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My mom dropped me off at the airport 20 minutes ago for my flight to Chicago. The first leg of my journey to Columbus for the con. I have my book to read before they let us board the plane but I can't focus on it. There's a really cute guy waiting here for he same flight. I can't take my eyes off him! He's tall with short brown hair and blue eyes. How do I know about the eyes? He was right behind me as our stuff went through the x-ray machine. I didn't get my bag off fast enough at the end and his briefcase was stuck behind mine. He helped me get my bag off before getting his own. Really nice blue eyes. Damn! I'm staring at him again! Oh, good. They're letting us get on the plane now. He's probable going to be in First Class, so I won't have to worry about staring at him on the plane.

I've found my seat. It's not the largest plane so there's only two seats on this side of the plane. I've got the window and I can try and pick out different landforms while we're in the air. I've brought one of my favorite books with me to read "Cycles of Rock and Water at the Pacific Edge". A good read about geology.

Oh. My .God! He's taking the seat next to me! How am I going to manage a five hour flight with him sitting nest to me? I don't do well with really cute guys. I can't talk beyond a simple 'hi'.

"I asked if you were nervous? You look like you're not comfortable on the plane. Is this your first flight?"he asked me.
"Um. No. I've been on a plane before. I was in high school at the time."
"That's a long time between flights. Where did you go?"
"Mexico City. It was for a school choir competition."
I couldn't believe that I was talking to him!
"How did you do? Or do you remember?"
"Honorable Mention. I thought we did better than that."
"I seem to be flying all the time these days."

Oh no! Don't tell me that under the incredible body is a brain the size of a peanut and he's going to be babbling at me thought the entire flight!

"Since we're going to be together for five or so hours, I should introduce myself. My name is Daniel. Dr. Daniel Jackson," he said offering his hand.
"Katie MacAlpine." I took the offered hand and discovered that he has long fingers like me.
"Can I have my hand back?"
"Oh. Sorry!" I said and just about dropped his hand.
"I don't see many people with fingers as long mine."
"Oh?" he said and gently took my hand in his. "You do have very nice long fingers."
His thumb began to carress my palm and I felt suddenly very warm.
"Business or pleasure?"
"Are you going to Chicago for business or pleasure?" he asked again.
"Um. I'm changing planes there. I'm going to Columbus. I'm meeting some friends there."

Stupid! Why didn't you tell him you were going to a con? Because I didn't want him to think I was a fanatic of a tv show, that's why! I am but I don't want him to know that.

"Are you a geologist? The book you're reading is about geology."
"Oh. No. I just like the subject. What do you do, Dr. Jackson?"
"I'm an archeologist. And call me Daniel."

One of the stewards came by at that time and told him that he had a call. As he got out of his seat, I found myself checking out his seat. Very Nice!

To be continued....... (The bag of peanuts is coming to keep with the topic)


"Sorry about that," Daniel said as he returned to his seat.
"You must be an important archeologist to get a call on a plane."
"I do some consulting work for the government and they don't like it when I haven't reported in every couple hours. So, where were we?" he asked and gave me a warm smile.
I melted in my seat.

An hour or so into the flight, someone came by and started taking with Daniel. I took out my iPod and listened to some music while I read my book. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was my pillow was moving and my blanket was being re-arranged. I opened my eyes and found that I had my head on Daniel's shoulder and he had his arm around me!

"Did I wake you?"
"No. I surprised I fell asleep at all!"
"It's my fault. I put you to sleep with my droaning into my tape recorder. My friend says I can put him to sleep while I make some notes in it."
"Oh, no. Your voice isn't boring at all! You have a very nice voice."

I couldn't believe I said that! I must no be awake yet.

"Hungry? I got a bag of peanuts a little while ago."
"No thank you. I can't eat peanuts. I'm allergic."
"They'll start serving lunch soon."
"I brought my own lunch. It's just a sandwich," I told him.
"What kind?"
"Turkey and swiss. I bought it last night from a sandwich shop."
He licked his lips! "Sounds better than what they're serving. Got enough for two?"

When we arrived in Chicago, Daniel insisted that he escort me to my connecting flight. I got there in plenty of time since it's the same airline and he waited with me until it was time for me to board the

"Katie, I really enjoyed talking with you on the plane. I know this is a cliche, but could I have your phone number? I'd like to stay in touch with you."
"Really?" I gave him my phone number as well as my email address.
"Have fun at the convention."
"How did you..."
"Your bookmark. You're using a printout for a Wormhole Extreme convention for your bookmark. I took a look at it while you were using the restroom. It's okay. I still want to call you."
Then he leaned forward and gave me a light kiss on the lips.
"I have to go. My friends will be wondering where I am if I don't get to baggage claim soon. I will call you." he promised and left me to get on my next flight.

My friends will never believe me when I tell them about him!


This is a kinda sequel to my 'flight to Columbus' story.

There's a Wormhole Extreme Con in my home town! I'm meeting some friends there at the hotel, but I'm not sure how early I should get there. I figured that I'll just go and play it by ear when I get there. I didn't even need to be there until tomorrow when the cutest guy on the show would be there! Tonight, it's just dinner with friends.

I got to the hotel and found that I was earlier that I thought I'd be! I have an hour and a half to kill. I'm glad I bought a book. I locked my car and went into the hotel lobby. It was quiet with not many fans roaming around. I checked with the front desk and was told where the con was being held. I took only a few minutes to check it out before finding a place to wait for my friends. I settled into a chair and began to read my mystery. I only had read two pages when I heard my name being called.


I looked up and saw Dr Daniel Jackson walking across the lobby to me. I met him on the plane to the last con I went to and I was supposed to call him, but I never got the nerve to do it. He never called me either. Most likely too busy.

"Dr. Jackson! What are you doing here?"
"Dr. Jackson? What did I yell you before? Call me Daniel!" he teased me and took the chair next to me.
"I'm here meeting with some people. This is neutral territory, sort of. So, you're here for the con again?"
I felt myself blush. "I'm meeting some friends for dinner tonight and attending the con tomorrow."
"That's when that guy will be here?"
Blush again.
"Big crush on him, huh? It's okay! A crush is healthy at any age! So, are you doing anything after dinner? Maybe some coffee with another friend?"
"Are you asking me on a date?" I found myself asking.
"Well, yeah. I guess so. It's not dinner and dancing, but I'd like to get to know you better."
"Yeah. I can do that. I mean, yes. I'd like that. I'm meeting my friends here around 6:30."
"How about 8:30 then?"
"That sounds great!"
Daniel kissed me on the cheek and left the lobby.

"Oh My God!!" Lynn squeeee'd as she approached me.
"Who was that gorgeous guy?"
"That's the archeologist I met on the plane before the last con."
"That's him? I though he's be....I don't know, but that's not what I thought he'd look like!"
"I'm meeting him after dinner."
"Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Mowsie will never believe me when I tell her that you've got a date with that guy. He looks better than..."
" Dr. Levant?" I asked.
"I was going to say Raymond Gunne."
"Yeah, well, let's get to dinner. The others will be waiting."
"I'm going to tell them all about this guy!"
"Don't! Lynn, please don't"
"it's just. I don't know. I just don't want anyone else knowing about him just yet, okay?"
She patted me on the shoulder." Okay. As long as you tell me everything that happens wih him. Promise?"
We left the lobby and met the others in the parking lot before driving off to dinner.


I waited in the parking lot about fifteen or twenty minutes. I knew there would be someone lurking in the lobby and I didn't want to teased about my date with Daniel. I finally called the hotel on my cell phone and asked them to page Daniel.

"This is Daniel Jackson."
"Katie? You're not canceling are you?"
"No! Some of my friends know about our date and I'm afraid that they're waiting in the lobby somewhere."
"You think they want to catch us together? Why?"
"I don't know. Sorry, maybe I'm just a little paranoid."
"Where are you?"
"Out in the parking lot. I'm calling from my car."
"I'll be right out," he said and hung up.

A moment later, he was tapping on my window. I opened my car door. He took my hand and helped me out of the car. I locked it before he led me to his car. We went to a coffee bar that stayed open late. I didn't go into this part of town that often and never knew that it was here. When we arrived, Daniel was out of the car and opening my door before I realized what he was doing.

"No one does that anymore," I told him.
"They should."
He held my hand going into the coffee bar too. In fact, he never let go until he carried our drinks over to a table in the back.
"So... How are you? This is your hometown, right?" he began and we spent the next two hours chatting.

It wasn't until the barista told us that they were closing that we realized how late it was. Grudgingly we left the coffee bar and he took me back to the hotel. When Daniel helped me out of the car, he pulled me into a kiss. I was so glad that he was holding me because the bones in my legs disappeared.

"Stay with me tonight," Daniel asked.
"I'll have to call home. My brother will get worried if I don't."
"Tell him you're staying with a friend."

When we got to his room, I did call my brother and tell him that I was staying with a friend. The next morning, I had breakfast in bed next to
Daniel. I never made it to the con.


This is what I call "Served With Fudge Ripple"

I was walking through Portland Oregon on my way to Powells Books. The place that calls itself a 'city of books' because it takes up a city block. I was only in town to pick up a few things before heading back to Salem, over forty miles to the south.

I looked across the street and saw Daniel waving at me from the corner. Standing next to him was...Daniel? That one looked shocked to see me and then started to cross the street. The first Daniel stopped him before he got hit by a car.

"Wait there! Please, don't move!" he called to me desperately.

I waited and moments later he was running across the street to me. He took me in my arms and swept me off my feet.

"Daniel? What's going on?" I managed to ask.

"That's what I'd like to know," he answered from behind me. "That's not me."

I pried myself away from Daniel to look at...Daniel.

"You're twins?"

"Ah, not exactly," the one not still holding me said.

"You're alive! We thought all of you were dead when we never got a message from you!" the other cried before pulling me tighter again.

"Dead? What's going on? What's with not exactly being twins?" I demanded, pushing myself out of his grasp. I like Daniel a lot, but two of them?

"Let's go somewhere so we can talk," the other suggested.

"I'm only here for the day..."

"We, ah, have a hotel room nearby. We can talk there."

"And maybe get something to eat?" I asked.

"We'll call for room service."

As we walked down the street to their hotel, the Daniel that was so happy to see me wouldn't let go of my hand and the other one wanted to keep me away from him for some reason.



**Part Two--Served with Fudge Ripple**

Once we were in the hotel room, they both took off their jackets and threw them on the same chair. Just when I was starting to figure out who was who, they become identical. One of them made a bee-line for the phone and called Room Service while the other gently took me aside.

"I'm sorry about what happened. If I had known you were in town, I could have warned you. You're all he talks about."

"How do I know who you are?"

"Good question. I can see that you'd want to know which one of us is which."


"Right. The last time I saw you was in November. You were attending a Wormhole Extreme convention--well, that was what you were there for initially."

"If you're...then who he?"

"He's...I can't tell you who he is. It's a long story, a very long story."

"How does he know me? It's like I'm his long lost love or something!" I asked.

"Yeah, or something. Uh, Katie...."

The other Daniel hung up the phone and practically bounced over to us.

"They'll be bring it up in a few minutes!" he told us.


"You'll love it!"

The other Daniel-my Daniel cleared his throat.

"She's not..."

"I know. I just couldn't help myself. But Katie, If you're anything like the woman I knew, you're going to love what I ordered from room service!"


Just then, there was a knock on the door.

He went to the door and opened it. It was room service and the cart had ice cream with hot fudge for three.

"Hot fudge sundae! Cool!"

I spent the rest of the afternoon with two Daniels and lots of ice cream. The hot fudge came later.


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