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Fic Challenges 301-400
Our Stargate Fic Challenge
Daniel Stories
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#301 What would have happened in Maternal Instinct and subsequent episodes (Ascension, Meridian) if Apophis had reached the baby before Daniel got there?

#302 What do the go'aulds think of other goa'ulds, the Tau'ri, the Tok'ra, the rebel Jaffa, their own hosts? How about a story that is seen solely through the eyes of several goa'ulds going through their daily lives.

#303 Could the tok'ra have parented a harcesis?

#304 What if Oma had decided that Daniel was the best person to protect the baby in Maternal Instinct? What if Daniel was able to take him back to earth?

#305 Where did Oma take the baby when she left Kheb? How did she teach him? What did she teach him?

#306 In Legacy, Janet said that Daniel had no mental illness in his family. In Crystal Skull, she says that Daniel's grandfather was in a hospital. How do you explain that discrepancy?

#307 In Crystal Skull, no one knew about Nick until Janet mentioned him. When did they start askind Daniel the obvious questions about his childhood and why Nick didn't take care of him after his parents died?

#308 In Crystal Skull, Sam was the first to succumb to the radiation. Why? She had a protein marker in her system from Jolinar, and Teal'c was the least affected of them and he had Junior. So why didn't Jack succumb first, then Sam and finally Teal'c?

#309 In Crystal Skull, why didn't the giant aliens come to Daniel's aid when he was first out of phase and lying unconscious at the base of the skull?

#310 The giant aliens in Crystal Skull had apparently been on earth at one point. Who were they? Why were they here? What did they do? Why did they leave? How about a story about the giant aliens?

#311 In Shades of Gray,what if Makepeace didn't pick up the object? What if Teal'c did? Or Daniel, or Sam.

#312 In Secrets, what if Daniel and Teal'c would have gotten Sha're to Earth and she dlivered there.

#313 Ever notice how some people are very picky about some things? Like someone who let anyone drive their car, a cook who won't let anyone else in their kitchen, the "mind, don't touch" kind of person? Think anyone in the team has little affectations like that? Maybe Jack won't let anyone touch his P-90 (unless it's an emergency), Daniel won't let anyone touch his archaeological tools (hence his comment to Jonas in Full Circle), Sam won't let anyone else touch her sample bottles, Teal'c won't let anyone touch his staff weapon, etc...

#314 In Summit, Sam saved the formula the Tok'ra created to make a gas that kills the Goa'uld. Write about the next use-or attempted use of the goa'uld killing gas.

#315 Jacob told Daniel not to stick himself with the ring in Summit. What if Daniel *did* stick himself with the ring?

#316 Brought over from the Sarah O'Neill thread...
An old "acquaintance" of Jack's is back in town. He's been a bit out of touch, but he's heard from some friends where Jack's wife lives. He finds Sarah, follows her around, and watches as she comes out of the grocery store. Suddenly, he sees a fellow walk up to her. He watches a moment, sees them smile and talk and hears her call him "Daniel." This acquaintance has been told that this is Daniel, Jack's son. He's thinking two birds, one stone. He kidnaps them at gunpoint, but they manage to escape some miles down the road. The guy shoots at them, hitting Daniel in the side. It's not immediately serious, but enough that they're leaving a trail as they run. Daniel refuses to give up. He's protecting Sarah. At some point, they talk. Eventually, Daniel tells her that Jack still loves her. She admits she still loves Jack. Daniel tells her to call him.--They manage to get to a telephone and call for help. All this time, the bad guy has been taunting Jack with news of what he's going to do to his "wife and son." Jack's been playing along while the search teams are out looking for Sarah and Daniel. Then he gets the call from them and he hightails out to this place where they found the telephone. Daniel's not doing too good, but they get him to the hospital in time.--Jack stays with Sarah, they talk, the doctor comes out and tells them that Daniel will be fine, that he lost a lot of blood but no organs were damaged, yadda yadda yadda. They go in to see him, and Sarah leaves first. Daniel tells Jack that he's a complete idiot for letting Sarah get away and he'd be an even bigger idiot if he let her get away a second time.--We end the episode with Jack showing up at Sarah's door wearing a suit and carrying flowers. Sarah opens the door, smiling. They make a little small talk and Sarah asks where they're going. He says this nice little restaurant...and it fades out.--Next episode intro has Jack telling Daniel that he was right. He had been an idiot and he wasn't going to be one anymore. By the way, would Daniel like to be the best man at his wedding?

#317How about a story where Sam was near death and Daniel came to help her while he was ascended during the season-that-shall-not-be-named?

#318 What if Tealc has a sister he didn't know and Cronus was her father?

#319 What if Bra'tac is REALLY Tealc father?

#320 After returning from a mission, Tealc is affected by an entity who wants Daniel Jackson to take it to another star system...

#321 The Team explores Jamaica...

#322 In Avatar, every time a person is killed inside the game, there was a physical reaction to the body outside of the game. Teal'c was going into cardiac arrest. Daniel was in the game and was killed a few times. What were his physical reactions and how worried was the doctor?

#323 What if the scientists reprogrammed the chairs in Avatar so that it didn't "learn" from the people plugged into it? What if after everything that happened, they only use the programs already being used for the game and don't add any? What would happen if Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c all went into the game?

#324 In Avatar, they had chairs from the Gamekeeper. How did they get them? Why would they need them? What's the backstory behind them as well as the people who used to be sitting in them?

#325 In Avatar, the game was set up to depict a foothold situation. What about changing the scenario? What if the game was set up to fight uber-goa'ulds on a pyramid ship? A desert planet? A wooded planet? In a dog fight using death gliders?

#326 In Avatar, Jack, Daniel and Sam all volunteer to go into the game to rescue Teal'c. What if it's Bill Lee that decides it has to be Daniel because he thinks intuitively, not linearly like a computer. Perhaps it's because he's the unexplained quantity in any situation -- sometimes, even the team doesn't know what he's going to do. A computer can't think like that, so what if Daniel is the most logical choice because he's the only one who can think outside of the box and outsmart the box?

#327 The best way to defeat an enemy is to know how an enemy thinks. In Avatar, we have these nifty new chairs that "learns" from the players. What would happen if a captured uber-goa'uld was strapped in that chair? What could the chair learn from the uber-goa'uld? What could the soldiers at the base learn after watching the game as a means of defeating them?

#328 A year can bring about a great many changes in the life of an individuals. What about the lives of five individuals? What happened to Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c and Hammond during that year between the first mission to Abydos and when Apophis came calling at the gate room? What went on during those days, weeks and months that may have culminated in EArth's premiere team? What were they thinking, doing and hoping for during that year?

#329 What would happen if Daniel and Sha'uri and Skaara found the equivalent of crop circles on Abydos?

#330 How about a story about Abydos before the team showed up? Sha'uri as a young girl? The life of Kasuf's wife? Skaara and his friends?

#331 What would happen if Jack ran into one of Daniel's former foster parents who weren't very nice to him?

#332 Chimera showed us that Daniel has a house. A first house always brings surprises that may not have been thought about or accounted for (second, third and fourth houses can too <g>). If this is his first house, here on earth, what types of experiences and new things is he experiencing? What advice can he give Teal'c who's getting his first apartment?

#333 What if a great geological upheaval happens on Abydos when all the moons and suns are in alignment during the day? What would happen and what would the people of Nagada do? What if it happened when Daniel was there?

#334 In Shades of Grey, when Hammond was yelling at Jack after SG-1 got back from Tollan he mentioned that SGC had been accused of stealing from off-world allies. I've always thought that Daniel would have picked up on that and figured out that Jack was undercover, and that J & D's conversation at J's house would've confirmed this. So, the challenge is to write a story showing that.

#335 What if Steven came to work at the SGC in season 8? Daniel's got more things on his mind than a praise-seeking gloryhound like Steven. What if Steven was beneath Daniel's notice? What if he was just another scientist there, not one of the best and brightest? Steven would have to pull something monstrously high-handed to get Daniel to even pay attention to him. What would it be? Would he try to discredit Daniel? How would Jack deal with that?

#336 As an archeologist, Daniel would have a good background in the basics of a number of physical sciences like geology, astronomy, biology, organic chemistry, primitive engineering... but he'd never shown to use that stuff at SGC. So, what if Daniel has been furthering his education in one (or more) of these areas, like organic chemistry, and had a part-time work-when-you-can position at some civilian corp. or other, and while doing that job happened to discover something big like the cure for AIDS? What if he got Nobel for it? How would SGC people and gov't. react? What kind of repurcussions would there be, and for whom? --What if Daniel's been spending his spare time trying to figure out some ancient Earth language they've never encountered through the Stargate, and he succeeds and gets some kind of major prize, etc. for it??

#337 The stargate program is made public. The entire planet finds out that Daniel figued out how to make the Stargate work, has negotiated peace treaties with countless other planets and has been a crucial, pivotal and necessary figure in keeping Earth in one piece. All of his theories are proven true, so all the scientists who laughed him out of academia are eating crow and humble pie. Even Steven Raynor has to apologize.
Here's the bittersweet part -- would Daniel be able to get an archaeological job on earth ever again or does his fame work against him? What if the only places he'd be able to get a job is off-world?

#338 Can Teal'c still carry a symbiote in his pouch after all this time? What if the team was on a mission with a Tok'ra and the host was killed? The symbiote was salvaged, but how would they keep it alive if no one wanted to host it? Could Teal'c carry the symbiote temporarily until they got it back to the Tok'ra and into some kind of stasis chamber or new host?

#339 In Point of View, Teal'c shot his alternate self and said that their reality was the only one of consequence, or something to that effect. Just how did killing a version of himself really affect Teal'c? How did he feel about seeing 'himself' still serving Apophis loyally?

#340At the end of There But For The Grace Of God, the team had found Daniel. The next time we see him in Politics, he's in the infirmary. How about the connecting scenes? How did he get home? Was he conscious or unconscious? Was he walking home under his own power or did Jack bring him home by draping an arm over a shoulder and leading him home? What happened when he came through the gate? What did Hammond say? How did he get to the infirmary?

#341How and when did they get the chairs from the Gamekeeper?

#342Would Janet's ex-husband have found out about what happened to Janet? What would have gone through his mind when he did?

#343Apophis had two chances to take Daniel as a host -- once when he was a prisoner in the SGC and when he had the team as prisoners in Naetu -- but he didn't. Osiris could have taken Daniel as a host, but he didn't. Hathor's little snake didn't choose Daniel as a host either. Why? Does Daniel have some special immunity that the snakes don't like in a host? Why wouldn't they want Daniel as a host?

#344Some new officers come to the base and several of them aren't quite "officers and gentlemen," if you take my meaning. They're crude, rude and socially unacceptable. They tell bad, rude, demeaning and off-color jokes to everyone and they aren't paying attention to the fact that no one's laughing.

#345 How about a look at Daniel's childhood?
Were the Jacksons his parents or foster parents? If they were his foster parents, what happened to his birth parents? Is Daniel Jackson his birth name or adopted name? Could there be something in his past that's been hidden from him, something that his parents (either birth or adopted) wanted him to have?

#346 Any see the movie Leviathan? It had the actor that played Robocop in it.
From IMDB:
Underwater deep-sea miners encounter a Soviet wreck and bring back a dangerous cargo to their base on the ocean floor with horrifying results. In a story owing a lot to "Alien" and "The Thing," the crew of the mining base must fight to survive against a genetic mutation that hunts them down one by one
There was an experiment, and a chemical was put in the Russians' vodka that the mining crew "commandeered" when they found the wrecked vessel. There was a comment made by one of the charaters that if they had been an English crew, the chemical would have been put in their tea. The Americans would have had it in their coffee.
So here's the challenge -- there are different countries represented at the SGC these days. What if the NID is using the SGCers as guinea pigs and putting something in their favorite drinks only there's a problem -- the chemical doesn't act the same depending on what drink it was put in. How can the medical teams fight something when the catalyst is a different type of drink each time?

#347Just an addition to what you already put. Write a fic where Daniel searches for his biological parents. In the script, they had died. The possibilities for angst are enormous. Or, what if his parents were still alive? (Fic can do anything) What expectations would he have regarding them? And vice versa? Would they be met?

#348Can be comedy.
How about a story explaining the sudden interest in tank tops and muscle shirts?

#349 What if Weir (Jessica Steen or Tori Higgensen version, your choice) had remained in command of the SGC at the beginning of season 8? How would the episodes had turned out if she was still in command of the base and Jack was still in command of SG-1?

#350 What if Atlantis really was a kingdom under the sea with mermaids and talking crabs and king mermen carrying tridents?

#351In Fallen, Jack tells Daniel "we threw out a ton of junk" when discussing why he still had some of Daniel's personal belongings after his so-called death. What happens when Daniel realizes what all got thrown out? How about a flashback of Jack putting the pictures of Sha'uri smiling and Daniel on his camel in a box to keep for himself?

#352 It's a lot of years into the future. The stargate program has been public for decades. The SGC has changed command many times. During that time, the Goa'uld disappear. Then, after many years of exploration, the Tau'ri run across the Goa'uld again.
New technologies help fight them, but the SGCers aren't making any headway in their battles. One officer starts re-reading through all the original SGC documents and finds out about SG-1 and the many times they stopped the Goa'uld. He decides to track each one down and see what information each can tell him about fighting them.

#353 What would happen if Urgo had been implanted in Apophis' brain?

#354 The tv show Wormhole Extreme is celebrating it's 100th episode. What kind of episode would they produce?

#355 A goa'uld has learned about time travel. In order to stop future generations of a certain bloodline from destroying anything and everything having to do with the goa'uld, this one decides to go back in time and make sure that the matriarch of the blood line dies.
He sends back a jaffa with one order -- historically speaking, Teal'c had followed Daniel JAckson into a tent where Apophis' queen Amaunet had taken refuge during a battle. They'd succeeded in subduing her and removing the symbiote. Subsequent generations of Jacksons had proven to be a thorn in the goa'ulds' side. This jaffa was to make sure that Teal'c did NOT follow Daniel Jackson immediately into the tent. That would ensure a situation where perhaps Teal'c would be forced to kill Amaunet. So the Jaffa goes back in time, sees Daniel run into the tent, sees Teal'c try to follow him and charges Teal'c. He's delayed those few critical seconds so that when he does run into the tent, he has to shoot Amaunet. But there's a catch. A Tok'ra learns of this plan and sends a message back through time to warn the SGC of the plot, but she miscalculated. She sends the message back to five years after Sha'uri is dead. Once the team gets the information, there's a bit of a row about going back and stopping this jaffa which would change history, but Daniel makes the argument that his going back in time changed history to what it was now. Finally, Jack makes the decision that they were going and Carter was to find the solar flare to get them there. If they were successful, how would that change "history?"

#356 After being defeated many times by the Tau'ri, the Goa'uld have finally decided that they need to know more about them. They hack into the cable tv/satellite tv system and start watching old movies and tv shows. What would they think of us then?

#357 What Hathor, the sarcophagus didn't work, or had blown up, before Fraiser and Carter could get Jack to it, to repair the Jaffa pouch in his abdomen. Would Jack had been allowed to continue as a Colonel leading a team? Would he have enjoyed, to some degree, the extra power having a symbiote in him would give him? How would he feel about it, and how would it affect him? Also, assuming he had to stay that way, how would the story-line of Changeling, in which the drug Tretonin was introduced, have affected him, as well as Teal'c and Bra'tac? How would the series in general have been affected if one of its main human characters, had been modified to carry symbiotes, only NOT as a host?

#358 In COTG, what would have happened if Sha'uri and Skaara had gone to the map room with Daniel, Jack and Kawalsky?

#359 In COTG, what would have happened if Amaunet had chosen the blonde sergeant?

#360 In COTG, what would have happened if General West had still been in command?

#361In Need, what if Daniel hadn't ducked into a store room? What if he got off the base?

#362 What if Jolinar and Lantesh were both in the episode In The Line of Duty? What if Jolinar went into Sam and Lantesh went into Daniel? How would that have defined and/or changed their relationship afterwards, both symbiotes and Daniel and Sam?

#363 Someone got past the computer security at the base and hacked into Daniel's computer. If the SGC has the most advanced computer security around, what happens now that they know that it's been breached?

#364 Jack didn't look very worried when he told Sam and Teal'c that Daniel was missing. If Daniel managed to get word to Jack about the computer break-in and the phone call, how'd he do it? What did Jack and Daniel have planned? Could Daniel have been "sent" undercover like this or perhaps even set up in such a way that the Trust would come after him? Could Jack and Daniel be running a sting operation much like the one in Shades of Gray?

#365 Sam asked Jack "If things had been different...." What if it got Jack thinking? What if he realized that things can be different? What if he gives Sara a call and they go out to dinner?

#366 Pete used police resources to help Teal'c and Daniel. Would he get in trouble for doing that?

#367 We didn't get to see Teal'c's housewarming party. How do you think it went?

#368 For Teal'c to get utilities and an apartment, he'd have to get a social security number. That also means he's either paid or going to have to pay taxes. Do you think he has problems filling out those tax returns?

#369 Teal'c's driving an SUV. Do you think he picked it out or did he get it courtesy of the Air Force? If he did pick out his own car, how much research did he put into the decision? How did he choose make, model and color?

#370 This is an idea from Alien Nation (the Tenktenese didn't raise their children in their teen years -- they were taken away by the overseers to go work. When the ship crashed on earth, the first generation of teens being raised by parents brought up some new obstacles they had never seen before).
With the Jaffa rebellion and tretonin, that allows for a situation where there are more older Jaffa than ever (kind of like the baby boomers are going to be the most populous older group to date). If they are no longer dependent on symbiotes to survive, then when they grow too old to carry a symbiote, they're not going to die from not having one. How will this change Jaffa society? What place will older Jaffa have in Jaffa society if they can live to an older age?

#371 In Heroes, we got to see a Stargate version of a Hoth probe droid. What would happen if the Goa'uld sent several thousand of these probe droids to earth as a first wave in a battle?

#372 Do Goa'uld prefer to have certain sized planets to control? Would a larger planet with a huge population be more difficult to maintain control over or do they prefer smaller planets with much less population numbers? Given the diversity of the all the countries on earth, would a go'auld find it much more difficult to try to take over and control the earth population or would he/she/it think it a challenge? What would happen if they were to try to take over, not destroy, 6 billion lives?

#373 The Jaffa are an intensely interesting group, yet we know so little of their culture. For instance, if they consider the goa'uld to be gods, does each different group have different rituals, religious/cultural/social? Do they follow the same rituals? Could there be an group that all Jaffa revere? Could there be an all wise, all knowing Jaffa, kind of like an Oracle of Delphi for them? Could there be a planet where a secret group of Jaffa exist who have all the information that has been kept from the rest of the galaxy?

#374 Lord Yu comes to the SGC to ask for help. His predecessor, a great teacher, was murdered ages ago, the body buried and forgotten. Since Yu has helped the Tau'ri in the past, he thinks it's time to call in a favor. He wants Daniel to try to find The Great Teacher's grave. Daniel's skeptical -- why would Yu want to find a grave? Why would a goa'uld care? Could there be something hidden away in that grave that only Yu knows about or has learned about?
One hint could be that when Daniel finds the grave, it's filled with duplicates of the Terracotta soldiers, but what could the link be?

#375 Why did the goa'ulds choose the hosts they're in now? Why did Apophis choose the scribe? Why did Lord Yu choose the one he did? Why did Ba'al choose his? What was it about these hosts that got the attention of the goa'uld? What were the humans like before they were taken as hosts? What did they do for a living? Who were they and how do they think of their lives/imprisonment now?

#376 What was Hammond's first day at work in Washington like? Did he miss going into the SGC that morning? Was he wondering what Weir was doing with his base and his personnel? Did he keep tabs on the soldiers in those early days or did he just concentrate on his work and not think too much about the SGC?

#377 Since Jack is a general, I'd guess his work load has increased. He may be working later than he used to doing paperwork, not as much time to play...How do you think he spends his free time? Think Daniel and Teal'c drop by and they have a mini-barbecue? Maybe watch a hockey game together? Do you think they hang out at all anymore?

#378 What if the policy of secrecy was suspended for certain civilians who are connected to the SGC by marriage? For instance, what if Sara O'Neill and Pete were invited to spend a week at the SGC? What if they were invited to go through the gate on a very easy mission? How would that affect Sara's relationship with Jack and Pete's relationship with Sam? Would Sara be relieved that Jack wasn't going off-world anymore? etc.

#379 Someone from the Pentagon comes visiting the SGC for a month to "observe," at least, that's the official word. However, this person has an ulterior motive. One thing he/she does is to mix up the personnel on the teams when they go on missions. He/she "says" that after a year of seeing reports that proved that SG-1 was working below par for a year because it wasn't working at full staff or with trained personnel, the Pentagon wanted to see if there was a way around that. One way was to experiment with a team's ability to deal with differing personnel, but is that his/her only reason? What else could this person be doing?

#380 What if a few Asgard joined the SGC and went out on missions or stayed behind at the base as advisors?

#381 What happened in the domed city in Beneath the Surface after SG-1 took away all the workers from the mines?

#382 In order to lead an SG team, they require Teal'c to officially join the military, tell about his experiences in boot camp.

#383 What was going on in Jack's office when he, Thor and Daniel were sitting in there before Thor and Jack had to beam off to the White House?

#384The new president (played humorously by William Devane last season) kind of ended up with a tempest in a teapot when he first got involved with the SGC. What happens now when he reads a report or meets an alien? How does he balance internal and international geopolitical problems when he knows that there's a greater threat out there in the big black yonder? What would his reaction be if he read a report and the first words out of his mouth were, "That's impossible!"

#385 It is a time of civil war in the galaxy.... So here's the question -- if the war with the Goa'uld went from being isolated skirmishes to an all out, knock-down/drag-out battle with everyone fighting (Tok'ra, Asgard, Tau'ri, rebel Jaffa, Nox, Unas, etc.), where would the battlefield be? What are the possible outcomes? How could the bad guys be defeated? Would they be defeated?

#386 Did Ra have parents? Would they still be alive? If they are, would they want revenge on the two Tau'ri that killed Ra?

#387 ICON: Daniel was unconscious for some time between the time of the explosion and when he got the bandages off. He may have been delirious and called out for his friends, for Sha'uri. What else do you think happened? What did the lady think about what Daniel was saying?

#388 Hathor sensed the gate when she came out of her sarcophagus. Why didn't Osiris?

#389 In The Curse, it seems that Siler is the only one who knows about Sam's motorcycle. How about a story from Siler's POV about all the other little "secrets" he knows about the team.

#389 In The Curse, Osiris mentions to Daniel that he knows more about "things" than anyone else. So if Osiris suspected that Daniel knew about the Goa'uld or the gate, why not jump hosts? Especially after Daniel told him that he knew where Isis was?

#390 If there was a reason why Osiris couldn't leave Sarah in The Curse, could it be possible that the goa'uld was planning on implanting Isis in Daniel?
#390While on earth, Osiris would have learned a great deal about current earth culture from Sarah. Knowing what he did, why not try to take over earth the new fashioned way -- through the internet or the banking system?

#391 In The Curse, Daniel mentions that he's getting used to being ribboned. How used to them do you think he is? HOw can it help when the team is in trouble?

#392 In Serpent's Venom, in the elevator, Jack pushes Daniel's glasses back up and Jacob gives Sam a look like "they're doing it again." What are Jacob's thoughts on Jack and Daniel's friendship?

#393 The goa'uld probably know that none of the team want to be hosts, but what if they caught SG-1 and turned them all into Jaffa?

#394 What if the NID tries to drive a wedge between the members of SG-1 by sabotaging their daily lives? E-mails are disabled, messages are rerouted, memos are never delivered. No one knows what the others are doing yet each thinks that the others are getting the messages? What if this starts messing up briefings, debriefings and mission schedules?

#395 Suppose Colonel Reynolds is the actual second-in-command of the base.
Now suppose that Daniel is the "acting" second-in-command of the base.
What if an emergency happened while Jack wasn't there and everyone was looking to Daniel to get them through it? What if Daniel finds himself in charge of the SGC?

#396 In Chain Reaction, Bauer makes a comment on Jack's long history of insubordination. How many examples can you think of where Jack was insubordinate if you go all the way back to his Academy days?

#397 What if the team went to a planet with gargoyles?

#398 What would have happened if Hathor hadn't been defeated by the females of the SGC back in season 1? What if she succeeded? Would Daniel have been her pharaoh, implanted with a goa'uld symbiote? Would Jack be their first prime? Would the rest of the SGC personnel be slaves and jaffa as well? What would have happened with the planet? What would have happened once Hathor learned about the state of the empire and started to reclaim territories?

#399 What if the team encountered Bellus, the goa'uld who killed Omoraca? What if Daniel brought Nem with them to fight Bellus?

#400 In Star Trek IV, we saw a space probe that talked to whales (more or less). In Sentinel, we saw that Daniel had a great understanding of music. What if we put this together in a fic?
Suppose the Asgard intercept Goa'uld transmissions but all they hear is a rather screechy type of whistling music. They bring it to Daniel in the hopes that he can decipher it. He notices that under the screeches and high-pitched whistles, he detects a pattern which is a tonal language? Only there's more to consider than octaves, pitch, tone and rhythm. What if this is the computerized version of goa'uld screeching (remember how Amaunet screeched just before she took over Sha'uri)?

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