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Fic Challenges 201-300

Our Stargate Fic Challenge
Daniel Stories
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#201 Where do all the used pyramid ships go when the Goa'uld trade their old ones in for new ones?

#202 The military brings in a new fashion designer to redesign the SGC uniforms

#203 Hammond comes back to the base as the head of a special project concerning some new type of fighter and sees life at the base with Jack in charge.

#204. Jack tries to explain chat room abbreviations to Teal'c.

#205 Tell about Daniel's great search for caffeine once he was living on Abydos

#206 Anubis was taking over people's bodies and shooting anyone who got in his way. Did you notice he had lousy aim (remember Daniel shooting up the gateroom and hitting two guys at point blank range)? There were oodles of woundings. How is it he didn't kill a whole bunch of people?

#207 Jack shot Daniel. How does Daniel get even? Or does he use it to his advantage (remember Danny Kaye getting Bing Crosby to do things in White Christmas by holding onto an arm that was wounded in WWII from saving Bing)?

#208 Jack shot his best friend! How does he deal with the guilt and the angst and how does he try to make it up to Daniel?

#209 Anubis was energy again. Everyone was saying he had to go through the gate or be trapped on earth. Why? Would "flying" through the universe attract the Ancients' attention? Why did he HAVE to go through the gate instead of zapping himself anywhere he wanted to go?

#210 It takes two people to set the self-destruct and two people to disarm the self-destruct. How did Sam disarm it alone as well as screw up the dialing coordinates?

#211 What was everyone doing those 7 days they were under Lockdown?

#212 During the lockdown, everyone was carrying guns. Since Anubis was energy, guns couldn't hurt him. If he took over a body, shooting would kill an innocent person. Why wasn't everyone carrying a zat in order to stop Anubis when he took over a body?

#213 Doctor Brightman is the newest doctor on the base. How were her first days there? Were people comparing her to Janet? What's her personality like? How well does she work with wounded personnel?

#214 As a general, Jack is having to deal with one crisis after another. For instance, the commissary got thewrong potatoes! The horror! The ones they got wouldn't make good mashed potatoes and they'll be forced to make french fries. Imagine the turmoil that kind of mix up can cause! <enter big grin>
What other types of "horrible problems" is Jack having to deal with?

#215 We need tags to Lockdown. Lots of tags.

#216 Here's one for a little "Jack kind of/sort of apologizes to Daniel for shooting him" scene. Daniel's arm is in a sling for over half of the episode. After his release from the infirmary, he finally gets a real meal and not an infirmary meal. How does he cut his steak when it must hurt like a son-of-a-gun to put any pressure on the fork?

#217 How about a story about Lockdown from Anubis' point of view?

#218 When Anubis took over all those bodies, he got the knowledge of his "host." When he jumped hosts, did he leave any of that knowledge behind? What all types of information did he take with him when he escaped given who he'd taken as hosts?

#219 What were the Ancients thinking when Anubis was running around the base? Why didn't they do something?

#220 What all had to happen (paperwork wise, permission wise, approval wise, etc) so Teal'c could finally get an apartment?

#221 When Teal'c annnounces he's getting an apartment, Daniel asks when the apartment-warming party would happen. Teal'c doesn't know what he means. Daniel's had two apartments and a house, so did no one ever give Daniel a house-warming/apartment warming party?

#222 So what happened when they finally did throw Teal'c that apartment warming party?

#223 (This one could be humorous)
Teal'c's about to take that huge leap to being independent (in a manner of speaking). How will apartment living differ from base living? What new responsibilities will he face?

#224 Show us Daniel waking up in the infirmary in Lockdown.

#225 Write a fic about Sam leaving Earth & going over to the Tok'ra side.

#226 Did being posessed by Anubis trigger Daniel's memories from being assended?

#227 What would have happened if Anubis had taken over Camulus?

#228 Jack undoubtedly knew that Hammond had silly and stupid problems come across his desk. I'm sure he and Daniel have discussed such problems for years before Jack's promotion, but I'm also guessing that when they might have discussed such occurrances before Jack accepted his promotion. I'm sure it was considered a "con."
When Jack goes to see the others, Daniel asks how's the new job and Jack goes into the whole potato spiel. Daniel says, "No!" rather sarcastically, like he just knew that a problem like that would be the first to land on Jack's desk. <g>
What do you think went on during the original conversation when they were talking about silly/stupid problems (like maybe before Jack made general)?

#229 For the first time, Anubis wasn't laughable. He actually had a bit of "sinister" in him for a change. After the lockdown was over with and Jack and Daniel finally got to sit down and talk, what if that point was brought up in the conversation? Like Jack saying, "Ya know, he just was never scary before. This time, he was downright creepy."

#230 Did the "hosts" have any influence over Anubis? Also, if Anubis hated Daniel so much, why didnt' he take the opportunity to kill him after taking the nurse as a host when Daniel was being taken into surgery? Did the nurse's desire to save lives influence Nubi? Did Daniel, Jack, Sam and Vaselov all influence Nubi to a point where he didn't want to kill anyone?

#231 Okay, since the debate is hot and heavy, write a scene where Daniel asks about the guards he injured in Lockdown.

#232 In Lockdown, what if Anubis had left the base and was stuck on earth?

#233 In Atlantis, everyone has to sit in that chair to see if they have the Ancient gene. Does Daniel have the Ancient gene? If not, could being ascended with the Ancients have given him something that he doesn't need the gene to control the Ancients' technology?

#234 If earth's best and brightest and bravest went through the stargate to Atlantis, what happens to earth the next time trouble comes our way?

#235 On a planet with Ancient ruins, Daniel suddenly disappears in a flash of light. A subsequent search reveals nothing, but Jack refuses to leave until he finds Daniel. Suddenly, Jack disappears the same way. He finds himself and Daniel face to face with the Others and Daniel's reaming them out pretty good for their inaction against Anubis, a problem they helped create and didn't stop.

#236 What would happen if replicators ate a sarcophagus (like the one in Enemies)?

#237 What if the Ancients had intervened and stopped Anubis?

#238 How about a story from the viewpoint of Anubis' host?

#239 What happened and what was said after Jack woke up after being shot in Heroes part 2?

#240 In the spirit of the Terminator, what if the Goa'uld discover time travel and travel back in time to either kill Daniel when he was much younger or stop him from ever opening the stargate? What if his parents' death was supposed to be the death of all three of them, set up by a go'auld agent, only Daniel got out from under the coverstone at the last moment?
And, what if the team discovered this plot and went back in time to stop the go'auld agent from completing his mission?

#241 What if Fallen happened right around Christmas time? Halloween? New Year's? Thanksgiving? Jack's birthday? How would a memory-challenged Daniel (Arrom) deal with the holidays?

#242 A new colonel is assigned to the SGC. His reputation precedes him, of course. He's gone on every type of mission, defeated every type of foe, flown every type of aircraft, fired every type of weapon, etc. In fact, he'd remind you a bit of Gilderoy Lockhart of Harry Potter fame.
What happens if there's trouble and everyone finds out that this new colonel is all hype and no substance? That all those stories about him were huge exaggerations?

#243 The entire planet now knows about the stargate, so the time has come to set up off-world SGC bases. Each country wants its own SGC base offworld. The alpha site already exists, but the governments feel that there should be more. Jack is given the option of commanding an off-world SGC and taking whatever personnel he wants or he can stay and command the SGC on earth. What would he choose and who would he choose if he were to go off-world? Who would he choose if he were to stay onworld?
What if the government gave Daniel, Teal'c and Sam the same options?

#244 There are three Jack's in our reality (our Jack, mini-Jack and robot Jack if Harlan rebuilt him).
There are two Daniel's in our reality (our Daniel and robot Daniel if Harlan rebuilt him).
We now have three Sam's in our reality (our Sam, robot Sam if Harlan rebuilt her and replicator Sam).
There are two Teal'c's in our reality (our Teal'c and robot Teal'c if Harlan rebuilt him).
What would happen if they all worked together on a mission?

#245 Ok, the Goa'ulds are our ancient gods, right? The Nox are fairies, the Asgard are Roswell greys as well as the ancient Norse gods, and the Wraith are kinda sorta like vampires. I could probably go on, but you get the picture.
So... what if the Furlings are Bigfoot?

#246 The civilians have an "employment agreement" with the SGC. When it's time to enforce some of the agreements, the Air Force (who negotiated the agreement in the first place) doesn't want to recognize it as a valid agreement. The civilians try the usual routes of renegotiation (which the Air Force refuses to attend) so they resort to a last desperate act. The employee agreement allows the civilians to go on a type of strike if the Air Force doesn't agree to renegotiate. Since the top brass doesn't recognize the agreement, they don't recognize the strike and threaten to fire all the civilians involved if they don't go back to work.
-Here's the clincher -- this so called strike means that the civilians have to show up at work everyday but the military will have absolutely no access to any of the civilians' work. No one thinks this is a big deal until they can't dial the stargate. The computer techs and gate techs try to get the gate to work, but no one can. Just when everyone's about to pull out their hair in frustration, Daniel and Jack walk into the control room to see what's going on. When Sam explains that the gate won't work and what they've been doing to try to get it to work, Daniel asks, "Why?" At Sam's confused look, Jack tells her, "Daniel is the one who got the gate to dial in the first place. He found the point of origin symbol. And he's a civilian. Since no one is allowed to get their mitts on anything the civilians have done, that means we won't be able to open the gate until that agreement gets renegotiated."
-Hammond's not happy about this, but even he agrees that the employee agreement should be renegotiated and is behind the civilians 200% percent.
-Once the top brass realizes that the civilians are merely following the terms set down in the original agreement that the Air Force agreed with in the first place, they're still not happy.
-Problem: there's someone at the Pentagon who doesn't want the civilians at the base and is "pushing" the idea that the agreement be ignored.
It can get hairy after that.

#247 With Jack's promotion to general, there's a new second-in-command. How about a fic going through the trials and tribulations of this person's new responsibilities?
There are several possibilities, including Colonel Reynolds of SG-3. :)

#248 Hammond's been promoted as well. He probably even had to move to Washington D.C. which means he doesn't get to see his granddaughters much anymore. How about a fic about his new trials and tribulations that came with his promotion to "homeworld security?"

#249 The goa'uld would have to have noticed after all these months that Jack isn't going on missions with the team. What do you think the goa'uld are speculating? Do they wonder if Jack is alive or dead? Do they wonder why he isn't with SG-1 when they run into them?

#250 Hammond's been promoted as well. He probably even had to move to Washington D.C. which means he doesn't get to see his granddaughters much anymore They were -- what? -- five and eight when we saw them running around in the backsyard in their windbreakers? So they'd be how old, now?
Heavens, grandpa's in *Washington D.C.!* Of course, they're going to visit. For summer vacation.
And what do you think he's going to show them?
The place where the airplane flew into the Pentagon? The Lincoln Memorial? The original copies of the U.S. Constitution? The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum?
What would General Hammond think was the most important thing to show his granddaughters?
And BTW, do you think he would try to explain to them that terrorism was not the greatest threat to the nation right now, or do you figure that security being what it is, he wouldn't even touch that one?

#251 Chaka returns to the SGC and is asking for SG-1's help with a new crisis -- goa'ulded unases are attacking them.

#252 Chaka and his Unases, Brata'c and the rebel Jaffa, Jacob/Selmak and the Tok'ra, the Nox, the Asgard and whoever else you can think of form a resistance movement to the goa'uld. Most want the Tau'ri involved, but could there be a reason for not allowing us in the new alliance?

#253 Let's see if we can get Jack and Chaka to be friends. What if, on a mission, Chaka saves Jack's life and has to help him escape from bad guys?

#254 Daniel and Teal'c are stranded on a goa'uld planet. While there, Teal'c's primta decides it's time to take a host, so he jumps into Daniel. Junior, now influenced by Daniel, gets a new symbiote for Teal'c and helps them escape back to the SGC.
But is Junior a good symbiote or an ordinary goa'uld? Does Daniel have enough influence to change the heart of a creature born evil?

#255 What caused Daniel to call Jack an @ss the first time? How many times has he said that to Jack in public?

#256 Would Chaka and the Unas join forces with the rebel Jaffa to fight the goa'uld? What about joining with the Tok'ra? Would such an alliance work?

#257 (idea inspired by MartinLloyd -- do we believe what they told Jack over the radio just because they said it?)
Did Daniel, Teal'c and Sam really get trapped in the structure during Zero Hour or could Ba'al really have captured them? Could they now be zatarcs, just waiting for the moment to strike? After all, the President was coming to visit...

#258 Okay, if Zero Hour was Sam's first time on a mission as the leader of SG1, lets see her in action. We only got a snippet of it in the episode.

#259 Bring Janet back.

#260 Bring Hammond back.

#261 Camulus has been on earth for months now. He'd have picked up a lot of information, like who's friends with who, etc. Ba'al probably wants to get even with Jack. If Camulus and Ba'al were to join forces, Camulus could tell Ba'al that Daniel is Jack's best friend. Knowing that, Ba'al could kidnap Daniel using Ancient technology and torture him. We'd get to see Jack be true to his word in Abyss when he goes to rescue Daniel from Ba'al's clutches.

#262 During the season-that-shall-not-be-named, a mission comes up and Jack needs Daniel for that mission. The Others, as we know, won't let DAniel come back so Jack goes to Harlan's planet and asks the robot Daniel to help out.

#263 Use this news story in a fic. "Builders Find Ancient Tomb in Cairo Suburb"

#264 The Atonik armbands Jack, Daniel and Sam wore in Upgrades were putting incredible stresses on their bodies. Janet herself said the human body wasn't meant to deal with those kinds of stresses. What if the armbands didn't fall off?

#265 The team comes across a Goa'uld who has a flair for the dramatic. Like some of the classic bad guys of old, this Goa'uld likes to put one team member in incredible danger while having the others perform a task to try to rescue him--just to see if they can (think pendulum blade swinging above someone who is strapped down to a table, and each swing brings it closer to the intended victim while everyone else is trying to escape a hall of mirrors before that happens). It becomes a battle of wits between SG-1 and this Goa'uld -- but what's the best way to out-dramatize an overly dramatic "drama queen" of a Goa'uld?

#266 What do the non-system lords think of the system lords? What do the ordinary, everyday Goa'ulds do on a day to day basis? What if there's an entire caste system going on within the Goa'uld where some are system lords, some are important leaders of industry, some are teachers, some scientists, some run shops, some just "work for a living." Let's say two ordinary Goa'ulds working for a living meet for lunch and talk about the latest news.... :)

#267 If a sarcophagus is one of the things that make a goa'uld bad, why haven't the Tok'ra and/or others destroyed the sarcophagus factories? What if they did?

#268 The Tau'ri have Wormhole Extreme.
What if the Goa'uld have a "television show" that they watch which depicts Goa'uld going into battle against the dastardly SG-1 every week? What if they have the Goa'uld equivalent of online forums and fanfiction? How would they depict their heroes and villians?

#269 Can't have enough kid fics. :) What if Hammond is turned into a kid? Janet? Siler? Davis? Brata'c? Kasuf?

#270 Let's homage more movies.
Let's have a Foothold situation that uses the script to DieHard. :)
Let's have a Tangent situation that uses the script to Speed. <g>
Let's have a Summit/Last Stand situation that uses the script to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

#271 (for folks with a knowledge of the military.)
Civilians may not know all the do's and don't's and customs and regulations for military personnel. What if there's a class on base that all civilians take to learn the basics of military culture?

#272 Pyramid ships, cargo ships, death gliders -- all of the goa'uld ships run on computers. Could there be a software designing type of Goa'uld (not mentioning names), one who has designed the software for all the ships' computers? What happens when this software designer designs an update for the computers? What if the Goa'uld system lords can't afford the updates? What if the updates conflict with already existing programs?

How did Weir choose the group she took with her to Atlantis? She said they're earth's best and brightest...

#274 Fix Threads.

#275 A Sam/Daniel ship fic. The relationship should be established during the story. It would also be nice to see a lot of UST or angst.
Premise of the fic:
The team goes through the gate on a so called easy mission. The world is beautiful lots of trees (for Jack) water falls etc... basically a paradise. For the first day everything seems fine. However what the MALP doesn't show is there are actually people living on the world. Sam and Daniel get captured and are believed to be dead. After escaping they have no idea how to return to the gate and end up living on the world together for many years. Eventually finding the gate and returning home about 2-3 years after they originally left. During the time they are living there, they are constantly on the run, having to change their identity's and try to fit in as best as they can. They have to masquerade as a couple in order to not arise any suspicions.
The fic should also have:
1. Jack and Teal'c dealing with the loss of their friends. There should be considerable guilt on Jack's part. With the option of either throwing himself into work or retiring to his cabin, due to the loss. If Jack retires, Teal'c should return to Chu'lak
2. Sam at first is not attracted to Daniel. Due to feelings for Jack.
3. The situation brings them closer together, eventually ending in a relationship.
4. When they finally return, there could be a baby. However it's not necessary.

#276 When Daniel was descended, he was deliberately put in the wrong universe. What happens when he finds out? How does he find out? What has 'our' SG-1 and SGC been up to without him?

#277 I just want to repeat Michael Shanks' old Ninja Daniel challenge, in case nobody has.

#278 After the team discovers that Simmons has been looking at their reports during the events of Fifth Man, they start to use a secret code to confuse and confound anyone else who tries to do the same thing. What would that secret code look like and what would they be saying to on these reports?

#270 However you want to do it. :)
How about a story that has Jack/Sarah, Daniel/Sha'uri, Sam/Pete (or Sam/McKay or Sam/Martouf) and Teal'c/Drey'auc?

In Lockdown, we find out that Teal'c is getting an apartment. How about a fic that tells his search for one? And buying furniture? What about grocery shopping?

#281 Bill Lee has become a stronger secondary character lately. We've already seen how Felger views the team (that's a memory I wish I didn't have) -- what does Bill Lee think of the SGC, the stargate, the Goa'uld and SG-1?

#282 (I really tried to forget this one, but it won't go away)
How about a fic describing how someone like Felger could have ever been hired at the SGC?

#283 If Sha'uri and Skaara were still around and living on earth, working at the SGC, how do you think they'd regard Chaka and the Unas? How do you think they'd regard the Tok'ra and Goa'uld? The Asgard? Would being hosts to symbiotes influence their opinions?

#284 What if Chaka hadn't been friendly or thought of Daniel as a friend?

#285 The Unas know about the Goa'uld -- what if the SGC, the Tok'ra and the rebel Jaffa enlisted their help in a big hand-to-hand battle with a system lord? Could the Unas defeat the Jaffa? What would the Unas do if they met up with a goa'uld?

#286 What would happen if the SGC experienced some ordinary, non-alien, non-lethal, just annoying problems?
They find ants, roaches or rats running around the corridors.
The faucets leak.
Someone discovers they're infested with termintes.
The ceilings leak.
The water heater stops working.
The thermostat gets stuck.
The computer gets a virus.
The printer runs out of toner.
Toilets overflow.
They run out of coffee.
Light bulbs burn out.
The fire alarm goes off because of a glitch and the sprinklers come on.
You know, all those everyday kinds of things that people experience in the real world. :)

#287 In "The Fifth Race", Daniel had to look up the word "locus", which makes no sense, since as a linguist he would know Latin, and he also knew more difficult words. So write a story that explains the locus thing. Suppose his genius had been brought to the attention of the NID, and they were keeping tabs on him to see just how brilliant he was. Then Hammond found out, and so they arranged a system to signal to Daniel when the NID were spying on him, so that he would know when to appear less brilliant than he actually was. So how does the story go from there?

#288 In Fallen, Daniel join Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Hammond in a briefing about Vis Uban, the planet they found him on. What if that wasn't the first time Daniel sat at that briefing table after he came back? What would the first briefing have been like since he didn't remember anything? What would they have talked about and what would Daniel have told them?

When Anubis took over all those hosts in Lockdown, he got a lot of information from them. Security codes, allies, ancient addresses, the fact that the weapon in Antarctica is on the fritz... what other types of information did he walk away with and how much damage control can the SGC do about it?

#290 How about a story where Kasuf comes back to visit Daniel? I'm really missing the Abydonians. :( How about going back to Abydos, even by ship if necessary?

#291 Daniel/Sha'uri stories!

#292 In Orpheus, we learned that Sam likes to critique movies. What if they had a movie night at the base, and she critiques a particular movie while they're watching it? What would happen?

#293 What was going on with Hammond and the base while the team was offworld getting Urgo put in their heads? What about what was going on at the base while the team was offworld getting Urgo out of their heads?

#294 During Changeling, we saw what Teal'c went through, the world his mind sent him to and all the help Daniel gave him while helping him to survive. Brata'c was in the same situation, so did Daniel bring Brata'c into Teal'c's dreamworld to help keep him alive or was Brata'c involved in a completely different dream world and Daniel was taking turns trying to keep the both of them alive? If so, what type of dream world was Brata'c in and how was Daniel depicted in it?

#295 In Changeling, we saw Brata'c and Teal'c in a dream world as they were fighting to survive by passing Junior between them.
Do you think Junior was in a dream world as well? Maybe Daniel was helping Junior to survive until help could get there to rescue Teal'c and Brata'c? If so, what kind of dream world would Junior be in and how would Daniel be involved?

#296 Icon: What was going through Jack's mind those six weeks Daniel was missing?

#297 Icon: What was Daniel's homecoming like? What did Jack say to him when he got back home?

#298 Icon: What happened to Daniel on a day to day basis during those six weeks he was cut off from the stargate?

#299 Icon: Since Daniel was gone for six weeks, do you think Jack recorded any favorite tv shows for him to watch when he came back?

#300 Icon: Daniel's gone six weeks without coffee. Think there are any ill effects? How long will it take for him to get coffee once he came home?

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