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Fic Challenges 1-100

Our Stargate Fic Challenge
Daniel Stories
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#1 Write a fic primarily about Daniel and Teal'c involving Protective Teal'c, physical contact of some kind and a thunderstorm.

#2 In the episode Proving Ground, what if the rookies got hold of real weapons along the way and got rid of the intars? What if Daniel was shot for real instead of just being stunned only no one knew it until after the simulation was over?

#3 What if the Entity didn't leave Sam? What if the Sam we've seen since that episode is just a blend of Sam and the Entity's consciousnesses?

#4 What would have happened if Teal'c had given the SGC every planetary address he knew right at the beginning instead of relying on the SGC computer to translate new addresses from the spatial drift compensator program?

#5 What if Steven Raynor had been brought into the SGC program as SG-1's temporary fourth member during the season-that-shall-not-be-named?

#6 What if it had been Jack and Daniel thrown to Antartica in Solitudes?

#7 In Tangent, Sam exaggerates and tells General Vidrine that the new ship is easy to use, a non-pilot could navigate it. Vidrine wants a demonstration and won't be talked out of it. He asks Daniel to just take off, hover and land the ship but it ends up flying off into space under its own programming. What would happen?

#8 What if Shifu left Goa'uld knowledge in Daniel after he gave him that dream?

#9 What if Mel and Claire had been taken over by goa'ulds and wanted to ensure they had an endless supply of hosts from the same bloodline? There was a hitch in the plans. The symbiote in Claire is a good go'auld and doesn't want to burden the child with go'auld memories so it only let the historical knowledge blend with Daniel's DNA? Daniel grows up believing his parents were loving parents and doesnt' know they're goa'ulds. The accident happens, only Mel and Claire don't die. Their symbiotes keep them alive but it takes a long time for them to heal.
Fast forward 30 years. The NID has found "Mel" and "Claire" and are keeping them prisoner. The SGC finds out about it and the team goes on a rescue.
How would the Jacksons feel about their son or would they think he was the symbiotes' son? How would they deal with this new relationship?

#10 Daniel has been found on Vis Uban and brought back to Earth. Kinsey knows that Daniel "must" know all the Ancients' secrets and has the NID kidnap him and use the Tok'ra memory enhancers to try to get him to remember. The team has to rescue him, but time is important because there's the move against Anubis as well.

#11 What if Daniel destroyed Anubis before Oma Desala yanked him away from Nubi's ship?

#12 Imagine Summit/Last Stand and the attack on the Tok'ra base were in separate episodes. What if Lantesh had jumped into a wounded Daniel instead of Elliott? Remember, there's no poison gas or anything like that since Summit/Last Stand was separate. :)

#13 What if Daniel had stuck his head in that gadget in Lost City? He used to be an Ancient. Would it affect him the same way it did Jack?

#14 Daniel finds some Nationl Geographics films of his parents digs in Egypt and recognizes some of the symbols as being goa'uldish. He also recognizes some of the items as being ribbon devices and other goa'uld items. The team goes to Egypt to try to find the dig sites again, and find more than they bargained for buried under the sand.

#15 The team goes to an alternate universe.
Charlie is still alive and Jack and Sara are happily married and have other kids.
Claire and Mel Jackson never died. Sha'uri is living on Earth with Daniel and they have several children.
Teal'c, Drey'auc and Rya'c are living on earth.
Sam and Joe Faxon are married with kids.
They're alternates are on SG-1, they fight the goa'uld, all that's the same. It's their personal lives that are very different.

#16 The team is affected by a virus that only lets them talk in rhyme.

#17 KID FIC! After Past and Present, the SGC now has the vorlex compound that de-aged everyone on the planet. What if the NID get a hold of it and give it to SG-1, who lose 30 years off thier lives? Jack is now 18, Sam is 10 and Daniel is 4.
While they also have the antidote to bring back thier memories, it does nothing for their physical ages.
Can the Asgaard help? Can the Nox?

#18 This is for those who hate Sam/Jack ship, meant as a creative outlet for those anti-S/J feelings:
Die S/J! Take everything we've seen on the show as canon, and destroy all possibility of Sam and Jack ever getting together, get rid of all romantic/sexual attraction between them. By the end of the fic, neither of them will have any of 'those' feelings for the other and never will again. Do it without killing off any of the main 4 (J, D, S, & T). Brownie points if you can do it without removing anyone from SG-1.

#19 A Christmas story. NORAD has a web site every year to track Santa as he makes his rounds on Christmas eve. Write a story where the SGC helps NORAD with this duty because Santa is real and some evil person or alien is going to try and kill Santa or do something worse…

#20 We've seen two Quantum Mirror realities where Daniel never existed and Earth was conquered by the Goa'uld, and it's canon that there's hundred's of AU's through the mirror that've never had Daniel and have been conquered by Goa'uld. So...
What if Sam Carter had died as a child, and therefore never been part of SGC? Have SG-1 go through a Mirror to a reality where Sam has never been there and Daniel has been from the beginning. Because of Daniel's efforts to make allies whether than acquire technology, this Earth has many allies and has acquired the technology to defend itself so the Goa'uld are no longer a threat (alliance defeated them) but they won't share technology with us because they think the way Daniel has been treated is proof we can't handle it and would likely blow ourselves up. How would SG-1, and Sam in particular, react? Would it have any affect on the way our SGC does things or not?

#21 Why should the Stargate writers be the only ones to rip off movies?
Cassie has won a high school competition and now gets to compete in England. Daniel is the only one who can accompany her, and on the way back, there's trouble. A near mid-air collision damages the cockpit and kills the pilot, leaving Daniel the only one able to land the plane. Jack and Janet were meeting them at the airport and are now in the control tower and Jack is having to tell Daniel how to land a plane. Of course, nothing ever goes right for our intrepid heroes.

#22 Hackers are able to get into the SGC mainframe and take a look around.

#23 The team learns that the NID are spying on them, even putting mini-cameras in their homes.

#24 I want to see something from the Quantum Mirror (like the NID aren't experimenting with it - please) -- be it Sha're; Martouf; Heru'er; Kowalsky -- the possibilities are extensive. Or just using it to get something that SG1 prevented NID from getting in our universe.

#25 I want to see the NID experimenting with taking Naquada in little vitamin pills to see if that would let humans operate gou'ald technology

#26 I want to see them really deal with the fact that the Sarcophagus exists and is in the hands of their enemy -- no SGC personnel should ever be left on another planet. If they can't be returned to Earth, they should be disintegrated. If a body can be captured or revived, it is a security risk.

#27 I want to see the Gou'ald corrupt a Tok'ra with repeated exposure to the Sarcophagus.

#28 Cassie goes to Daniel's house and wants to know what exactly and how what happened did happen to her mother.

#29 Hammond's on the phone with the president, so in order to pass the time before the briefing, Jack and Daniel are playin Six Degrees of Separation using the Simpsons characters as a start.

#30 A new group of recruits comes to the SGC with a low opinion of civilians. The only way to show them how wrong they are is to have the civilians best them in everything.

#31 There's a goa'uld on earth. It's not one that represented a god or a goddess, just one that has been trying to stay alive for millenia. He/She/It isn't really harmful, not looking for power, just trying to earn an honest living. Imagine how surprised this one would be to be found out.

#32 How about a series of "A Day In The Life Of ______" and write about a day in the life of one of the supporting characters like Siler or Davis or the guard at the front gate or the spouse of one of the SGC members.

#33 The team is tired of Kinsey and really want to put him in his place. Knowing that Simmons and Samuels works for him, they pull a bit of an April Fools’ joke on them with the help of Major Davis and General Hammond. They write up absolutely hysterical mission reports that Kinsey takes as the truth.

#34 A world-renowned archaeologist comes to the SGC under the mistaken impression that he's going to be in charge of the archaeological department. It turns out he's not exactly the best archaeologist in town. He's stolen other scientists' finds and took their credit and is well known to the scientists at the base. He tries to undermine Daniel's work and take over the position as head of the archaeological department (with Kinsey's blessing of course) only to find that he's got more than one problem when the members of the SGC decide they don't like him or his tactics.

#35 An accident rips the team into three versions of themselves: the Id, the Ego and the Superego (yeah, we're getting into Freud). Given what each represents and the history these characters have, what could happen?

#36 The team find themselves in a situation that mirrors the plot of a classic movie.

#37 Subplot: There's an emergency at the base and they need Daniel only no one can find him. When Sam asks Cassie if she's seen him, Cassie takes the team to Daniel's newest hobby: motocross racing at the local track.

#38 Make Avenger good. Rewrite it. Take Felger out, make the idea of a virus believable and concentrate on the guys being stuck offworld. (The gist is enough. Remember, the challenge is to make it good. :) That means taking only the basic storyline of having a virus go through to other DHDs and it stranding people offworld. Other than that, do whatever you want. Just please, please, please, please, please, please, please don't use Felger.)

#39 We now know that Jack can speak Spanish (and maybe another one?). How about a story where both Jack and Daniel are in a situation where they're knowledge of other languages come in handy.

#40 Daniel is cut off from the team in an alien ship. Unfortunately, there are replicators on board. While Jack is attempting to rescue Daniel, Daniel is trying to communicate with the replicators to save their lives.

#41 The team is infected with a virus that makes the tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

#42 Daniel brings back some artifacts from a mission, but before he goes to the infirmary, he asks Hammond for permission to put the artifacts in his office. for safekeeping. Hammond agrees but sends an SF with Daniel (can't be too careful until they're checked out by the infirmary, right?)
Once there, the artifacts "come to life" and put a force field around Daniel's office and lock him inside. In an effort to communicate with whatever lifeform exists in the artifacts, Daniel is mentally drawn into another world while physically his body is undergoing some illnesses. (Yeah, this is a ripoff of a Star Trek TNG episode, but I thought it'd be an interesting one to do).

#43 Someone is out to make the team look bad. Knowing their reputation for drinking coffee (Daniel especially), someone puts something in their coffee. The more they drink, the worse it affects them.

#44 The SGC is haunted by the ghosts of all the goa'uld they've killed over the years.

#45 Hammond's been asked to go to Washington for a few weeks to work as a consultant on some military matter, so there's a new person in charge of the SGC. This is a very no-nonsense general with no sense of humor (far worse than Bauer and this general doesn't have to be male). This general is a stickler for scientific reports and all information included in the military reports as well. This general doesn't get along with anyone, not even Daniel, and likes to humiliate every person at the SGC. Using their creativity, snarkiness and intellect, SG-1 has to make it possible for the people at the base to deal with this temporary commander without getting into trouble. How can they do that?

#46 In Holiday, Machello's machine breaks before Jack and Daniel can be switched back and they spend the rest of their lives in the other's body. What happens when they Jack runs into Daniel's associates and vice versa?

#47 In Serpent's Venom (when they team capture Apophis while Sokar is trying to melt the gate), Apophis takes Daniel as a host when Daniel is threatening him.

#48 Ever wonder what would happen if Hammond were taken as a host by a goa'uld?

#49 An utterly incompetent person is placed in command of the SGC. He makes horrible mistakes that he and his assistant cover up until he doesn't open the iris for a valid GDO code (pick your own reason why). What happens when the team is in danger and this person is in command?

#50 Everyone has quirks. We learned in One False Step, Sam talks to her plants and she didn't want anyone to know about that. What other quirks does the team have?

#51 Daniel is trapped in a room on the base with a live bomb and Jack has to tell him how to disarm it.

#52 It's the season-that-shall-not-be-named, and someone is coming through the gate. It's an SG-1 signal, but everyone's on the base. Hammond opens the iris and two cloaked figures emerge from the wormhole. They remove their cloaks' hoods and it's Jack and Daniel (who's very corporeal) about 20 years older than they are during the season-that-shall-not-be-named. They're bringing news that will affect the future because of something that happened in the past. They've come back to change it.

#53 The stargate disappears in plain sight. What happened and where did it go?

#54 In Lost City, what if Sara was at Jack's house when Sam came by which Sam wasn't expecting? And what if Daniel and Teal'c weren't surprised to see Sara there?

#55 They've run out of coffee at the SGC and no one can leave the mountain to get more! What will they do?

#56 It's tax season and the auditors come to the SGC. How do they explain all the various odd expenses that they incur?

#57 During the episode Urgo (and before the team realizes they have a passenger along with them), the team runs into Ma'Chello and his body switching device. What happens when Ma'Chello switches bodies with Daniel and Daniel has the Urgo microchip in his head?

#58 Take any two unrelated episodes and put them together. :)

#59 Take any episode and make the central character of that episode into one of the other characters. For instance, instead of Jack getting pinned up against the wall in Message In A Bottle, make it Siler or Hammond.

#60 Kinsey is ordered by the President to go through the stargate with SG-1. They think it's a rather safe planet, but looks are definitely deceiving.

#61 The night Daniel comes back to Earth after being found on Vis Uban in Fallen, he must have had a case of culture shock. What would he have thought about what the SGCers take for granted? For instance, indoor plumbing, BDUs, boots and bootlaces, coffee, chocolate pie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate bars, electricity...

#62 In Heroes, Daniel tells Bregman that he remembers most things before his ascension but that there are a few holes left. What do you think he's not remembering?

#63 Something comes through the gate with dramatic results. Every inanimate object on the base (from electric drills to the computers to the zats to desk chairs) come to life and they're chasing the SGCers. If every inanimate object at the base is trying to kill you, how do you fight it?

#64 The child of two goa'ulds, a harcesis, holds all the memories of its parents. Now, if a goa'uld and a human were to have a child, that child would be half-harcesis or what we call a demigod. Other demigods include Hercules and Perseus. What if the team runs across some demigods, both good and evil?

#65 Daniel's medal(s)... TPTB have said a lot happens 'off screen', so what if Daniel has already gotten a couple of medals? Maybe the reason it was too risky to give Daniel a medal in Secrets when Jack and Sam got their Medals was that Daniel had already received a Medal of Freedom for making the Stargate Program possible (movie and CotG contributions only) and giving him a second one would be too conspicuous (in AF opinion)? Write the season 1 scene/whatever where Daniel got this medal.

#66 They've told us that Daniel's been in charge of relocations, relief efforts, and off-world digs, but they've never shown us Daniel being in charge. So, this challenge is to show us one (or more) of those.

#67 What if the team won the lottery?

#68 Jack has to deal with a very slow computer. He's trying to download something off the web and it's taking forever!

#69 There's a blizzard, there are about 200 people stuck at the mountain and only one television.

#70 While on a planet, Daniel discovers a civilizaation whose written script is similar to the symbols found on the Phaistos Disk.
For information on the disk click here:
or here:
With the help of the inhabitants of the planet, Daniel is able to decipher what is says on the original Phaistos Disk.
So, what does it say, and how does this affect SG-1?

#71 In honor of BRT Appreciation month -- What if BRT is a sentient entity, not just a piece of alien machinery?

#72 Subplot: The team is captured and locked in separate cells. What would each of them do to alleviate the boredom?

#73 Cassie is working on geneological charts for a school project, but since she's an orphan, the teacher is letting her do a chart on someone else close to her. She looks at Janet's, Jack's, Daniel's and Sam's -- and makes a shocking discovery. What if Jack and Daniel are related? What if Sam and Daniel are? What if Jack and Sam are? Well, you get the drift.

#74 There's a foothold situation, and only Daniel, Siler, Major Davis and Sgt. Davis are free to try to stop the aliens.

#75 Jack has tickets to a hockey game but has too many reports to finish. He talks Daniel into finishing them for him with a promise to return the favor and heads off for the hockey game. While he's gone, something happens at the base and lots of people are injured, including Daniel who was in the exact spot Jack would have been if he'd stayed.

#76 SG1 gets captured. Original, huh? They're captors (gou'ald? other aliens? Humans?) force Daniel to choose one to be released along with him. The thing is, he can only pick one, and he *has* to pick. The other two will be killed. Who will he pick? How will he deal with the guilt knowing he sent two of his friends to their death? How will the person he picked deal with their feelings. Will they blame him for choosing them? Bonus points if you can find a way to work out a happy ending and have everyone live in the end.

#77 Comedy: what if all earth legends are actually Goa'ulds? Daniel and a group of scientists uncover evidence that all legends from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, King Arthur, Robin Hood, William Tell, etc, were actually Goa'ulds.

#78 This takes place some years ago when Jack and Daniel are kids. Daniel is in an abusive foster home and Jack rescues him (think of the Weasley boys rescuing Harry from the Dursleys in Chamber of Secrets only without a flying car).

#79 Did Jacob/Selmak get into trouble for not blowing up that goa'uld base in Tangent when he went to help rescue Jackand Teal'c?

#80 What kept Sam from inputting the space/time warping compensation program in the computer until right before they were about to gate out in 1969? Did she run sims on it before loading it?

#81 There's a Wormhole Extreme forum and chat room that's been having some interesting posts and conversations. The team joins the forum and goes into the chat room and find some surprisingly "familiar" individuals. Who would be there?

#82 The team catches a solar flare and go back to Ancient Babylon, see the pyramids being built, etc.

#83 It's been said that England and America are two countries separated by a common language. We know there are words that have completely different meanings although we speak the same language. When the team goes offworld, it seems all these alien races speak English, but what if we're looking at two cultures separated by a common language? The same word has different meanings and Daniel has to stay on his toes keep up with the differences?

#84 "Modern" English didn't show up until very recently. When the stargate was buried and earth was cut off from the goa'uld thousands of years ago, English was a very different language from what it is today. Exactly how do the alien races all speak English, and modern English at that?
(Added from Danini1) :I had an idea like that, but I'm way too busy to write it. So for anyone who wants it, here's the rest: lots of Daniel angst. The poor guy speaks 20+ languages, but thanks to English as the universal language he never gets to use them! (I always found it depressing in the first season when they would meet someone new, Jack would say, Daniel, you're on, and then the new people would start talking in English. I imagine it depresses Daniel as well). So Daniel questions his usefulness on the team, etc.

#85 Why doesn't Daniel ever wear a baseball cap?

#86 (Can be comedy) There's a bomb, but in order to defuse it, you have to answer the Ultimate Question

#87 In Hathor, the Goa'uld gave birth to lots of little Goa'ulds. What if, when she left, she was also pregnant with a very human child (harcesis)? Maybe she needed a new host?

#88 JAck gets frozen a lot, Daniel gets ribboned a lot and Sam gets possessed a lot. What kind of long term effects could that have on them?

#89 The base gets teleport rings set up in several places, the gate room included. What kind of pros/cons would that lead to?

#90 In the episodes where Hathor captured the team and made them think they'd been freeze dried for decades, the team went through a lot, physically. What if their injuries were worse than originally thought?

#91 In the beginning of the series, Daniel didn't like interfering in other people's cultures. By "Beast of Burden" that had changed. So I'd like to see a story in which something makes Daniel question his original stance and start to change his mind. Preferably with Daniel-whumping :).

#92 What if the Stargate could talk?

#93 Here's a slash one: Jack and Daniel have gotten together (much to their surprise, and probably because the aliens made them do it). Something, possibly attention from the NID, brings Jack's mini-me into the story. When he finds out about Jack and Daniel, he's Extremely taken aback, to say the least ("With Daniel??!!"). There've been various clues about their relationship, but they've gone right over his head. Also, mini Jack has adjusted reasonably well to his new life.

#94 What if Tealc had a brother who is a Goa'uld's system Lord and they meet. (Tealc didn't mention this little tibit)

#95 What if Ry'ac was Goa'uld and Tealc didn't know until after they met in battle. How would Tealc handle it?

#96 What would have happen if Tealc was turn over to NID when he first came to SGC.Later Jack would free him, but how could Tealc trust Jack again,after Jack invited Tealc to stay at his house?

#97 What would have happen to Tealc in Orpheus, if he was paralyze permanently? Would he stay or would he leave SGC?

#98 What if a Colorado Springs newspaper or magazine put Daniel on their list of eligible bachelors? And Jack was on the list too?

#99 When did Teal'c go to a grocery store/supermarket for the first time? What was his reaction? How would he describe common things like creamed corn or frozen food? Who would take him to the store?

#100 Jack's had the Ancient's knowledge downloaded into his brain and frozen solid. After all that, he needs a vacation. Daniel asks if he'd like to go deep sea fishing.

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