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Secret Admirer
Our Stargate Fic Challenge
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This is my first story in answer to a Valentine's Day fic challenge issued on the Our Stargate forum.

She walked down the corridor in the SGC with a purpose. Not looking left or right, she proceeded to her destination. Only upon arrival, did her expression break. She stopped outside the open door and cautiously peered inside. The room was empty, and she smiled to herself and entered. She opened the cargo pocket in her pants and removed an envelope. Before placing it on the table, she gave the seal a quick kiss. She turned and left before she changed her mind.

When Daniel Jackson entered his office, he had his usual coffee cup in one hand, and a report in the other. He put his cup down in its usual spot and added the report to the stack of papers at the side of his worktable. He sighed before turning his concentration to the artifact in the middle of the table.

"Daniel!" Sam called as she came in.

"Hey, Sam."

"Dad sent a message that the new Tok'ra base is ready."

"Already? I thought they needed more crystals."

"He said he'll explain everything when we get there."

"I just finished the translation he wanted. It's on the top of that stack."

Sam opened the folder and took out the translation.

"Daniel, it's in Goa'uld."

"Yes. He wanted me to translate Phoenician into Goa'uld"

"Hey, Kids!" Jack greeted as he came in.

Sam slipped the paper back into the folder.

"What's going on?" Jack asked.

"Jack, Sam and I were just talking about our mission tomorrow. It's going to be..."

"Daniel, I don't want to hear it again! The two of you have been talking non-stop for the last week about the ruins you're going to be playing with! I'll be happy when it all over with and I won't have to hear about it anymore!"

Daniel smiled patiently. "Jack. SG-6 is going to the ruins tomorrow. We're going to the new Tok'ra base. Jacob's going to give us a tour. Remember?"

"No ruins?"


"No rocks?"


"Lots of guns and stuff?"


Jack looked upwards and whispered "Thank you."

"Jack..." Daniel began.

"Just checking. I didn't want to get my hopes up for nothing. So, what's..." he paused and picked up a pastel pink envelope from the table. "..this?"

"What's what?."

"This envelope that's addressed to you."


"It's your office."

Sam took it from Jack and examined it. "A Valentine?"

Daniel took it from Sam and opened it. It was a greeting card with a heart on the front. He opened the card.

"Roses are red, your eyes are blue. Strawberries are sweet and so are you," Daniel read aloud.

Jack took it from Daniel.

"It's not signed."

"I noticed that," Daniel replied.

Sam couldn't help but smile.


"Sir. It seems to me that Daniel's got a secret admirer."

"I've got a what?"

"Some one's got a crush on you. Valentine's Day is this weekend," Sam reminded him.

"What do I do about this? Could she..."

"Or he" Jack added.

Daniel chose to ignore the comment. "Could she become dangerous?"

Sam shook her head. "Daniel, it's just a card. If it was a large flower arrangement, I'd start to get a little concerned."

"Jack, I thought you'd get more upset about something like this."

"Daniel, it's just a card! We'll play it by ear. Maybe she-or he-will just leave it at that."

The next morning, Daniel hurried into his office to grab a notebook at the last minute. He stopped in his tracks when he saw that a single red rose was laid in his work table. There was also another card. He swept the rose into a drawer, stuffed the card in a pocket and grabbed his notebook. By the time he arrived in the gateroom, he had forgotten all about the rose and the card.

She stood towards the back of the control room trying to look as if she were making note of the readings on the panel before her, but she was really watching Dr. Jackson as he walked up the ramp with the rest of SG1. Once the wormhole collapsed, she put down the clipboard and left the room. Her destination was the office where she had laid the rose. At first, she was happy to find it gone. He had maybe taken it with him? No, not on a mission-even to the Tok'ra. She looked around the office for a sign. One drawer wasn't closed completely. She slowly opened it and found the rose. In a flash of anger, she tore the rose apart and left the office.

Two days later, SG1 returned through the stargate, very tired and ready for a break. There was the usual post-mission check in the infirmary even though they had been with the Tok'ra. The debriefing was just so that General Hammond knew what was going on. Then they were free to go their separate ways.

"Daniel! What do say about watching the game with me tonight? The Avalanche are in San Jose to play the Sharks. It should be an easy win for us!"

"Jack, I've got some work to finish first."

"Dammit Daniel! You always have work to finish!" Jack nearly whined.

"I'll do what I can. What time does the game start?"

"Six thirty and don't be late," Jack told him and left the room with Teal'c.

Daniel knew if he was going to keep Jack happy, he'd have to hurry. He almost ran to his office. All he had to do was... He froze in his tracks just inside the door. The rose that he had put in the drawer was now in pieces on his table. At least, he thought it was the rose. Daniel went to the drawer. It was open and empty. He was on the phone a moment later.

Jack looked at the remains of the rose.

"This is how you found it?" Jack asked.

Daniel nodded. "I haven't touched anything but the phone."

"This isn't good, Daniel Your secret admirer has gotten destructive."

"We have to find out who she is," Daniel thought aloud.

"Security cameras. Why didn't I think of that before?" Jack cursed himself and was out the door with Daniel hurrying to catch up.


On the monitor, they saw a woman wearing Air Force coveralls enter Daniel's office carrying a card and a single rose. Daniel estimated her to be average height and her hair to be maybe brown or dark blonde. It was hard to tell with black and white monitors.

"That's Jenny Seabrook!" Janet Fraiser said as she stopped at the monitor.

Jack and Daniel turned and looked at her.

"You know her?" Daniel asked.

"Yes. She's a technical sergeant taking EMT training for another SG medical team. Why? Is something wrong?"

Jack stopped the tape before answering. "Do you know where we can find her?"

"I can find out. Colonel, what's this about?"

"Doc, Technical Sergeant Seabrook has been leaving unsigned love notes in Daniel's office."

"Just before our last mission, I found another card and a rose on my desk," Daniel continued. "I was in a hurry, so I put the rose in a drawer and stuffed the card in my pack where I promptly forgot about it. When we got back, the rose had been torn to pieces and left on my desk."

"No. Jenny wouldn't do anything like that! She's a little shy, but not destructive."

"We've got it on tape," Jack told her.

"There must be an explanation," Janet said and picked up the nearest phone.

A couple of minutes later, she hung up the phone and turned to the two men. "She's at the academy hospital."

"We'll have to get her out of class and talk to her," Jack said

"She's not there as a student. She's a patient. She stepped in front of a car and was hit. Nothing too serious, but she'll be there for a few days."

"W-why?" Daniel stammered.

"I don't know."

"I should go see her."

"Daniel! She was stalking you!" Jack yelled.

"She had a crush on me! That's different than stalking, Jack! If I hadn't have just brushed the rose into a drawer..."

"Dammit Daniel! It's not your fault!"

"Janet, do you know what room she's in?"


"Jack, I'm going to see her if you approve or not." Daniel said and left the room.


Jenny Seabrook lay in her hospital bed with her right foot propped up on a couple pillows. The TV was tuned to an old movie from the forties. She wasn't watching it. It was just providing background noise.

"I am so stupid! If I hadn't been brooding about that stupid rose, I would have seen where I was going!" she cursed to herself.

"I wouldn't take it out on the rose," Daniel said from the doorway.

"Doctor Jackson! What are you doing here? How did you find out?"

"Did you forget that there are more security cameras than people in the base?"

She dropped her head onto her pillow. "I don't know why I didn't even think of the cameras! Doctor...."


"Are you sure? I mean..."

He held up his hand to stop her. "I'm sure. My friends call me Daniel."

"About the rose..."

"I was wondering what the rose did that made you so angry."

"I shouldn't have left it in your office in the first place."

"I thought it was very sweet. No one's given me a rose in years. Actually, the last rose I received was from an old girlfriend and she had given me just the stems. I stood her up one too many times."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I was working on my dissertation for my archeology doctorate and I basically tuned out everyone until it was done. It's no way to treat your friends," he explained. "Now, I promised your doctor that I wouldn't be here long, so I want you to call me when you're going to be released. I'll take you out to lunch."


"Ah!" he warned.

"Daniel, you really don't have to do that."

"I was distracted and I didn't treat your rose as it should have been. I want to make it up to you."

"Okay. I'll call you."

"Now get some rest," Daniel told her and just before he left, he placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

Jenny Seabrook looked up at the TV. The movie end with the man and the woman walking into the sunset hand in hand. With a smile in her face, she turned off the TV and settled back to sleep.

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