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Fic Challenge 701-800
Our Stargate Fic Challenge
Daniel Stories
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#701 What if Daniel can go back to that waiting area he was in during Threads by his own choice? What if he could bring someone with him? Consider: he and Jack are about to be killed. Daniel grabs hold of Jack and suddenly -- they're in that diner. Then, all they have to do is descend anywhere in the galaxy they needed or wanted to.
#702 Write a Malek Drabble. 100 words exactly (not including the title.) Let your imagination run!
#703 In Moebius part 1, we see our intrepid band of time travelers are stuck in ancient Egypt. What kinds of things will they have to get used to? What types of food? The lack of air conditioning? Can you imagine Daniel trying to teach Jack how to speak ancient Egyptian?
#704 When a symbiote dies, it leaves a protein marker inside the host. Along the way, there was a new story that a dying symbiote releases a poison that kills the host. How about a story that explains the differences? Also one that explains why Kendra and Sam are still alive but Jacob and that female Tok'ra (the one from Andromeda) died.
#705 The flag in Threads. We need stories with the flag in it.
Gen or slash, humor or drama, long or short -- your choice.
If gen, imagine Daniel having to get to the infirmary from the briefing room.
If humor, imagine Daniel having to get to the infirmary from the briefing room. :)
If dramatic, imagine the idea that a dead Daniel back and all that he could tell them about Anubis.
If J/D slash, imagine the comments Daniel might be hearing from Jack later that day.
#706 Jacob and Daniel go on a mission and pose as father and son. During the mission, Jacob realizes that he does see Daniel as a son, how much he's missed out with his own son Mark and how much Daniel's experience with a father figure is isolated to Kasuf.
#707 For some reason, Daniel is compelled to go to a particular planet. The gate address isn't anywhere in the database, it wasn't in the Abydonian map room or from the Ancient download Jack put into the computer. He just knows that he has to get there and nothing can stop him. Jack’s worried, but he knows that whatever it is forcing Daniel to go to this planet is powerful and goes with him. Once there, they find descended Abydonians. What's going on?
#708 Teal’c been meeting with a certain someone for four years without the team knowing. SHE PREGNANT!! will she tell Teal’c? what will he do? how will the team handle the information?
#709 What would have happened in Moebius part 2 if Original Daniel met up with AU Goa'ulded Daniel?
#710 In Moebius part 2, what would the relationship between Original Daniel and AU Jack have been? Would they have been friends? Would Daniel have told Jack that he and original Jack were best friends?
#711 In Moebius part 2, what would Original Daniel, AU Jack, AU Teal'c and AU Sam have done in ancient Egypt after the rebellion?
#712 At the end of Moebius part 2, the team we see is an AU team, and Jack has fish in his pond. What other differences could there be in the characters around them?
#713 What would happen if Daniel introduced modern day moonshine to the ancient Egyptians?
#714 What 21st century "advancements" could the team use in ancient Egypt without disrupting the time line? What could they use when no one was looking?
#715 After the end of Moebius 2, what if an archaeological dig found evidence of something that looks a lot like something from the 21st century in a buried city dating back 5000 years? What if the archaeologists decipher the scrolls/texts and find out that Daniel wrote them?
#716 In Moebius 1, we see that the stargate was never found.
What happened to all those cultures offworld that SG-1 helped? What happened to Sha'uri, Skaara and Kasuf? Brata'c? Rya'c? Merrin? Kynthia? Kendra? All of them?
#717 Given the events of Moebius 1, what would have happened if Seth came out of hiding and Hathor was resurrected?
#718 Moebius opened the door to lots of "what ifs."
What if Osiris took Sara as his host and no one was there to stop him like Daniel did in the Curse?
#719 Moebius set up the situation of "what if we never found the stargate."
What if Hathor was resurrected, found Seth, joined forces, then Osiris and Isis are taken out of their canopic jars and find hosts. They join up with Hathor and Seth -- what happens to the earth then?
#720 What if ALL of the AU team in Moebius were to meet ALL of the original team?
#721 Another idea from Moebius. Ancient Egypt had a medical community, but what could the team stuck back in ancient Egypt expect to deal with if they're injured as opposed to what they knew in 21st century Earth?
#722 In Moebius 2, Daniel is goa'ulded. What if Daniel and the Goa'uld survived and made it to ancient Egypt? What if this goa'uld was Egeria and it and Ra didn't like each other and became bitter enemies? Then the Goa'uld begins to pick up on Daniel's morality and common sense and sense of justice/right/wrong. Egeria starts forming a plan.  When it's time to take a new host, it chooses a female, and creates a race of symbiotes to fight Ra, the Tok'ra.
#723 If the goa’uld and the ancient gods were tied together mythologically speaking, what could Original Daniel, AU Jack, AU Teal'c and AU Sam have contributed to ancient mythological stories?
#724 After Moebius 2, what would Original Daniel, AU Jack, AU Teal'c and AU Sam miss the most about the 21st century?
#725 Ever wonder how the Goa'uld learned that Sam was host to Jolinar?
#726 In Deadman's Switch, Aris Boch tells everyone their names and ranks/titles. Why would military ranks from Earth have any meaning for folks not from Earth?
#727 In Deadman's Switch, Jack shot Aris Boch once with the zat gun. Why not shoot him twice or thrice? Jack's ex-covert ops, right?
#728 What if Aris Boch and Vala were working together?
#729 The NID and the TRUST want power. What if they find a planet with tons and tons of oil beneath the surface? What if they could drill for oil off-world?
#730 Aris Boch told the team that the youngest citizens of his planet were kept as slaves, working in Sokar's naquadah mines. What happened to them after Sokar was killed?
#731 Write four versions of the same short story, each one with only three members of the team and one member missing.
#732 There are cultures that never invented the wheel (the Olmec, for instance). What if the team came across cultures that didn't invent or discover things we take for granted?
#733 Bring Martouf back to life.
#734 Naetu was a prison that was made of fiery pits, etc. We also saw Hadante in Prisoners. What other prisons are out there that the team could run across?
#735 Not long after descending, Daniel gets the chance to go on an archaeological dig of a lifetime (real Indiana Jones type stuff). Jack is a little worried to let him out of his sight this soon after his return so Jack decides to tag along. What could they be looking for and how much trouble can these two get into here on earth?
#736 The Unas were the first host of the Goa'uld. If we assume that humans weren't the second, what other life forms could have played host them?
#737 What if the team went to a planet and temporarily gained the power to turn into animals (think the animagus from Harry Potter)? What animals would they turn into and what trouble could they get into?
#738 What if Daniel was forcibly descended after the events in Abyss or Changeling instead of Full Circle?
#739 What if everyone at the base was turned into a kid in Fragile Balance?
#740 We know of one 'minor' change at the end of Moebius - the fish in Jack's pond. What if another 'minor' change is that Daniel had received credit for his work/contributions (rather than Sam) and some medals/awards and such from the Air Force (ones he's always been eligible for but never gotten because Sam got all the credit and he got none)?? How does the team find out about this change? How do they react? What else has changed because of this? (like maybe Sam being held accountable for her actions since she's not seen as such a 'national treasure')
#741 In several episodes, we've seen Jack not let Daniel lose his temper (at O'Malley's in Upgrades and in the tent after they've been captured in Rules of Engagement). What would an angry Daniel be like?
#742 What if the long haired, weepy Sam from Point of View found a way to change places with the Sam from this reality without suffering the entropic cascade failure? What if part of the reason "Sam" has been behaving as she has is because she's not the Sam we knew in the beginning?
#743 After Moebius part 2, what happened to Original Daniel, AU Jack, AU Teal'c and AU Sam? Did they stay in Ancient Egypt? Did they fly off in the puddle jumper and find another planet so they couldn't interfere with Earth history anymore? Did they find a way to make tretonin for Teal'c? Did they find any of the allies that Daniel knew about?
#744 Rewrite the ending of Threads so that Hammond (who's still commanding the base), Jacob (who didn't die), Brata'c, Pete (who is married to Sam), Jack, Teal'c and Sam are all sitting at the briefing room table when Daniel descends in General Hammond's office. Imagine the grins on Hammond and Jacob's face (remember how Brata'c was grinning)! Or imagine them trying not to grin. :)
#745 ... But but but, then it would be Hammond's office. So, what would the reactions be if Hammond was the one to first see Daniel?
Would Hammond go for the flag? Would Jack just sit there?
#746 In Icon, Daniel gets hurt pretty badly. This would be the first time Daniel had gotten hurt that badly without any of his team around. How does Jack feel about that?
#747 In Lifeboat, Pharrin ended up with about two dozen consciousnesses downloaded into his brain. What happened to him later on?
#748 In Evolution, we find out that both Daniel and Jack can speak Spanish. What if the two of them have to go to Europe? What other languages might they know? What languages might Jack know that would surprise Daniel?
#749 In Evolution, Daniel and Bill Lee find that magic box that reanimates dead tissue. What if that wasn't the only thing buried in that underground temple?
#750 Crossovers seem to be very popular these days at the movies, so let's have a crossover between movie creatures and Stargate.
What would happen if a Goa'uld symbiote were to take an Alien as a host?
What would happen if a Goa'uld symbiote were to take a Predator as a host?
What if, in a more comedic/unbelievable story, a Goa'uld symbiote were to take over Chuckie the doll as a host?
#751 Just as Kali asked. :)
Could you imagine the team being made up of Jack, Daniel, Teal'c and McKay?
#752 What if Meridian happened right after Forever In A Day?
#753 What if Linea used all her intellect to build Goa'uld killing weapons and became a sworn enemy of the Goa'uld?
What if Linea knew Machello?
#754 What if Meridian happened BEFORE Forever In A Day? What laws would Daniel break to free Sha'uri?
#755 In Gamekeeper, what would have happened if both Daniel and Sam had grabbed Daniel's parents and dragged them out from under the stone before it fell?
#756 Why is it that so many other planets have the same things earth does? Electric lights, file cabinets, bound books, computers with keyboards, Windows compatible software, etc?
#757 In the Serpent's Lair, what would have happened if an escaping Apophis and Klorel rung up on Klorel's ship and saw Daniel while he was dialing out and took him with them?
#758 In Gamekeeper, after the team is thrown in the cell, we see Jack over by the bunks where Daniel is. What were they talking about?
#759 In Lockdown, we see Anubis moving from spaceship to spaceship, person to person. He was energy. Why couldn't he have just floated off into space?
#760 In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Starfleet demoted Admiral Kirk back to captain. Would Jack accept a demotion back to colonel if it got him out of paperwork and get him off-world again at the helm of SG-1?
Note added in a following post: Um, the Air Force doesn't do that. Jack would never be sent back down to the rank of Colonel again. If he suffered a reprimand he might lose a position (like being shipped out of Colorado Springs) or would be asked to retire.
#761 In Lockdown, we find out that it's not an absolute rule that a team HAS to have four members. If that's the case, why did Jonas ever exist?
#762 In Lockdown, Anubis took any host he could get his hands on. If he had his choice, who would he have chosen as a permanent host?
#763 In Lockdown, what happened in the time between Jack shot Daniel and we see Jack, Teal'c, Brightman and Sam looking down at him from the observation deck when he's in the infirmary?
#764 In Lockdown, Jack tells all the off-world teams to go to the Alpha Site. What did those teams do during those times?
#765 In Lockdown, when Brightman is talking to Teal'c and Sam, she gets a phone call that Daniel's awake. In that scene, Sam is having a very bad hair day. The next scene, she walks into Daniel's infirmary room and her hair's combed. What did she do between the phone call and walking into the room?
#766 In Lockdown, Sam tells Daniel that they can't help Vaselov. All they can do is help him manage the pain. In Meridian, that's similar to what Janet told them about Daniel. What is Daniel thinking when Sam tells him that?
#767 In Lockdown, Vaselov asked Daniel to deliver a letter to his sister. Did Daniel mail it or have the Russian consulate deliver it or did he take it to her himself?
#768 In Atlantis Rising, we're left with the impression that Weir asked to have Daniel go to Atlantis multiple times. How many times did she ask and what did Jack say each time?
#769 With Anubis floating around the base in Lockdown, why didn't anyone think of building a ghost trap like the Ghostbusters used?
#770 In Lockdown, everyone was split into zones. How did Jack, Daniel, Teal'c and Sam seem to get in each other's zones?
#771 In Lockdown, they were locked down for six days. What did they do to keep from getting bored?
#772 In Lockdown, when Anubis took over Sam, he only zatted people once. Why not twice? Wouldn't he have been angry enough after having to float around for six days?
#773 In The Curse, Daniel gets ribboned and says he's getting used to those things. In Lockdown, he gets zatted but either doesn't pass out or doesn't pass out for long. What if his threshold for pain has risen considerably? How much pain could he handle? What would happen if the team was captured and tortured with pain?
#774 In Lockdown, Vaselov knew he was dying, but he still did everything he could to get Anubis out of Jack and away from earth. Did he get a posthumous medal of honor?
#775 In Atlantis Rising, Daniel really wanted to go to Atlantis. What if he did go? What if Jack went as well?
#776 Daniel really wanted to go to Atlantis, which would be the Holy Grail for an archaeologist. When the Stargate program becomes public and the truth of Atlantis is told, how would Jack explain to the academic community why he didn't let Daniel go on the biggest find of an entire lifetime?
#777 What would happen if 12 glyphs were dialed on the stargate?
#778 In Proving Ground, we saw a group of cadets being trained for the SGC. What would they have thought about a civilian like Daniel Jackson being involved in their training?
#779 Write a fic (humor or otherwise) from Sam's POV beginning with the following paragraph:
"Shortly after my Dad's death, I realized that the only times I received any physical comfort from Sir was when someone connected to the SGC died. And so began my career as a serial killer.
#780 In Need, how did Daniel get out of those restraints?
#781 In Need, at the end when Daniel goes back to the planet and sees Shyla, he has this angry look in his eye, but Shyla doesn't see it as being angry at her. What was really going through her mind at that moment when she saw that look?
#782 In Need, Shyla's people were sending through small amounts of naquada somewhere. What if the Goa'uld they were sending it to DID notice that it wasn't being sent anymore?
#783 We've seen symbiotes NOT choose Daniel as a host until the AU Moebius. What if Daniel's addiction to the sarcophagus in Need did something to Daniel that made symbiotes not want him as a host? The AU version had never gone through a sarcophagus. Could the sarc have changed him at the cellular level and made him unable to be a host?
#784 Daniel's had one addiction to a sarcophagus. If he were thrown into another one, would he have a higher threshold in order to withstand it or a lower threshold that would make him addicted faster?
In The Curse, he mentioned that he was getting used to the ribbon device. Could his addiction to the sarc in Need have given him a higher tolerance for goa'uld technology?
#785 In Foothold, when Sam escapes the base, she leaves by a duct. Why were there no guards there? It's an entrance into the base. Why would anyone leave it unguarded?
#786 In Foothold, Sam scolds Maybourne, telling him he should have followed procedure. What kind of trouble could Maybourne get into for not following procedure and then the big boys finding out that there really was a foothold situation?
#787 At the end of Foothold, we hear the alien talking. Do you think Daniel ever had the chance to translate the language?
#788 In Pretense, the Tollan "force" the Daniel and Jack to fight for Skaara's life. The Tollan know about the goa’uld, know what they are capable of, why isn't it a no brainer to remove the symbiote from a host who doesn't want a symbiote and free them, sending the host to some goa'uld world? Wouldn't Daniel and Jack be angry about that?
#789 What if the goa’uld did get a symbiote into a Tollan?
#790 Why did Zipacna act as "defense lawyer" for Klorel in Pretense? Did Zippy work for Apophis? Wouldn't letting Klorel lose be a way to hurt Apophis?
#791 In The Tok'ra part 2, we learn that the Tok'ra can remove symbiotes without killing hosts. In Pretense, we see that in action. In Seth, Jacob tells us that the Tok'ra are trying to find out where all the Goa’uld are. That means that they would know where Amaunet was and how to remove her from Sha'uri.
Why didn't they?
#792 In Pretense, did Skaara know before he crashed on Tollana or after Klorel was removed that Sha'uri was dead?
#793 In Pretense, did anyone see a hint of Skaara/Lya ship?
#794 At the beginning of Urgo, they're looking at an untouched paradise. When they got to the planet, they were taken to Togar's lab. What did the planet itself really look like?
#795 At the beginning of Urgo, Hammond tells the team that they were gone over 15 hours. What happened those 15 hours?
#796 In Urgo, the team were each assigned a guard. When they went to the commissary, the guards went with them. At one point, you can see one of the guards shaking his head. What were these guards thinking all that time they were watching the team?
#797 What all did Urgo learn from the team during the time he was in their brains?
#798 What if Foothold was a little different? What if someone got on base and implanted Urgos in everyone's brains? What if the entire base had someone who looked like a famous tenor singing "Me me me me me me me me me me me" and wanting to play word games and eat pie stuck in their heads? Could the commissary survive?
#799 In Urgo, after Sam uses the EM field to neutralize Urgo, Hammond tells the team to give it a week and see what happens. What happens during that week?
#800 Urgo was in the teams' brains. He knew what they were thinking when they thought it. Near the end, they're trying to contact his creator, all the team knows about this, but why doesn't Urgo? Why does he ask why Hammond is trying to communicate with the planet?

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