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Fic Challenges 601-700
Our Stargate Fic Challenge
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#601 Write a fic in which Teal'c never says Indeed or misuses idioms. And no, you can't cheat by having him say nothing at all :).

#602 Teal'c, Jack and Sam was offworld and was injured. Teal'c, as usual, was doing the survival thing, worry about what would happen if his larval goa'uld decided to take a new "host", since he was getting weaker. "who would die????... and "no the cavalry don't get there in time"!!! From the chat last night (and a big rip from Return Of The Jedi): The goa'uld symbiote Seth took over the body of archaeologist Melbourne Jackson about 30 years ago. He had to fake his own death and kill his host's wife so he could try to build a mini-empire on earth. Years later, Seth finds out that the stargate is being used again (Hey, if Hathor could sense it from a long distance, why couldn't Seth?). He goes there and finds a way inside the base, possibly pretending to be an Air Force officer. What he didn't expect to find is his host's son! What would happen if the SGC finds out that Seth is there and that he's in Daniel's father? How would Daniel deal with it? And what if Seth escaped and tried to take over the SGC and he and Daniel fought?

#603 What if the SGC ran across some Uber-Goa'ulds who didn't move in slow motion?

#604 What if Anubis was a very scary, very dangerous Goa'uld and not what we saw onscreen?

#605 The team has some time off, so Hammond decides to send them on a safe, team bonding on-world "vacation." One of the SGC archaeologists has found evidence of non-working goa'uld technology like a hand device buried in a remote location in Egypt. Although Jack's not thrilled with the idea but Daniel's ready to go without even packing, Hammond is sending them there to help the archaeologist. Once there, they realize that there are two digs going on -- one for show, the other for real. The one for show is to make it look like a legitimate dig is going on, and none of the workers are the wiser. The real dig is being conducted solely by the one archaeologist who found remains of a ribbon device. He's glad when SG-1 shows up just in case they find anything really important. However, there's a wrinkle in the little team-bonding-while-digging-in-the-dirt. Stephen Raynor is there working on the "show" dig. Once Daniel and company shows up, he gets suspicious and starts nosing around. When they do start digging and Stephen tries to make some insults about Daniel, Jack gets a first hand look at what being at the SGC has done to Daniel's scientific career. Of course, he does manage to get even with Stephen for the insults. :) Everything's going good for a while until they dig up something sinister, something so insidious that even the team is worried.

#606 Create a humor fic that includes the following blatant rip-off, ahem "homage," to Faye Dunaway in the movie Chinatown:
Sam: I wuv Jack!
Sam: I wuv Pete!
Sam: I wuv Jack and Pete!

#607 Sam goes on "The Bachelorette" and has indecision issues. The candidate bachelors can be anyone (human, Jaffa or otherwise) from the Stargate universe.

#608 In Point of View after they were captured, General Hammond was zatted twice and Daniel was zatted once and was saved from a second zatting. What if Daniel was the one zatted twice? What would have been Jack's thoughts from the moment Daniel was "killed" until the Asgard revived him?

#609 Something's going on at the base, but no one can figure out what it is. Is it ghosts perhaps? It isn't until Daniel sees Kasuf that they realize that the Ascended are up to something, or rather the Ascended who keep an eye on Daniel. What could be happening that they don't know about?

#610 In TSTMNBN episode Redemption, Hammond is packing up his office. Remember when Jack noticed that the lamp was Air Force property but Hammond had packed it? When Hammond was promoted to oversee Homeworld Security, he left the base. :( What do you think he took with him?

#611 At the beginning of season 8, we see that Daniel has a red phone in his office -- one that's been shown in Hammond's office to call the president. The phone wasn't in his office before. What went through Daniel's mind when he realized he was getting a red phone?

#612 What if Jack, Teal'c and Sam hadn't gone to Vis Uban as soon as they did? Would Daniel have never remembered who he was? Would he have stayed "Arrom" for months or even years?

#613 In Abyss, what if Daniel had tried to intervene and the Others stopped him, descended him in the same cell Jack was in and left them both as Ba'al's prisoners?

#614 Daniel finds evidence that "life here began out there." What if the Ancients weren't the first version of humans to be on earth?

#615 (big rip off here) What if the Ancients "built" the earth to as a living computer to find the answer to the ultimate question?

#616 In Evolution part 2, what would have happened if Jack showed up AFTER Daniel was fatally shot?

#617 The team goes to a planet with an active volcano and a very, very old city that isn't lying in ruins at the base of the volcano. The volcano has an eruption rate of every five years, so why isn't the city gone? Daniel investigates further and realizes the city is millions of years old. He finds writings in ancient Ancient that explains that there are different grades of naquada, each used for a specific purpose in Ancient technology. Daniel theorizes that the city may still exist because of an automatic shield system that protects it from the molten lava from the volcanic eruptions -- only it isn't molten lava. It's molten naquada. It turns out that the entire planet is a huge chunk of naquada, and the heat from the volcanic eruptions turn the naquada into different grades with different properties. The team finds this out just how accurate the writings are when a volcanic eruption happens while they're there.

#618 Meridian tag What did Jack, Teal'c, Hammond, Fraiser and Sam do that first week after Daniel's ascension?

#619 What if the Tok'ra or the Asgard or the Goa'uld or the Nox had found Daniel after he descended?

#619 Proposition: Daniel remembers his time being ascended.
Plot bunny: What would be the first thing Daniel would want to do the moment he became corporeal?

#620 The team from the Pentagon worked on the gate for a long time. Sam mentioned she herself worked on it for two years, so we don't know exactly how long the team itself worked on the gate. What do you think their reaction was when they learned that an archaeologist got the gate to work after two weeks? Was the team disbanded then or were they reassigned? What happened to the people on that team? We know Sam was sent to the SGC, but what about the others?

#621 In Torment of Tantalus, Catherine was happy to see Daniel, so it's a good guess that Jack told her the truth about Daniel staying behind on Abydos. After Jack, Kawalsky and Ferretti came back, how do you think Jack told Catherine the truth and what do you think he told General West?

#622 What if McKay was stationed at the SGC permanently?

#623 Since the Jaffa can use tretonin and not have to carry symbiotes, what if some of the Jaffa chose to be hosts for the Tok'ra?

#624 What if a goa'uld was injected with tretonin? What would happen?

#625 Daniel and Bill Lee were in the hands of those guerillas for a long time in Evolution. While they were in that little shack between torture sessions, what did they talk about?

#626 In Fragile Balance, we learn that mini-Jack has come from his house to the base. How did a 14 year old kid drive a big Ford truck that far without any police officer noticing him and pulling him over? Why didn't he call the base first? And what do you think his first reaction was when looked in the mirror that morning?

#627 In the first episode of Atlantis, we see that Daniel has been at the base for a while. How long was he there? Was SG-1 on downtime while Daniel was at the Antarctic base? How many times did Weir ask Jack if Daniel could go with them when they found Atlantis? Basically, what happened between the episode when Weir leaves the SGC and when Daniel figures out how to get to Atlantis?

#628 A rip off from a MASH episode. A gift from a new ally is supposed to bring good luck, but only if the item is sitting in the gate room. A visiting general orders that the item be removed from the room, but then bad things start happening.

#629 In Evolution, Daniel tells the head bad guy that he's an archaeologist; in fact, he's on the internet, look him up. What if the bad guy did?

#630 When Osiris took over Sara, he would have known about the incredible amount of information on the internet. Knowing what Sara knows, especially about Daniel's theories, what if Osiris looked Daniel up on the internet?

#631 What if Isis was still alive and Osiris found her?

#632 Thor has disappeared before a very important meeting with a newly discovered group of aliens. Since he can't show up, the SGC decides to use a vid link to project Thor's image to the meeting but it's Daniel impersonating his voice.

#633 Rewrite Gemini.

#634 Oh, I know. Rewrite Unnatural Selection so that Daniel's on the team, then Daniel's the one who talks to Fifth, and being Daniel he makes sure they find a way to take Fifth with them. And most importantly, Fifth won't fall in love with him and go psycho. Then we won't have the boring farm scenes in New Order, and Gemini won't exist at all. And now that Fifth's on their side, how will the SGC react to having a human replicator around. Will he have to stay off world so that the NID don't get their paws on him? How human is he? Will he want to join the Tok'ra, SGC, explore, or does he miss his people? etc. etc.

#635 RepliSam has captured Daniel. At some point, RepliSam takes an interest in him, enough to create a RepliDaniel. Her interest can be genuine affection (even twisted evil RepliAffection) or an attempt at manipulation of real or repli Daniel. RepliDaniel can be good, evil, or anything you choose in between. Must include lots of angst. Bonus points if you can work in real Carter and/or Daniel having feelings for the one another.

#636 What does each team member do when they get bored?

#637 The team needs a vacation, either separately or together as a team bonding excursion. The thing is that they don't really "need" a vacation, that's just the diagnosis from people who work with them. What do you think they really need?

#638 Daniel finds out he has an inheritance and some property left to him by his parents. Only there are problems, starting with the NID being involved with the people who have kept the inheritance from him.

#639 (ripped from Harry Potter)
Jack is forced into a life-sized chess game to save Daniel's life after he's captured by a goa&#8217;uld who likes to play games. The problem? Jack's not a very good chess player.

#640 Colorado Springs is in the grips of a massive winter snowstorm. Roads are closed by order of the highway patrol so people are stuck at the base. The freezing weather takes a toll on the base heaters and soon, they can't stand the strain and quit working. To make matters worse, the stargate has malfunctioned. An outgoing wormhole can't be shut down and it's pulling what's left of the heat though the gate. While ice is forming on the walls, the base is trying to stop the wormhole from freezing them further and all the time, they're trying to find ways to stay warm.
Edited to add: Scientific fact: after you get deep enough underground, the ambient temperature will always pull toward 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Every cave in the world is at this temperature once you descend far enough; and it's not even very far.
Level 27 under a mountain, winter storm outside? Fifty-five degrees. And on level 19, Daniel has a coffee machine and a couch in his office, plus there are blankets in all the overnight bunks. Aha! There's an additional challenge! Have them freeze at the 28th level. :)

#641 In Absolute Power, what if Evil-Daniel were to meet up with Real Daniel in the dream sequence?

#642 In Absolute Power, Daniel came up with a satellite system to protect Earth (I know it didn't work quite the way it was advertised). What if, after his dream was over, the SGC was able to build defense satellites based on the dream?

#643 One of the little storylines in Earth 2 had the doctor injecting herself with Terian DNA. What if there was an experiment to inject a human with naquada? Or with Goa'uld DNA? What would happen?

#644 One of the first priorities of being second-in-command is take command should the commander not be there. When Jack is called to Washington, Daniel's first few days commanding the base go fairly smoothly, but when trouble comes through the gate in the form of a group of zatarced Jaffa, Daniel shows he's not just someone who has been working with the military for all these years. He's got a few things to show them too.

#645 Daniel really was stuck on that elevator while the events of Gemini took place. Tell us why he got stuck, what he went through while in there, and how he got out. Involvement of a space-time disturbance is a plus.

#646 After Daniel ascended, how did the rest of the base deal with it? What were their observations of Jack, Teal'c, Hammond and Sam?

#647 Exactly how fast did the news that Daniel was found on Vis Uban and was coming home take to travel through the base grapevine? What were the reactions from the people at the base (we know a lot of them were smiling when Daniel walked down the ramp) as soon as they realized that it wasn't a joke, that Daniel was coming back?

#648 What would happen if everyone at the base was turned into a 10 year old kid?

#649 Sam of seasons 1-3 accidentally ends up a few years in the future and meets Sam of seasons 6-8. (You choose the specific seasons.)

#650 Jack has said more than once that he needs Daniel at the base. I've been saying all along that Daniel is second-in-command, but what other reasons would Jack have of needing Daniel?

#651 In There But For The Grace Of God, AU Teal'c shoots this reality's Daniel in the arm with a staff weapon just as he's running through the wormhole. What if Teal'c's aim had been a bit better and the wound was worse?

#652 In Secrets, Heru'ur knows about the harcesis child and is trying to take it. How many other goa'ulds knew about Apophis and Amaunet's child? Knowing how the Goa'uld felt about harcesis, why didn't Heru'ur tell the other system lords that Apophis had sired one?

#653 SG1 finds out what it is that Silar does with that giant wrench.

#654 What if the alien in Foothold didn't die along with the others (Maybourne lied about it). And what if that mental thingy didn't get cut off properly - because Daniel didn't regain consciousness along with Jack and Davis.

#655 What if Shifu were to meet Apophis?
What if Oma and Shifu were to meet Apophis?

#656 We know that the Others have a non-interference policy with less advanced races, but the universe really needs their help, so Thor calls a meeting with the Asgard, Nox, Furlings and the Ascended and then brings in Daniel and Hammond to argue Earth's position in the matter. Can you imagine Hammond helping negotiate with the Others?

#657 There's something hidden in the sands of Abydos, something that even the Goa'uld aren't aware of but could bring about their downfall. Seeking this item, Jacob/Selmak and Brata'c team up with Kasuf in an effort to find it but find much more danger along the way. Trying to catch up to them, Jack and Daniel run into their own troubles. The biggest challenge comes when they find the hidden item -- how do they get it?

#658 Write a Daniel-whumping tag/missing scenes fic for any ep that is sadly lacking in the whump department.

#659 Work the Goa'uld into the Alien and Predator universe. Or I should say, the Aliens and Predators into the Goa'uld universe.

#660 Bring back Janet.

#661 In Prometheus Unbound, Hammond kind of "loses" Daniel. When they got back to Earth, how do you think the debriefing went with Jack, Hammond and Daniel? Can you see Jack sitting at the table, Hammond on one side, Daniel on the other, and then Jack saying, "Wait a minute, let me get this straight, you LOST Daniel?"

#662 In Prometheus Unbound, we meet a new group of aliens that look like, in my opinion, Jar Jar Binks' fourth cousins three times removed. Where did they come from? And all that naquada they had? Where did they get it?

#663 If Daniel got to keep the uber-goa'uld suit from Prometheus Unbound, what could he do with it?

#664 What if Stonehenge is really a giant stargate that's been semi-destroyed?

#665 A bunch of Jaffa are off duty, sitting around the kel-noreem room talking about the little annoyances they have to live with like how uncomfortable their helmets are and how painful a recoil from their staff weapons feel.

#666 What does it feel like to be in a sarcophagus while it's healing you?

#667 In Serpent's Lair, Klorel grabs Daniel and tries to scramble his brain with the ribbon device. There were three other people there who would and could gun down Klorel, so why did he take the time to grab Daniel and try to zap his brain? Was there something else going on that Klorel didn't like which meant he had to kill Daniel regardless of the consequences?

#668 Let's rewrite a classic. :) Instead of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, let's have The Goa'uld and Mr. Chicken.

#669 You're a "customer service" operator at a sarcophagus factory. You see all the orders the Goa'uld send in requesting particular types of sarcophagi. The least expensive ones just keep someone alive and heal (like Jack in Abyss). The very expensive ones can even repair clothes (like Daniel's clothes in Serpent's Lair)! You reflect on the amount of money a goa'uld must have an how well he's doing by the type of order he places. :)

#670 What would have happened in Prometheus Unbound if Jack and Daniel had met up with Vala?

#671 From Good To Be The King: write the conversation that should have taken place between Harry and Daniel since Harry didn't know that Daniel was descended. :)

#672 In Fragile Balance, Jacob wasn't surprised to see Daniel. In Orpheus, Brata'c wasn't surprised to see Daniel. In Good To Be The King, Harry wasn't surprised to see Daniel. Why?

#673 What was everyone (team, officers, enlisted, etc) thinking when J-word went through the gate at the end of Homecoming?

#674 Once Daniel got his memory back, what did he have to do to get his office back the way he liked it after Homecoming?

#675 The SGC needs money to keep going. The government can't find more money in the budget. In a bit of luck, the SGC finds a planet that has diamonds, gold, sapphires, silver, emeralds, precious gems scattered all over the surface! They hit the mother lode! But, there's something else on that planet that isn't interested in "sharing" its wealth.

#676 Season 8 has had a few episodes where medical personnel were there. How different would Avatar and Lockdown been if Janet had been there?

#677 How about a crossover? What if the team found itself on the Battlestar Galactica?

#678 The SG1 which traveled back to obtain the ZPM are stuck in the past just like in Moebius 1. Within months of their arrival, the supply of tretonin Teal'c brought is running out. There's no way to get more. The team thinks that they might be able to get Teal'c's pouch working again (possibly by stealing one of those devices Hathor used) and steal a symbiote to keep him alive. Do they take the chance of further altering the timeline or do they let Teal'c die? What does Teal'c choose?

#679 After Sam dumps him, Pete is embittered and threatens to seek revenge on Sam by revealing the existence of the Stargate. Is anyone able to prevent him from doing so? What impact does this have on Sam's standing at the SGC?

#680 After Daniel descends, he's in the briefing room without his briefs. What happens between that moment and the last scene at the lake? There's the trip to the infirmary, the debriefing, the putting on of the clothes, the going home to check the fish... ;)

#681 In Fallen, it seems that Jack contacted Hammond before bringing Daniel home since George was waiting at the ramp, but what was the debriefing like when Jack tells Hammond everything Shambda told him?

#682 Exactly HOW do the people at the SGC keep from laughing when Jack and Daniel start arguing?

#683 What if the team were going through the wormhole, something happened and they were the ones who ended up on an abandoned Atlantis without any knowledge of ZPMs?

#684 How would the team handle a situation if they were permanently stranded on a world with no phones, no lights, no motorcars, not a single luxury...

#685 The team is captured separately by the Trust and are to be executed for interfering with the Trust's bigger goals. They allow each team member to write letters to the other three. What would the letters say?

#686 What if the team was all chosen for jury duty?

#687 In Fallen, what if Daniel had descended on the Alpha Site where Brata'c and Jacob were?

#688 How about a story from Janet's POV? She's writing up her weekly report for the general. What would a "typical" weekly report be like for the infirmary?

#689 How would Jack explain sporks to Teal'c?
Or how Jack or Daniel trying to explain a flush toilet to Teal'c and his reaction to the contraption

#690 How about a fic where Daniel is leading a group of archeologists that do all the things he did in the early seasons: touch things they shouldn't, run off somewhere, go up to strange locals with heavy scowls and carrying large weapons, etc. Daniel ends up having to solve a series of problems because of these Danielesc behavior, and he gets exceedingly frustrated. By the time they make it back he kisses Jack right on the mouth in the gateroom because he finally understands.

#691 Sam is discovered to have been taken over by Jolinar who has been living Sam's life. How is Sam discovered? How does the team react to that discovery?
What is her punishment if any is given? How far does this Tok'ra conspiracy reach?

#692 Write a fic for this scene. (picture below)


#693 Jack and Daniel take Teal'c to a "FEMALE IMPERSONATION" SHOW, but didn't know it, how would they "EXPLAIN"?

#694 (or is it a plot bunny??) After season 8, pre-season 9... The President orders an 'audit' of SGC, going over all the records from the beginning, and it is discovered that Sam Carter has taken credit for Daniel's accomplishments and also Sam's leaving her post in Heroes and her actions regarding repliCarter. The end result is Jack being moved to Homeworld Security (under Hammond), Sam being given an amount of time off without pay and reprimand (explains her absence the first 5 episodes of season 9), and Daniel being given official credit for his accomplishments (and any accompanying medals, etc.). You can either write this plot, or show any/all of the character's reactions to these events. How would Daniel react to all this? How would Sam react to being held accountable for her actions? What would Jack think/feel about it all? Teal'c? General Hammond? How will the new General see Sam and/or Daniel in light of this? What about other SGC personnel? The new SG-1 Colonel?

#695 Daniel reencounter the man (I think his name was Frank) from Holiday who he treated to dinner, invites him to talk. How would he explain the problem from the meeting the first time??

#696 What if the fish in the pond at the end of Moebius 2 are really Daniel's fish? Why were they put there?

#697 In Reckoning part 2, what if Daniel had retained complete control of the replicators and even gained control of RepliCarter? What if she didn't kill him?

#698 In Reckoning part 2, what if the replicator ship survived and Daniel was the only one left on board? What if he still retained the ability to control the replicators and could control the ship?

#699 During the Reckoning parts 1 and 2, write the conversations/worrying/concern we didn't get to hear or see.

#700 I'm surprised that nobody (as far as I know) has ever crossed SG1 with Tomb Raider. One day Daniel announces he has had a letter from someone he knew years ago when he was studying at Oxford. Lady Croft (he mentions he met her in the British Museum) has sent him copies of a notebook she has recently inherited from a deceased friend of her father. She can't identify the language. Its Goa'uld (natch<g>). So Daniel, Jack and Sam go to England to see the rest of the book, and try and buy it off her. Jack is expecting an old grey haired lady, and is surprised to find an Angelina Jolie look-alike. Lara will only sell them the note book if they take her with them to look at the ruins it describes. She also has some artifacts that came with the book. Including a hand device, that Sam is able to activate. Jack is jealous when he realizes that Daniel and Lara were lovers for a while.

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