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I was aware that I was making history with each step I took. One of only two people in the whole to be allowed into this magical kingdom, to see the wonders with my own eyes, not just to rely upon myths, rumours and fairytales. Being quite a reserved person, I disliked the fuss outside and by his demeanour I guessed the person with me felt the same way too, I had never seen a man blush before, it was sweet!  He had introduced himself shyly, " Daniel Jackson," and I had reciprocated, and then he had smiled, ooooh, this promised to be a day of surprising and stunning discoveries and Daniel Jackson might just be the most exciting find of all. I could tell we were both feeling some nervous trepidation in anticipation of the day's coming events. The adultation we were recieving, was like that given to movie stars or pop idols, urgh they can keep it! Standing in the full glare of the media spotlight is not something I'd care to repeat. Suddenly with a huge creak the wrought iron gates swung open, a deathly hush stilled the crowds and the frenzied clamour......................and there stood our host.  Willie Wonka, not larger than life, rather small actually but surrounded in a rather surreal glory, smiled at his two gold ticket winners and hushered Daniel and I inside the gates, they slammed shut and behind us the tidal wave of noise broke out again.   We travelled from room to room following Mr Wonka in a never ending thrill of anticipations and realisations. A gloriously technicolour journey of tastes, smells and visual delights never before even dreamed of. Our eccentric but generous host proudly showing off his succulent inventions, as Daniel and I lost our mutual reticence and began feeding each other the tasty treats, ooohing and ahhhing like lifelong friends.   
Suddenly Mr Wonka stopped his eyes alight with pleasure as he exclaimed,"this is my greatest achievement.......the nerve centre of the entire factory my Chocolate Room." He threw open the doors and Daniel and I stepped over the threshold into a sight so magnificant, that no words of mine could do it justice. It was a lush, green valley. The colours so intense, the smells unbelievably mouthwatering, steep banks of grass sloped down to a river, thousands of Buttercups and Dasies dotted the grass, Rhodedendrons, Roses and Violets peeked out between the bushes and trees. The river was dark brown, my nose was not mistaken it was chocolate, following the river upstream there was a tumbling waterfall, making the chocolate bubbly and frothy. Noticing Daniel's and I openmouthed stupefication, Willie Wonka told us that everything, down to the samllest blade of grass was edible, he told us to eat the grass, munch the flowers, bite the trees, to sample everything. Needing no further encouragement Daniel and I ran about picking likely treats to feed each other. "Here try this" became our laughing refrain as we skipped from place to place, and Mr Wonka watched us indulgently.  Soon we found ourselves on the bank of the chocolate river, I felt an extremely strong impulse, Daniel held my hand and I knew he felt the same desire. A voice whispered in our ears "Go on, my dears." Reality intruded as we asked him about contaminating the chocolate, but he laughed away our fears and told us to help ourselves. The temptation was too great, not giving it another thought and not caring about any little eyes that might be watching, Daniel and I stripped off our clothes, held hands, ran and took a huge leap off the bank to land with a great splash in the chocolate river. As we surfaced, we could feel the stunning sensations created by the warm, welcoming chocolate, we had no need to swim or tread 'chocolate' the thickness of the liquid keeping us buoyant. As I was savouring the feelings, a strong pair of arms wrapped around me and pulled me under, then I was being kissed, a sweet chocolate kiss, rich with promise.  We frolicked and played and mock fought for hours. We found ourselves under the waterfall having a chocolate shower, Daniel's blue eyes stunningly intense in contrast to the dark confection. Suddenly breathless we gazed mutely at each other, Daniel reached down and brought my hand to his lips and he began to suckle the chocolate off each one, then we decided to lick the chocolate off each others lips. "Wow" said Daniel, "I never thought I'd find something sweeter than chocolate to taste."

With apologies to Roald Dahl:)


I had no desire at all to hit the mall, but I had no choice. It's Christmas Eve and if anyone was going to get presents from me, I had to go. I wouldn't have been in this situation if my boyfirend of four years
hadn't decided to dump me, but that's another story. I drove to the mall and after driving around for fifteen minutes looking for a place, spotted a car backing out. I turned on my indicator to let other
drivers know that I was waiting for it and waited. The car backed out and before I could pull in, another car slipped by me and took the place. I did what I've never done before. I got out of my car and yelled at the driver.
"Hey! Do you think I had my turn signal on just for the fun of it? That was my parking space!"
The driver looked up in suprise. "You were waiting for this space? I'm sorry! I didn't see you! I was in a hurry and..."
"It's going to take me another fifteen minutes to find something!" I said and stomped back to my car.
"Wait! Give me a minute to back out and you take it."
I was shocked. Nobody ever did this.
"Um, thank you."
He did as he said he said he would and I got my parking place.
In the mall, my life didn't get any better. Other shoppers didn't look where they were going and would bump into me without even apologizing. My short fuse was getting even shorter, but I held my
tongue-somehow. In one of the department stores, I found the perfect
scarf for my brother and set on the counter while I got my credit card out. I looked up and it was gone. I looked at the floor to see if I had dropped it and noticed the tip of it dangling. It was in the hands of
the same guy who tried to take my parking place!
"So, now you're going to try and take my present since you couldn't have my parking place?" I snapped.
He looked suprised again. "This is yours? It was just sitting there."
"Waiting for me to get my credit card out! Take it," I told him and left the store.
I wasn't going to cry. I wasn't going to let this get to me. I was going to get my shopping done if it...
"Excuse me, but you left this behind back there."
I turned and saw the same guy holding a bag out to me.
"I didn't have bags when I went in to the store."
"This is yours though," he said thrusting the bag into my hands.
I looked inside and saw that it was the scarf I was going to buy.
"No, I can't. You bought it. It's yours."
"I insist. Everytime you come in contact with me, I'm trying to take something from you. Please."
It was too much for me to take. I felt the first tears trickle down my cheeks as I looked into his kind, blue eyes. Then he did what no stranger would ever have the nerve to do. He took me in his arms and hugged me. I started crying even more. He managed to get me over to a bench and sat me down without breaking his hold on
me. A few minutes later, I got myself under control and pulled away from him. I have to admit that it was hard to do. His hug was much nicer than my boyfriend's was.
"I'm sorry. Christmas doens't usually make me act this way towards strangers," I apologized.
"It's okay. Would you like to get something to eat? I might help you pull yourself back together."
"You really don't have to..."
"I insist. My name is Daniel Jackson."



I've been living in Colorado Springs for about six months now and have see this vision of a man every now and then. He's been around just enough to tease and tantalize me but not enough for me to see his face. I only notice his ass. I'd be somewhere like the bookstore or the coffee shop and I'd look up and there's that ass! He never turns around so I can see his face! He's about six feet tall with short brown
hair. And the worst part about this is when I go to see who he is, he disappears into the crowd. It's really frustrating. Well, to be honest, the really frustrating part is that ass reminds me of an instructor I had in college about ten years ago. The guy was about five years younger than me, but was smarter that all the professors combined. I would love to look at his ass too.
Well, my luck finally changed-kind of. I was at a sandwich shop standing in line at lunch and I noticed the ass was at the front of the line. He was with a woman with short blond hair. He turned his head to look at her and I finally got to see his face.
"Daniel?" I found myself saying.
He turned and looked at me. His blue eyes showing the memory trying to remember the face and then lighting up.
He left his place in line and came over to me. I was surprised by the warm hug he gave me in greeting.
"It's been a long time! How are you?"
"I'm good. I'm surprised that you remember me. There were over fifty people in that class!"
He smiled. "I remember the arguments we had rather fondly."
"You do? You looked like you wanted to kill me at times!"
"Yeah, well, it wasn't until after the semester had ended that I found that I missed you and your stubborn opinions. Oh, You'll join us for lunch, of course!"
"Oh, no. I couldn't! I have an appointment to get to and I'm just grabbing a quick bite," explained.
"Then you'll let me buy you dinner."
I was about to protest, but his eyes...Sigh.
"I insist. It's been too long and I want to catch up with what you've been doing all these years!"
"Okay. You win."
The big smile again.
"So, I'll pick you up?"
"Sure!" I wrote down my address and handed it to him.
"Um, seven o'clock?"
"Sounds great. I'll see you then!"
He hugged me again and then gave me a kiss on the cheek.
A dream will finally come true. Dinner with Daniel Jackson at my side.


I walked up the snow shoveled path with a feeling of dread. I stared at the door, thinking with a sarcastic smile of self deprecation, if only my fairy godmother would show up and grant me three wishes; I could get out of this. I hesitated with my fist half raised to knock on the door. I had gotten out of Christmas dinner with my sister and her husband in the previous two years, but could not think of a sufficiently good excuse to get out of this one. I knew what it would be like, all the other gusts would be couples with me sticking out as the odd (literally)……. umm woman out.
I was bloody late too, so my entrance would be even more pronounced. I pulled myself together, this was getting me nowhere except a better than evens chance of turning into a snowman, ummm…. woman……ummm……whatever.
“Excuse me” Came an attractive voice from behind me, making me jump. “Oh….Sorry, I did not mean to startle you, I just wondered how long you might stand there, it’s just I’ve not eaten today and I don’t fancy starving to death on the doorstep. I mean getting the garbage men to clear me away over the holidays may be a problem.” I turned round to face a tall, attractive man, with the most engaging smile, and the cutest way of crinkling his eyes when he was amused. “You’re American” I blurted stupidly; he did the crinkling thing again and laughed, a rich vibrant sound that filled the frozen night with warmth. “Guilty as charged, Ma’am, what gave me away?” “Oh,” I muttered, “you said garbage, here we usually say rubbish.” I
wanted to kick myself, here I was saying the most inane things, and I needed a drink!
“Shall we?” the man asked, I nodded weakly in assent and he rapped on the door. Seconds later it was flung open, by my sister, who squealed and launched herself at me, scolding me for being late, but so happy that I was there, all the while taking my coat, scarf and bag, as well as the man’s standing silently behind me, I could not get a word in edgeways. My sister was eyeing me and the man speculatively, she elbowed me in the ribs and stage whispered, “You did not tell me you were bringing someone.” I opened my mouth to refute the allegation, when a shout came from the open door
to the front room.
“Daniel!” my brother in law announced, “I’m so gladyou could make it. Honey….” He slid his arm around my sister, and kissed me in greeting, “you remember I told you about Daniel Jackson and how lucky we were to secure such an esteemed archaeologist’s services at the university.” My sister was looking crestfallen, she had pictured us a happy couple, I suspect.
“Of course, so happy to welcome you to our home Mr. Jackson.”
“It’s Doctor Jackson, honey” replied my brother in law.
 “It’s Daniel” contradicted the academic firmly, shaking my sister’s hand and presenting her with the wine and flowers he had brought. My sister was overcome by his charm and blushing like a schoolgirl. My brother in law introduced me and he shook my hand also, a charge seemed to run up my arm and through my body has our skin made contact, he held onto my hand for what seemed an extremely long time, as our eyes met and held. I felt myself trembling, as my sister bustled us into the room.
“Did you receive any nice presents Dr Jack………I mean Daniel?”
He smiled enigmatically, looked at me and replied, “I have yet to unwrap the best present of all.”


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