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Fic Challenges 101-200

Our Stargate Fic Challenge
Daniel Stories
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#101 Daniel becomes ill with a mystery disease, and he keeps saying he has to go home. At one point, he tries to go through the Stargate although he's feverish and somewhat delirious. It turns out he's sick with an illness he's been carrying from Abydos and the only cure is on Abydos -- the problem? Abydos was destroyed by Anubis and this sickness can kill Daniel if they can't find a cure.

#102 Something happens to Daniel and Sam when they're in an alien structure. After they leave, she's an archaeologist and Daniel is the theoretical astrophysicist. Somehow, their fields of expertise got switched to the other.

#103 Daniel has to impersonate Jack and Jack has to impersonate Daniel. Can they pull it off?

#104 Some old friends of Daniel call for his help and Daniel asks Jack if he wants to come along (deep sea fishing, of course). The favor is to help a buddy find a sunken ship. So we have four archaeologists, a retired Navy Admiral who has bought his own boat and rents out it to people (except these guys because he likes them) and an Air Force colonel out on the high seas. They see sharks (one could almost get Daniel when he's diving), giant squids and the wreck, but what happens when a storm comes up and the Admiral is knocked unconscious during 30 foot waves? (Think Storm Of The Century).

#105 What kind of training do the non-military personnel get before going through the Stargate? What kind of training do the non-military personnel who don't go through the Stargate get? Who does the training?

#106 The Nox come to help the team in a time of crisis, but they end up having to go against their own beliefs to save innocent lives. They have to deal with the aftermath of their decision.

#107 The wormhole forms, there's an SG-1 signal but all of SG-1 is on the base. Hammond orders the iris open, and someone comes through the event horizon. It's Machello, only a different version of Machello. AU or time traveller, your call.

#108 What would happen if the SGC computers really did pick up a case of bugs or caught gremlins?

#109 The team meets up with wizards. Not the Harry Potter kind, more like the Merlin kind.

#110 Someone needs to write all the missing scenes (that shouldn't have been missing) from season seven. :)

#111 What if the Ancients didn't build the Stargate?

#112 Steven Raynor sees Sarah Gardner (after Chimera) and wants answers. Ultimately, his curiosity lands him at the SGC and thus ends his academic career. How would Steven handle that? How would he deal with the fact he'd be working for Daniel?

#113 The president has great faith in Jack's ability to command the SGC, but what if the president brought back Catherine Langford and Ernest Littlefield to be the "directors" of the base and the project?

#114 The team goes to a planet where they come face to face with a goa'uld. The local population have a "cure" for individuals who see the bad guys. It's the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" cure. They do some thing to the team, and Daniel can't see, Jack can't hear and Sam can't speak (or in any variation thereof). Teal'c, since he's Jaffa, is "sentenced" to serve the people who are being "cured" from seeing the bad guys.

#115 Someone's impersonating Jack and Daniel.

#116 Let's rip off Ghostbusters just a bit.
The team goes to a planet that suddenly develops geological anamolies. Fire and brimstone coming from the sky, rivers and seas boiling, darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes, human sacrifice, and you can hear Jack say, "If we find dogs and cats living together, that's proof of mass hysteria."
Anyway, they have to get off the planet, but they keep running into problems.

#117 What if, instead of Dr Sam Carter and Kawalski coming through the Quantum Mirror, it was a version of Dr Fraiser and Robert Rothman?

#118 If we hadn't ever opened the gate and a Goa'uld dropped by (remember, we're absolutely clueless about these guys), what would have happened?

#119 What if Teal'c built up a tolerance to tretonin and needed a symbiote again to live?

#120 What would happen if Fifth met Harlan?

#121 Thor, Brata'c and Jacob are at the base at the same time for whatever reason and we get to hear them talk. Putting Chaka in the mix gives you extra points.

#122 The president himself secretly ask Jack and Daniel to do an undercover job, infiltrating a rogue group spying on the SGC.

#123 Jack ponders the incredible coincidences of the team meeting people with the same names: 4 Charlies, 2 Sarahs, 2 Davis', 2 Simmons, 2 Rothmans, etc.

#124 The new doctor is going over SG-1's medical history

#125. More gates are found on Earth.

#126 As the Tau'ri keep winning battles against the goa'uld, some goa'uld queens decide to defect to the Tok'ra as another way to survive.

At the end of the second half of New Order (problem solved -- we're in set up mode.) Elizabeth Weir is talking to Jack O'Neill as he interrupted her packing to leave for Antarctica.
She says, (dialogue approximate) No, General Hammond's been promoted...yadda...yeah, they've identified someone who can lead the SGC who they think will pass muster to the public even though he's a member of the US military.
Jack O'Neill: Do we know this shrub?
E Weir: Well, I'm not sure you know him very well... Brigadier General Jack O'Neil. He's in the Marines, I believe. I hear he's a little ... rigid, but a good leader. Good luck, Colonel.
(Sorry, couldn't resist when I thought of Kurt Russell coming in to lead the SGC as the movie-O'Neil. No, it makes no sense, but that's what makes it a challenge, yes?)

#128 At the end of season 7/beginning of season 8, the SGC is shut down so the new President can re-organize it, etc. What if, when going through SGC's record with a fine-tooth comb as part of the re-organization, the President finds out that Sam Carter has been given credit for Daniel's accomplishments more than once, and also finds out about all Daniel's off-world diplomatic successes with SGC (that were apparently kept from him in LC1&2)? How would the President react to this knowledge? What would the investigation show about who is responsible for Sam repeatedly getting Daniel's credit, and why it was done in the first place?

#129 I saw a challenge like this in another fandom a long time ago, remembered it the other day and thought it'd be good for Stargate... 5 Things That Never Happened (To 'insert character')

#130 Post Shades-Of-Gray - Jack's undercover operation had him lying to the team. What if, even though they forgave the lies and understood the reasons behind them, they could never learn to trust Jack again?

#131 From Window Of Opportunity: What if the time loop started back in different places instead of the same one where Daniel is asking a question that Jack wasn't listening to and Teal'c keeps getting a door in the face?
Since Jack doesn't know exactly when the time loops will be ending, would he try to change things in the differing time loops knowing he could be altering the future? For instance, would he stop Daniel from taking down the barricade on Abydos? Would he stop the team from going to the planet with the black hole? Would he run to Amaunet's tent sooner in order to try to save Sha'uri? And what would happen when the time loops finally ended?

#132 What if Oma came back and asked the team for help with a situation the Others won't let her get involved with?

#133 From the Curse: What if Osiris jumped from Sarah into Daniel while they were in the temple?

#134 What if Daniel found out that the Tok'ra knew since COTG where Amaunet and Klorel were and, even after meeting the SGCers and learning about Daniel's family, they never told Daniel about his wife and brother-in-law or ever attempted a rescue?

#135 SG-1 is called to the White House for a special celebratory dinner, and among those sitting at the table is an archaeologist who was also invited to the dinner. This archaeologist knows about the stargate but doesn't know that Daniel is the one who figured it out. In fact, he thinks Daniel is a flake and is making little remarks whenever Daniel speaks. Needless to say, this archaeologist goes on and on until the president enlightens him to Daniel's accomplishments in front of everyone there.
However, there's an ulterior motive to this dinner. It's not merely a celebration for SG-1. Extra points if you make it really mysterious.

#136 A new second-in-command at the base isn't fond of civilians at a military base because he considers them undisciplined so he institutes a new policy. All civilians will be awarded military ranks (not that it would be legal, but they wouldn't be true civilians anymore) and expected to follow the basic rules all military personnel follow (saluting, standing, siring and ma'aming, etc). The problems start when civilians don't salute or stand or sir or ma'am anyone. But if that's where the problems start, how do they go forward and where do they end?

#137 The brass hires an "antiquities collector" to go through the gate with various teams to "collect" bits and pieces of technology. As it turns out, many of the archaeologists at the base know him. He's not a collector, he's a grave robber who will stop at nothing to get what he wants (like alien technology). According to Daniel, he even murdered members of a dig he was on to get a couple of funerary jars. When Daniel first sees him, he does something surprising and completely out of character -- he hits him so hard, he knocks him back about 10 feet. Needless to say, Daniel and the others aren't happy to see this grave robber and more than one comment is heard that the robber will not come back through the gate.

#138 What if Daniel never got his memory back after Fallen?

#139 What if Daniel descended with someone else's memories instead of his own?

#140 It's 50 years after Daniel opened the stargate, and the team gets together for a reunion.

#141 Every bad guy the team has met up with and every bad thing that has happened to them is happening to them again -- all at the same time!

#142 After Lost City, the earth is in danger and the allies need Jack. No one's been able to contact the Asgard, so the team has to take drastic measures. Using Machello's body switching device, Jack and Daniel switch so that it's Daniel's consciousness in Jack's body (presumably with the Ancient's knowledge still frozen in Jack's body) and Jack's consciousness is in Daniel's body (but without the Ancient's knowledge).

#143 Daniel needs to remember his time as an Ascended. The Tok'ra memory recall device doesn't work so they go back to the Gamekeeper's planet and hook into those machines (under the watchful eye of Doctor Fraiser, of course). This way, the team can see what Daniel does too.

#144 Daniel needs to remember his time as an Ascended. The Tok'ra memory recall device doesn't work so they go back to the Gamekeeper's planet and hook into those machines (under the watchful eye of Doctor Fraiser, of course). This way, the team can see what Daniel does too.

#145 General Jack O'Neill has spent many hours working on reports. He's slaved over his word processing software and keyboard for a long time.
The power goes out before he saves all his work!

#146 Daniel and Jack have to collaborate on a report.

#147 In the same tradition as Ladyhawke, the team gets turn into animals during the day, humans at night.

#148 One of the team (you choose) finds out the local health club is using a sarcophagus as a tanning bed.

#149 The stargate is still part mystery. What if Daniel and Sam attempt to unravel the mysteries of the gate?
For instance, why is it two stories tall? Why is it round? Why just 39 glyphs instead of one for every constellation in the sky? Why these particular glyphs? How was it made? What's inside a gate?

#150 The team goes to a planet whose stage of development is stuck in the wild west days. Can you see Jack as a gunslinger?

#151 If the team has such a huge bounty on their heads, why have they only met with one bounty hunter (Aris Boch)? What if they ran into another bounty hunter?

#152 While looking for interesting and unusual Christmas presents online, Jack discovers some very interesting and alien items on E-Bay.

#153 Our alien friend Marty has written a spin-off for Wormhole Extreme.

#154 What would happen if the Ancients descended and wanted Earth back?

#155 Remember when Dr. Zahi Hawass showed them opening up a tomb on a documentary hosted by Bill Pullman a few years ago?
What if a news crew covering the announcement of a newly opened tomb film alien items, bones and artifacts and broadcast them over CNN?

#156 There's been a lot of interest in dark matter recently and how it affects space. What if dark matter affected the wormhole?

#157 What would happen if an asteroid smashed through the wormhole tunnel while a team was traveling from one planet to another?

#158 A run in with an alien artifact temporarily deprives Daniel of the ability to speak English (given how many off-world cultures speak English, this could be a problem). We know that Jack can speak Spanish, so that's one way they could converse. How many other ways could Daniel find to communicate?

#159 Something happens at the base -- all the color is removed and everyone is in black and white and gray (think Pleasantville <g>).

#160 SG-1 has done something that gets Hammond very upset. As a punishment, be creative. What if hammond takes away Jack's play station and game boy, Daniel's coffee and chocolate bars, Sam's lab and Teal'c's Star Wars movies?

#161 Explain what happened to Reetou Charlie, Nyan, Anise, the escaped prisoner from Prisoners, all the guests that have come and gone with no explanation of their current whereabouts.

#162 What would Jack think of the Daniel/Rock thread? Just trying to imagine his reaction to all the 'arguements' over who Daniel loves more. Coffee? Rock? Artifact? etc. Might make a good fanfic. (Oh no! Another plot bunny born!)

#163 It's several years in the future.
The off-world base is commanded by a general that has been Jack's rival in just about everything for years. When the off-world base beats the earth's base record at something, Jack wants revenge, so he challenges the off-world base commander to a hockey game. Who will each commander choose for his team and who will win?

#164 Goa'uld fleets from another reality use a huge quantum mirror to come to our reality after theirs is systematically wiped out planet by planet. As it turns out, the goa'uld from our reality can't stand up to them either, neither can the Asgard. Every race/culture in our reality have to team up to fight off the other-reality Goa'ulds.

#165 Daniel is taken prisoner by a goa'uld but manages to escape from a pyramid ship while in space. He ends up in a damaged cargo ship and has to guess at how to repair it as it speeds through space toward dangers.

#166 Jack doesn't like the sounds on his computer, so he changes all of them to something not quite appropriate.

In Atlantis, Jack tells Weir that "you can't have Daniel, I need him here." How many times had they had that particular conversation? How many times had Daniel asked to go to Atlantis if he found it? What were Jack's responses?

Why wasn't Sam at the Antarctica research station in Atlantis?

What if Daniel had gone with the expedition team to Atlantis?

#170 In Point of View, Daniel is explaining something to Jack who says, "Do you mean to say that there's a reality out there where I understand everything you're saying?" (or something to that effect).
What would happen if THAT particular Jack came through the mirror to our reality?

#171 What do the nurses who work in the infirmary talk about when no one's around?

#172 What do the control room personnel talk about when no one's around?

#173 What do the people who read the reports back at the Pentagon think about the SG teams?

#174 In the episode Demons, we see a culture who come from the Christian religion. If the gate was buried thousands of years ago, when were these people taken and how did they get to this planet?

#175 Jack discovers why Daniel and Thor's voices sound so similar.

#176 Hammond has a problem at the base and has to call SG-1 on the telephone. He gets everyone's voice mail, and hears some interesting recorded greetings from his premiere team. What would they be?

#177 SG-1 is fired from their jobs and all have to get jobs outside the base. What would each get?

#178 The team is exposed to a substance that makes them giddy and childish, perhaps even slightly drunk. Hammond demands a report, but let's just say the reports are less than the usual coherent quality Hammond normally gets. What would these reports say?

#179 What if the team came across a Tok'ra who has an Unas for a host?

#180 Marty's in trouble again, so the team has to go to a Womhole Extreme convention to safeguard him.

#1801 Teal'c couldn't sense goa'uld symbiotes until the episode The Tomb. What prompted this?

#182 Okay, I'm watching Rules of Engagement and Jack senses that Daniel is upset about the 4 eyes comment. Write a story where Jack sees for the first time exactly how mad that makes Daniel. Has to be some reason he's quick to tell him to take it easy.

#183 When civilians come to the SGC, they have to go through some military training. Who gets to train them and how is that training conducted?

#184 Daniel may be able to drink moonshine without any ill effects but has trouble staying sober when drinking a beer. How could this be used to the team's advantage when offworld?

#185 In Thor's Chariot, we learned that the Asgard keep an eye on certain locations. What if the Asgard had been keeping an eye on the great meeting place in Torment of Tantalus and came to see what was going on the second Ernest Littlefield had that console operating? What would have happened if the Asgard had brought him back to earth 50 years ago?

#186 What if Linea hadn't been in the jail in Prisoners?

#187 In "1969", Michael was about to go off to war. What if he remained in the military and was now a general in the Air Force? What would happen if he was brought into the Stargate program and finds out that the "aliens" he helped out were actually SG-1?

#188 In "The Devil You Know", what if Apophis jumped into another host before meeting Sokar?

#189 In "Beneath the Surface", we didn't see any children. The people there had no privacy, there were no pregnant women nor were there any older generations. How did they sustain their population (other than criminals being mind stamped and sent down there)?

#190 Why did the replicators take the form of humans? There are countless other races in the galaxy, so why human? What advantage did they gain?

#191 Daniel is packing up a few things in an effort to make more room in his office. Jack is helping and finds Daniel's blue robes from Vis Uban. This sparks a conversation about what happened to Daniel between the time he descended and when SG-1 found him.

#192 The civilian scientific personnel has grown considerably in the last few years, and Daniel's feeling the pressure of all the paperwork he's responsible for. Jack and Hammond agree that Daniel needs an assistant, but they get more than they bargain for when the assistant turns out to be not so good.

#193 The team meet a goa'uld who goes around calling himself and dressing like the Grim Reaper.

#194 ok, some know fact to put together into a story.
1. Jacob gave up coffee because Selmak didn't like it.
2. in Into the Fire, the Snake turns down Daniel who drinks a lot of coffee.
Ok, are the Gould allergic to caffeine? Could earth use that for a vaccine against being goulded. Would all off world teams have to have massive doses of caffeine before going through the gate?
How would that effect the teams?
Oh, what if it's not caffeine itself?
What if it's the coffee bean?
What if the coffee bean itself has some kind of power to alter the brain chemistry just enough to make it impossible for the symbiote to connect to the brain stem and take over the body?
And chocolate! What if the cocoa bean has the same effect as coffee?

#195 In Revelations, Osiris learns that Daniel is "dead" from Sam. Osiris would have told Anubis, the jaffa would have overheard at some point, the rumor would have gotten around to other jaffa and thus other goa'uld. The goa'uld pride themselves on being gods, of being able to come back from the dead. What would happen when the jaffa learned that the Tau'ri Daniel Jackson was alive and well and back from being ascended and with SG-1? (After Orpheus, I'd say the news got around pretty fast to every Jaffa allied with Earth). How would that undermine the way the Jaffa see the go'auld? Could it undermine the goa'uld powerbase?

#196 A goa'uld is hiding out on earth and has become a huge fan of Wormhole Extreme. This particular Goa'uld starts to write fanfiction, but uses terms only a goa'uld would know. Sam and Janet, both avid WX fanfic readers, come across some of the stories written by this fanfic writer and the suspicions start.

#197 On a mission to another planet, Daniel finds writings talking about how famous places in earth history and mythology are actually planets. Tir Na Nog, Utopia, Eden, Camelot, Eldorado, Elysian Fields, Tartarus, etc.

Make the Wraiths scary. Here's an idea.
Remember the first ghost the Ghostbusters saw in the library? One moment, she was ethereal, normal looking lady. The next, she was this really scary looking thing screaming at them? What if the wraiths were bad guy Ascended who were semi-descended like Anubis was? In order to stay in existence (not just semi-corporeal), they have to "eat" life energy thus sucking the life out of people. They could have the slightly bluish tint when they're "normal" looking and that dead gray color when they're "scary" looking.

(brought over from another thread) What was going on during those months between Stargate New Order and Atlantis Rising?

#200 The team has to testify in front of a Senate Subcommittee.

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