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What would I like with Daniel on the side...

Reclining in my hot tub, Daniel is on the side, dressed only in swimming shorts. He has a tray of finger foods, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, melon chunks. He is dipping them into whipped cream and feeding them to me, slowly, good boy! Taking time to allow me to savor each different flavor.

It is cold out and he has to be a very good boy to be allowed in the warmth with me, His firm hands are now rubbing my neck, I do believe he has earned the right to come into the warmth.

Slowly he climbs into the hot tub, immersing himself fully into the water. The water beads on his muscles as he sits partly out of the water, it trickles down his neck.

End of pg13 version... you can take it from there



Imagine Daniel cooking dinner for you. It's a first date, so behave! Its crab legs, prawns and bay scallops. Since you are worried about making a fool of yourself breaking open the crab legs, you are working on the stuff you can use a knife and fork on.

Daniel takes one of the crab legs and cracks it open, removes the meat, dips it in melted garlic butter, puts a hand on your neck and pulls you closer. He puts the butter-covered crabmeat in your mouth, dripping a small amount on your chin. He then pulls you closer and "cleans" the butter with his lips...

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