnel. The BoJ wasn't the only ship that was patterned on Daniel Jackson. In fact, there were fleets of ships, each patterned after a specific member of SG-1.

#507 General Jumper visits the SGC and notices that Daniel gets away with saying things to Jack no one else can say. Seing how well the SGC runs with Jack in command and Daniel as second-in-command, the general tries to find out what methods these two men use to run the base so they can implement them at other bases.

#508 We know that the Asgard have cloning technology. What if the Goa'uld stole that technology so they could clone humans for hosting purposes? What if these clones had no mind or personality? What if they were just bodies with nobody home?

#509 What if the goa'uld started cloning themselves?

#510 What if Kasuf had contacted Daniel the day Sha'uri showed up on Abydos instead of a season later like he did in Secrets?

#511 In The Devil You Know, Daniel tells Apophis that he's not sorry to tell him that Amaunet was dead. Apophis said Sokar had told him that she was, but he didn't believe it. How do you think that conversation went between Sokar and Apophis? How much information did Sokar have?

#512 What was going through Apophis' mind after he had taken over Naetu and could finally deal with the fact that Amaunet was dead?

#513 What if Jack was forced to open the base without tricking Anubis into leaving? Would Anubis have kept hiding in the base or would he have taken over the body of someone outside the base?

#514 Wormhole Extreme is cancelled!
Now what?

#515 Let's parody Galaxy Quest
The cast of Wormhole Extreme is beamed up by an Asgard who thinks that the "transmissions" he's been receiving of Wormhole Extreme are real. He also has the cast confused with the real SG-1. The little guy's in trouble and thinks this is the group that can get him out of it.
What happens when the real SG-1 and Thor have to go on a rescue mission and they meet up with the actors?

#516 What was the question Daniel was asking at the beginning of Window Of Opportunity?

#517 What would happen if Jack took his buddy Thor on a fishing trip?
Wouldn't poor Thor get sun burned? Just an after thought.

#518 What if in "Secrets" Hera'ur took Daniel through the rings right after Jack stabbed him. What if right after that Sha're appeared and somehow Jack and company grabbed her before Apophis arrived.

#519 Past and Present gave us an interesting situation:
An entire world was without their memory, now they all have it back except for Kera thanks to an antidote. She'll know all about the cure within an hour of returning to the planet, so what did the other people tell her about why she couldn't take the antidote?

#520 After the events in The Tomb, would Jack consider helping Daniel on an archaeological dig in a pyramid?

#521 In Between Two Fires, it seems that the team had a lot of interaction with Omoc and Narim and others. How did these interactions go?

#522 In Tokra 1/2, what if Daniel or Jack HAD to host Selmak for whatever reason?

#523 What were the team's thoughts at Sha'uri's funeral? In FIAD, we see the looks on their faces, but what were they thinking?

#524 We saw in "Fallout" the fasion disaster than was Jonas Quinn. Suppose he came back to Earth and the SG-1 Team got him on TLC's "What Not To Wear". What do you think would happen?

#525 Daniel or Teal'c are injured during a mission, due to their injuries a specialist is called in. The best in that field is a woman, formerly of the USAF who is pregnant to her former CO. During her stay at the SGC, becomes friends with Sam, and gives her a advice on her relationship with Jack.....

#526 In Summit, Jacob tells everyone that the hosts had been hosts so long, gone through the sarcophagus countless times, been tortured by the symbiote for thousands of years and that there would be nothing of the host left (paraphrasing).
In the episode where Apophis was captured and at the SGC (before being sent to Sokar), the team got to see the host and hear him speak. Even Jack seemed to feel something for the host -- when he started talking, Jack sent an airman for Daniel. This host seemed to still be "there" in mind and spirit.
If Jacob was right, then how could the scribe have been as "whole" as he was?
If Jacob was wrong, then why does he think that there's no "host" left after being possessed by a goa'uld for thousands of years?

#527 What was Hammond's reaction when he learned that Thor's ship is called the Daniel Jackson?

#528 When Daniel descended, he was a bit more muscular than he was when he ascended. What would people at the SGC have thought about that and what medical reason could Janet give for it?

#529 What do you think would happen if Mark Carter found out about the Tok'ra, that his dad is one and that no one told him (despite the fact that both father and sister were at the SGC)?

#530 What would Jack say if Hammond went on a mission with the team and was wearing a boonie?

#531 I always thought it might be interesting to think, what if Daniel never descended, and somehow he meets up with the Andromeda crew? They can have heard about the Ancients somehow and be looking for tech to help them beat whoever their main bad guy is, when Daniel comes to keep them from getting in their heads or something. At first they'd be all suspicious thinking that he was Remiel, but *maybe* the person who designed the appearance of Gabriel had a near death experience and Daniel helped him through it for whatever reason. Thinking he was saved by an angel, the guy named his creation after the angel Gabriel.
This wouldn't really be a Stargate story though so much as an Andromeda story with one Stargate character. I don't really care enough about Andromeda to actually spend time with it, but I kinda like the idea.

#532 I always thought it might be interesting to think, what if Daniel never descended, and somehow he meets up with the Andromeda crew? They can have heard about the Ancients somehow and be looking for tech to help them beat whoever their main bad guy is, when Daniel comes to keep them from getting in their heads or something. At first they'd be all suspicious thinking that he was Remiel, but *maybe* the person who designed the appearance of Gabriel had a near death experience and Daniel helped him through it for whatever reason. Thinking he was saved by an angel, the guy named his creation after the angel Gabriel.
This wouldn't really be a Stargate story though so much as an Andromeda story with one Stargate character. I don't really care enough about Andromeda to actually spend time with it, but I kinda like the idea.

#533 Jack shot Daniel in Lockdown when Anubis had control of him. What if Jack and Daniel get in the Gamekeeper's chairs from Avatar and Daniel gets even?

#534 Nine months before Daniel was born, his father excavated a tomb that held a dormant goa'uld by the name of Seth who took Melbourne Jackson as a host. Knowing that he didn't have a sarcohophagus, Seth wants a continual supply of hosts, so he sires Daniel with Claire and Daniel is half-harcesis. His intentions are to use Daniel as a host once he is grown.
However a falling cover stone prevents that from happening, but it doesn't kill Seth. He survives and hides and bides his time until Daniel is grown.
Now, it's years later, and Seth sees Daniel in his temple and takes him as a host. Melbourne survives and helps Jack rescue Daniel. He also gets to speak to Seth while Daniel is still a host. His knowledge of the goa'uld is helpful too.

#535 A tag to Avatar They get four chairs from the Gamekeeper's planet and the entire team hooks into them. What kind of adventure would you send them on? What would happen?

#536 (ooops! missed one!)

#537 Shambda, the storyteller from Fallen, comes to the SGC to ask for help. The SGC is more than happy to give them any help they need, and Jack says, "You helped Daniel when he needed it. I appreciate that. I'm glad I can begin to repay what you did for him."

#538 If you had quantum mirror technology, and you wanted to take over other universes, you'd have to be able to move entire armies through the mirror. I can't see them all being that small. What if they found a very, very, very large mirror capable of flying ships the size of ha'taks through?

#539 When a team goes offworld, they use their radios to talk to each other. How long do those batteries last? What would happen if a team is separated, under attack and the batteries in their radios lose all power?

#540 The base computer network is having serious problems. Everytime someone tries to log on to the database, their inundated with popups!

#541 SG-11 seems to be the team with all the bad luck. They keep disappearing or having something bad happen to them. What if the number 11 was very important to the Goa'uld, and when they heard that there was an SG-11, they thought they had to be ver important to the SGC. So they started capturing all the SG-11's they could. What if SG-1 goes to a planet and find a POW camp full of all the SG-11 personnel?

#542 The Goa'uld have decided that they've had enough, so a fleet of ha'taks decide to come to earth and take up residence. They're not going to attack -- they don't want to upset the Asgard, but they figured if they came "visiting," that wouldn't be against the rules, they could take over earth without firing a shot and not get on the Asgard's bad side.

#543 The team goes to a planet that looks like it's straight out of an Arthurian legend. Knights in armor, riding horses, jousts, royalty, etc. Once there, they make enemies of the Evil Knight, and the guys have to don armor and joust the bad guys as well as get into a full scale war with the bad guy's army.

#544 According to Jaffa legend, there's a place (not Kheb) that is like the Shang-ri-la or Utopia for Jaffa. Great teachers reside there, keeping secret all the truths of jaffa and goa'uld. What if the team were to find this place? What do you think would be there?

#545 When Anubis did that mind probe on J-word in Homecoming, he said he'd learned that Daniel Jackson was there too. Why wasn't he curious about why Daniel descended? Did Anubis already have an idea?

#546 If you thought Anubis was laughable, could it be that he did that on purpose? If he did, could he have done that to keep his enemies off balance or was he just a laughable bad guy that couldn't be taken seriously?

#547 In LIfeboat, what if Hammond had talked to the Sovereign?

#548 Colonel Simmons is back at the base. He's there collecting all sorts of information to give to his superiors. In a "brief" moment of inventiveness, he decides to put his information in a powerpoint presentation. However, he didn't realize that the team found out about his little "presentation" and switched his for one of their own making. When Simmons' superiors watch the presentation, they're bored out of their skulls! What did the team switch the presentation with?

#549 In Crystal Skull, Daniel called Jack as @ss. How many other times and on what occasions did Daniel use that phrase?

#550 It seems that Asgard are a little bit fragile physically. What if Jack, Daniel and Thor were trapped on a planet, chased by bad guys and running for their lives? What all would Jack and Daniel have to do to protect Thor?

#551 Just for the fun of it, how about a short story where a boonie or a bandana saves someone's life?

#552 In Summit/Last Stand, the Tok'ra tell Jack that they don't have the military weaponry that the Goa'uld have. After 2000 years, why haven't the Tok'ra stolen a few pyramid ships?

#553 Kasuf's father comes to the SGC with a message for Daniel. Some of the ascended Abydonians have disappeared from the ascended plane, Kasuf, Skaara and Shifu included. The only information he has for Daniel is part of a planetary address and the fact that the whatever-it-is that's working against them is very interested in finding Daniel. That was all he could get before whatever-it-was tried to make him disappear and he descended to escape from it. It's a race against time for the team to get to Daniel's family before the whatever-it-is harms them.

#554 What if McKay were to get into an argument with a Goa'uld?

#555 What if a Goa'uld sneaked onto Earth during Halloween?

#556 What if a sneaky Goa'uld hacked into a television satellite and began airing tv shows of their own all over the planet, only it's SG-1 and their many adventures?

#557 What if a sneaky Goa'uld hacked into a wireless internet connection and got on chat rooms for Wormhole Extreme?

#558 What if a sneaky Goa'uld living on earth got a job as an actor on Wormhole Extreme?

#559 What if the team met the Titans who were overthrown by the ancient gods?

#560 In Revelations, Hammond tells Sam about seeing his best friend get shot down in Vietnam but never saw him again. What if his best friend is still alive and is in charge of the NID or some other shadow group working against the SGC?

#561 In Revisions, the link is offered to Daniel yo try, but Sam vetoed it due to 'different brain chemestry'. What if Daniel did put the link on and while hooked up to the mainframe, was 'told' that he wasn't from earth or part of SG-1. (The possibilites are endless.) How would Jack and Co. get Daniel back to the way he should be?

#562 Someone from Abydos contacts earth and asks to come to the SGC. It turns out to be Kasuf's father. Daniel rushes to the ramp to greet him, but then a symbiote emerges from his grandfather and enters Daniel. The grandfather explains that the symbiote is a good guy with information about how to destroy Anubis, but all this information had to be given to the SGC. The symbiote had to choose a host that could get him into the SGC and then choose one that was on SG-1. The symbiote is dying, so it gives all its knowledge into Daniel. Daniel has difficulty dealing with the information and how badly everyone from the Tok'ra to the Jaffa to the NID want the information and are willing to do anything to get it. He uses the info to infiltrate bases so they can get technology and destroy the bases. The big problem is that the knowledge has a life span and will be gone from Daniel's mind within a certain amount of time so they have to hurry to hurt Anubis as much as they can within that time limit.

#563 A fashion conscious general comes to the base and outlaws the wearing of all bandanas, boonies and baseball caps. Only battle helmets can be worn.

#564 Jack gets called a "mother hen" a whole heck of a lot in fic. So how about one where he actually turns into one when somebody calls him that? (Goodness, now I've got the image of Jack as a chicken. Um...)

#565 After the events of Affinity and Endgame, Daniel feels guilty about his role in enabling the Trust to conduct chemical warfare against the Goauld and the resultant loss of life among the Jaffa. He talks about it to a friend who has an intimate knowledge of guilt - Teal'c.

#566 What if the team found the Garden of Eden?

#567 What if the team found Shang-ri-la?

#568 A colleague of Daniel's finds a 10,000 year old city buried near the ancient site of Abydos. The markings found on the walls tell of Ra's race dying, him coming to earth, his finding the young boy and using him as a host, etc. Basically, its' the same story Daniel found on the cave walls on Abydos. The only difference is that these drawings tell the rest of the story AFTER Ra was cut off from Earth. What new information could Daniel learn?

#569 If it's true that history repeats itself, what history could the team repeat that could have vastly different consequences than it did before?

#570 The team is in the conference room having a debriefing about a mysterious planet they went to. The citizens had an unusual way about them, each person very independent from everyone else, so much so that asking help from anyone is regarded as a weakness. They found it strange that the Tau'ri came looking for allies against the Goa'uld, but were intrigued by them as well. Suddenly, the gate activates without warning -- there's not enough time for Walter to yell out "Incoming Wormhole!" A bright light shines through... and every person in the SGC thinks they're alone in the base. From each person's perception, everyone else has disappeared, leaving them alone to deal with whatever is coming through the gate and figure out where everyone else has gone. Each person has obstacles to overcome, some in their areas of expertise, some outside of it.As each person deals with the situation in their own unique way, they don't realize that this is a test by the people of the planet they just visited to see how independent the members of the SGC are and if their interdependency on each other helps or hinders their goal of defeating the Goa'uld.

#571 The NID solemnly swears that it's up to no good. Trying to duplicate SG-1's success rate, the NID finds personnel that act exactly as the members of SG-1 act. The leader of this group has a sarcastic wit and loves to mangle cliches. The archaeologist can speak many languages and is also an Egyptologist. The major is an astrophysicist. The big guy is a quiet, stoic but brave individual who looks like he could wrestle professionally. The NID, being insidious and underhanded, train these people to behave exactly as SG-1 does, partly by watching the team on secret surveillance videos from the base, off-world and off-base. Once this "duplicate" team is firmly planted in the SGC, SG-1 begins to see themselves in a new light by observing this new group, each one assigned to their counterpart on SG-1 for a few training sessions.

#572 As close as the team is, they know a lot about each other. What do you think they don't know about each other?

#573 We have several aliens living on earth. What do you think their reactions were to the different holidays?

#574 A wraith is taken as a host by a Goa'uld.

#575 In Avatar, Bill Lee says that they used him and a few other scientists to make the simulations in the beginning (before Teal'c got strapped in the chair). If that's so, what if parts of Bill's experience in Central America (Evolution) crept into the simulation? What if more went on than what Daniel and Bill said in their reports only no one knows about it until the simulations in Avatar showed them?

#576 A symbiote/goa'uld/tok'ra can sense another by the naquada in their system. What would happen if a symbiote could remove the naquada in their system?

#577 Using the previous challenge as a springboard -- what if naquada is part of what makes a goa'uld evil? If the naquada were removed, what would happen to the symbiote? Would it have the ability to become good? Would it choose to become good?

#578 What if some people were meant to be together? For your consideration -- the team goes to a planet and finds pictorial representations that they think look remarkably like Daniel and Sha'uri. Further investigation lets them find pictures of two people who look remarkably like Jack and Sara. They find a very interesting but unusual individual nearby who explains that some souls are meant to be together and will seek each other out life after life.

#579 If the three ghosts from A Christmas Carol were to visit each member of the team, what kind of shadows would they show them?

#580 It is a dark time in the galaxy. A new evil has entered the galaxy, one so deadly that all the other goa'uld must join forces with the Tau'ri, Tok'ra, Jaffa, Asgard and other alliance members to counter it.

#581 A new plan is in the works to annoy the Goa'uld. The Tok'ra implant a computer virus into the Goa'uld mainframe, an insidious virus that causes their computer systems to lock up, for hard drives to erase and for pop-ups to pop-up incessantly on their screens and on their communication spheres.

#582 What if the Goa'uld used a wireless network (from a cloaked ship) to hack into the internet? What kinds of websites do you think they'd build?

#583 What kinds of holidays do the Goa'uld have?

#584 At Tiv's request, I'm moving a challenge here. In the Ben Browder and Claudia Black threads, someone pointed out that MS could be the child of Claudia and Ben in light of a picture published at Stargate Solutions. Check the aforementioned threads for the pic. I pointed out that if Farscape occured in an alternative universe, this could be what happened to the Aeryn and Crichton's baby. The wormhole send Daniel back in time, and his baby basket was found trapped in some reeds in the Nile. Anyone up to a Farscape/Stargate crossover challenge?

#585 The Goa'uld decide that Earth is over-represented in the Miss Universe contest and decide to send in some competition.

#586 What is SG-1 never left the Gamekeeper's planet? What if the events of the past five years have all been in their minds? What would happen if they did finally wake up?

#587 In Full Circle, Daniel tells Jack that Anubis is after the Eyes. Anubis has one, Osiris, Tiamat -- where did these eyes come from? How did these Goa'uld get them? What did they mean for these Goa'uld? Were they status symbols or something else?

#588 In Full Circle, Daniel, Skaara and whoever else just learns of the Eye. When Jack gets to Abydos, Skaara tells Jack that he and Daniel searched the catacombs for many hours looking for the Eye but never found it. When did they search, when Daniel lived on Abydos or when they're waiting for Anubis to come? If they didn't know about it before, how could they have searched?

#589 In Full Circle, Skaara is not surprised to see Daniel. I'm assuming that Jack told Kasuf and Skaara that Daniel was ascended. Right before Anubis attacks, Nabeh and Teal'c are talking. Nabeh tells Teal'c that Skaara told them that Daniel wasn't dead and that he'd protect them. Did Kasuf and Skaara not tell the rest of the Abydonians that Daniel was ascended?

#590 In Full Circle, Daniel figures out that a beam of red light would open the secret panel. What would the Go'auld have had that would emit a red light like the laser sight on an Earth-made rifle?

#591 In Full Circle, once they enter the secret chamber, why wasn't everything covered with dust?

#592 In Full Circle, once they've found the secret panel inside the secret chamber that has the Eye hidden behind it, they can't open it. Why didn't J-word read the inscription that was written on the panel? Why did Sam think that shooting out the panel wouldn't harm anything behind it? Why would the Go'auld hide something that precious behind something so easy to blast into little pieces?

#593 Oma has a great many powers. Could she find Sha'uri and ascend her as well? Would it even be possible?

#594 Daniel suffered a great deal before ascending. The Abyonians were ascended with apparently little effort. Could it be that the Abydonians were a group of people ready for ascension? What if Oma and her people had been watching the Abydonians for some time? What if there's more to ascension than we've been led to believe?

#595 In Full Circle, Anubis is faced off with Yu (who knew what Anubis was after). How did Yu know where Anubis was and what he was after? Did Daniel go and get them? Did Yu have a spy in Anubis' ranks?

#596 When the team comes back from Abydos in Full Circle, Hammond's not in the gate room or the control room to greet them. Where was he? What was going on?

#597 In Full Circle, when they go back to Abydos, why were the Abydonians in tents? Why werent' they at Nagada?

#598 In Full Circle, Skaara tells Jack that the chappa'ai would remain until they left, then he disappears. Jack, Sam and TEal'c turn, see the stargate on a nearby rise. Where was the DHD? How did they dial home?

#599 Where does naquada come from?

#600 Why is SG-11 jinxed?

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