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The General's Star

Our Stargate Fic Challenge
Daniel Stories
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This story was written in answer to a Valentine's Day Fic challenge issued in the Our Stargate discussion group.

"Daniel!" Sam called as she came into his office.

"Hey, Sam."

"Did you get it?'

"Yeah, it's in the report on the top there."

She opened the folder and removed a sheet of paper.

"This is perfect!" she commented.

"I wasn't quite sure if that's what you wanted. I found a couple different places on-line that did the same thing."

"Oh, Daniel. It's exactly what I had in mind! He's going to be so surprised when he gets this!"

"I'm still not sure about this. He's a superior officer and..."

Sam glared at him. "We've been over this before, Daniel. There is nothing wrong with giving him this. It's not like I'm asking him out or anything."

"Hey kids!" Jack greeted them.

"Jack, I got it this morning," Daniel told him.

Jack took the paper from Sam and looked at it.

"Do we know where it is?" he asked.

Sam shook her head. "I'll find out before we give this to him. Or at least the closest we can get to it."

"No one's ever been given one and then told they can go see it," Daniel commented.

"Carter, when are we giving it to him?"

"I thought Friday would be good."

"Friday the thirteenth?

"Well, since it was the fifteenth when he started, Friday will be when the most people are here."

"Good thinking. Carter, find out where it is. I'll make sure we'll have his attention Friday."

"Jack, what are you going to do?" Daniel asked.

"Invite the Tok'ra to a party!"


On Friday the thirteenth, at approximately 1400 hours, the stargate activated. The Tok'ra signal for the iris to be opened was received. Jacob Carter stepped through the wormhole. General Hammond greeted him at the base of the ramp.

"Jacob, what do we owe for the honor of your visit?"

Jacob stepped forward. "George, SG -1 sent for me. Didn't Jack tell you?"

General Hammond looked confused but didn't have time to comment. At that moment, both doors to the gateroom opened and all the teams came in. Jack and the rest of SG-1 were in the forefront.

"Colonel? Do you mind telling me what in God's name is going on?" Hammond demanded.

"General, sir, we have all gathered here to make a little presentation and I thought that you'd like for Jacob to be here as well, especially after you find out what it is. Daniel?"

Daniel stepped forward holding an envelope.

"General Hammond, the fifteenth is the anniversary of when you took over command of the from General West. In honor of Valentine's Day, we thought we'd present you with something since you are the heart of the SGC. Sam?"

Sam took the envelope from Daniel and opened it.

"Sir, we had a star named after you. Though for most people, it's usually just a certificate that you can hang on you wall, we found out exactly where your star is. The closest is on PX7-844. Teal'c?"

Teal'c gave Sam a nod beore turning his attention to the general.

"General Hammond. I once visited the world that Major Carter has mentioned in the service of Apophis. It is not unlike the climate of your home in Texas. I believe that it will be most pleasing to you." Teal'c stepped away to make way for Jacob.

"Well ? Ready to go on a little trip?" Jacob asked


"Yeah, now. Jack assured me that everything would be under control. There are only two teams on missions at the moment and you're off this weekend anyway! They have off world gear all ready for you in your office. What do you say?"

"I'm... ! Jack, was this your idea?"

"Major Carter gets the credit for this, sir."

Hammond turned to Sam. "Major, Samantha, thank you. This is the star that means the most. Colonel O'Neill, you're in command until I return."

Ten minuets later, General Hammond stepped through the stargate with Jacob Carter to look at his new star.

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