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Fic Challenges 401-500
Our Stargate Fic Challenge
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#401 Hathor was discovered in South America but she turned up at the SGC in Colorado Springs. How did she get from South America, in the ruins of a Mayan temple to Colorado?

#402 Ever wonder what is going through a goa'uld's mind when it's choosing a host? Why did Amaunet choose Sha'uri? Why did Hathor's little buddy choose Jack? Does the physical aspect of the host have anything to do with a goa'uld's ambitions or desires?

#403 What if, in Chimera, Osiris was looking for Isis instead of the Lost City? How would the dream he/she/it sent Daniel have differed? What mistakes would Osiris have made to tip Daniel off that it was all a dream and not real?

#404 What if, in Chimera, Osiris had come looking for Isis and found her still alive and in the jar (that's if the symbiote wasn't dead in The Curse)? What would Osiris have done? What host would Isis have chosen? Would Osiris have chosen the host? Would Osiris have taken Daniel as a host and given Sarah to Isis as a host?

#405 What if Hathor was still alive and teamed up with Osiris to take over Anubis' territories?

#406 Homer Simpson visits the SGC, what do you think Homer would do there besides sleep? I think it be kinda funny.Worse yet, a goa'uld takes over homer and becomes a fat beer drinking slob.

#407 With Rya'c getting married, it could be just a couple of years before Teal'c is a grandfather. Since every experience changes a person's outlook on life, how would becoming a grandfather change Teal'c? How would he react to Nicholas Ballard if he ever saw him again? Would he wonder how any grandfather could abandon his grandchild to a foster system and ask him about it?

#408 Rya'c's wife, Kar'yn, looks remarkably like Sha'uri (looks like she could be Sha'uri's little sister). Will this haunt Teal'c? Will he consider this penance for his role in what happened to Sha'uri?

#409 (I don't know if I've posted this one)
Amaunet knew that Apophis wanted a harcesis to be his next host long before she chose her next host. KNowing that and also knowing what would happen if the other System Lords found out, Amaunet concocted a plan. She'd choose the first pregnant female brought before her as her host. Sha'uri was in the early stages of pregnancy and Amaunet sensed it.
Spending time in the sarcophagus meant that the Amaunet was able to fool Apophis into thinking that more time had elapsed and Pops thought the child was his. The events in Secrets all helped Amaunet keep her control over Pops going since he thought that "his" child was taken by Heru'ur. There was always a chance that he could find him. Also, Amaunet was influenced by Sha'uri's love for her child. Hiding the baby became the "maternal nature" of the symbiote.
Oma knew that the baby was Daniel's, but she couldn't tell him then. As long as Apophis was after him, the baby would never be safe.
Shifu didn't know that Daniel was his dad either. He does have goa'uld knowledge from Amaunet but not Apophis. That would make him a half-harcesis, more like a demigod like Hercules. When he came for a visit in Absolute Power, he still didn't know that Daniel was his father.
Now, here's the challenge: what if Shifu found out? What if he learned that Daniel is his father, this man who had no idea that Shifu was his son risked everything to find him and protect him? What if Shifu decided that he had enough of Oma's rules and descended to earth to be with Daniel? What if Oma came and told Daniel that he was Shifu's father?

#410 We saw how Brata'c interacted with O'Neill of Minnesota. How would Kasuf interact with our new General O'Neill?

#411 What if the team didn't escape Naetu and it didn't blow up?

#412 What if the team never escaped the prison in Prisoners?

#413 What if the team comes in contact with a virus that doesn't let them sleep?

#414 What if Daniel never got his memory back after he descended? How well would Arrom work with the team? Would Arrom have wanted to work with SG-1?

#415 What if the first trip to Kelowna had been postponed by a few hours? What if Daniel had never been exposed to naquadria? How different would season six have been?

#416 What if the team encountered a Ree'tou cousin that reminded them a great deal of the alien from Aliens?

#417 The team stumbles across an old goa'uld laboratory with technological gadgets that let them remove symbiotes from hosts without killing the hosts.
Now, what if they found this place prior to FIAD and they were able to rescue Sha'uri and Skaara?

#418 Let's rip off another movie. This time, let's ripoff Space Cowboys.
What if the team plus some Russian cosmonauts go up in the shuttle to disarm what is supposed to be a communications satellite but turns out to be a weapons platform that the goa'uld have captured and remodified with naquada tipped weapons.

#419 What if the SGC had a baseball game just for fun? The teams could be Marines vs. Air Force. Officers vs. Enlisted personnel. Military vs. Civilians. Colonels vs. Doctors. :)

#420 The go'auld have built a new Naetu and have already thrown some Tok'ra and rebel Jaffa in there. The SGC is alerted to this and help the other Tok'ra and Jaffa mount a rescue, but nothing ever goes smoothly for anyone at the SGC, does it?

#421 The scientists have discovered a chemical that breaks down naqada. Once it's introduced into the drive system of a ha'tak or pel'tak or even a DHD, the device becomes unusable and very easy to destroy. How much damage could be done to the goa'uld if the basis of their technology was destroyed?

#422 The living liquid in Watergate is slowly being destroyed by a goa'uld poison. In desperation, the creatures contact the SGC for help.

#423 In an attempt to stop the uber-goa'ulds, the team asks Charlie to intervene and contact the Ree'tou to try and negotiate an alliance. With the Ree'tou's help, can the Tau'ri, Jaffa and Tok'ra defeat the uber-goa'ulds?

#424 In an effort to create a civil war between goa'ulds on another planet, the citizens of the planet have to be convinced that they'd be better off under the rule of another goa'uld because reasonable explanations didn't work on them. The idea is to have one goa;'uld come and kill the other and then the SGC team will deal with the one that's left. It's the old "two birds with one stone" routine. So, Daniel remembers how to act like he did in the Absolute Power dream and he gets one of those microphones from Proving Ground that makes his voice have that metallic two-tone echo like a goa'uld. He goes in as a Oz, the Great and Powerful Goa'uld who defeated a bunch of other system lords and lesser goa'ulds. Imagine Daniel pretending to be evil and remaining in character the entire way through.

#425 In the "Absolute Power" commentary, PDL and RCC talk about a cut scene with Kasuf, Shifu and Daniel in the tent on Abydos. What happened? What did Kasuf have to say to his grandson? How much does Shifu know about Sha're and Daniel? How does Daniel react?

#426 If Cimmeria is a "safe planet" protected by the Asgard, why did Thor put the Hammer there? Surely any Goa'uld who went there would be breaking the protected planets treaty. Are there Hammers or something similar on other Asgard protected worlds? On that note, was Heru-er punished by the Asgard for enslaving Cimmeria?

#427 In COTG, we see Sha're sitting with a few of the other girls when the Earth sergeant is chosen. She is even holding the hand of one of the other girls. But when we see her next, she is sitting by herself, her back turned towards everyone. What happened? Did she get into a fight with one of the others? Did she try to stop someone from being taken? Does she believe Daniel is coming for her?

#428 What if Charlie hadn't died? Jack never would have become involved with the Stargate program and never gone to Abydos. Who would have lead that first mission? How would Daniel have related to him? Would they have defeated Ra?
#429 What if Kasuf had offered Sha're to Jack instead of Daniel? How would Jack react? Would her and Daniel have fallen in love anyway?

#430 What if it was Sha're on triad during "Pretense" instead of Skarra?

#431 After Pretense, Skaara goes back home to Abydos. How do Skaara and Daniel explain to Kasuf everything that has happened? Before that, how did Daniel explain to Skaara what happened to Sha'uri?

#432 The SGC has 28 levels. What if it has 29 or 30 levels? What would be on those lower levels?

#433 What if Shifu put both Jack and Daniel into a dream to "teach them" in Absolute Power?

#434 What if Jack had carried Daniel with them after he was shot on Klorel's ship?

#435 What are the early morning routines of your favorite characters from the moment they wake up in the morning until they get to work?

#436 What if the team gated to a world where time stopped? Literally? The planet doesn't spin on its axis or revolve around the sun. Nothing grows. Their watches are at a standstill, etc.

#437 Set during the season-that-shall-not-be-named, an AU Daniel comes through the gate asking for help because a goa'uld is attacking his earth. In his world, there is no Jonas and they never went to Kelowna. How would the team feel if they could work with "Daniel" again?

#438 After the season-that-shall-not-be-named, Daniel descends with only a partial memory. He remembers his best friend Jack, his friends Sam and Teal'c, the SGC, Hammond, Janet, Kasuf, Sha'uri, Skaara, etc, but he can't remember his name or the planet he came from. He doesn't remember how to work the stargate or where he can find these people to tell him who he is.

#439 An old friend contacts Daniel about a keepsake of his parents. Daniel goes to retrieve it and finds several old letters inside that his parents wrote to each other and to him.

#440 The president sends in a "spy" to check out how the SGC is running these days. The "spy" sees how well things are being run with Jack as the general and Daniel as the acting second-in-command. The president also questions his idea of putting Weir in charge of the base temporarily when he had another civilian very qualified for the job.

#441What if Weir was still in command of the base and Jack was still a colonel?

#442 What if Apophis came back replicatorized? (Yeah, I know, a huge rip-off of the Borg, but I like Apophis).

#443 What if the team has to teach at the academy for a week?

#444 Let's pull out a really overdone cliche, shall we? We've seen this one done in a lot of tv shows. The team gates to a planet where they're cursed by someone for something they inadvertantly did. Now, here's the glitch -- the "curse" isn't really a curse at all, more of an exercise in the power of suggestion.

#445 Thousands of years ago, the goa'uld came to earth. Were there already stories of gods and goddesses prevalent in the human population and the goa'uld took these gods and goddesses' names as a way to control them all? Were there no stories of gods and goddesses before the goa'uld came? Kind of a "which came first" question -- the god or the goa'uld.

#446 What happened after Daniel was removed from the chamber in Lifeboat?

#445 Ripping off a Sliders episode In There But For The Grace Of God, Daniel goes to an alternate universe. What if he brought certain germs with him that were deadly to the attacking Jaffa? Or what if he became sick because he didn't have immunities to certain germs there?

#446When Daniel was in the AU in There But For The Grace Of God, what if he filmed the people there and brought the tape back with him to show his Jack, Teal'c and Sam? Would there have been anyone arguing against his being there or what he learned?

#447 Does an inanimate object experience entropic cascade failure if it travels to an AU?

#448 What would happen if a new system lord showed up and went by the name Oz?

#449 Since Jack and Daniel killed Ra, they have the "right" to claim all of Ra's territories. What if they actually did that? What if Teal'c claimed Cronus' territories?

#450 What if Teal'c rescues Sha'uri just before Amaunet can jump into the back of her neck? What if Sha'uri was able to escape with Daniel and the others?

#451 What if Apophis went to Abydos in his pyramid ship instead of gating there when he kidnapped Sha'uri and Skaara?

#452 What if the goa'uld clothesmakers made their clothes bad on purpose?

#453 The team gate to a planet where they find one of Daniel's journals buried in a temple, the pages brittle from age. They take it back to the SGC, figure out it's hundreds of years old and Daniel starts to read his own writing. According to what he wrote, the team accidentally gated back through time, but what they found in the past will greatly affect their present and future. What could it be?

#454 In Fallen, what if it had been the Goa'uld or Tok'ra or Asgard that found Daniel first?

#455 What if Daniel had descended somewhere on earth with his memory intact? Would he have called Jack first? If he did, would Jack have believed it was Daniel?

#456 What if Oma wasn't the one who yanked Daniel out of Anubis' throne room in Full Circle? What if it was someone else?

#457 We've seen Daniel performing the duties of a second-in-command since New Order. Was he given the authority and position of second-in-command? Did he have to assume the mantle of responsibility when Weir took over because she wasn't qualified for the job? Was he shoved into the responsibility to act as a liaison between Weir and the military? It seems that Colonel Reynolds is next in chain of command and would be the "actual"second-in-command of the base, but Daniel's doing the work. Could it be that Reynolds explained to Jack that Daniel did an incredible job as the second when Weir was in charge and folks would feel better knowing that he still had the job regardless of who was next in authority militarily speaking? Or did the president appoint him to the position since he wanted to put a civilian face on the SGC should it go public? Jack told Weir that she couldn't have Daniel, that he needed him. Did Jack ask Daniel to continue on as the second-in-command of the base?

#458 In one scene, we have Jack, Daniel and Thor sitting in Jack's office before he and Thor go off to see the President at the White House (Thor looked so cute sitting in a chair three sizes too big for him <g>). If Daniel is the second-in-command of the base, that would explain the notebook he was scribbling on -- he was writing down the list of things Jack was working on. :) What kind of a list would Jack have given him?

#459 In one scene, we have Daniel questioning Walter and the other control room dude, making the joke about coffee, smiling, etc. After he walked out, what kind of conversation would these two have had? Would there have been a comment from the other dude along the lines of, "I heard Doctor Jackson was second-in-command of the base, but they've got him questioning people now?" What would Walter say?
Or perhaps the other dude would lean over toward Walter and say, "He's good," in regard to Daniel's joking around during a stressful situation. What would Walter say?

#460 What was going through Jack's head when Daniel was about to beam up to the alien ship to try to rescue Sam?

#461 What goes through the minds of Siler, Walter and other base personnel as they see the changes happening with Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c?

#462 What if the president were to make a surprise visit to the SGC to see how things work there on a daily basis? What would he see?

#463 A news blurb about archaeologists finding the ancient temple of Isis buried somewhere in Egypt prompts the team to head that way to see what's going on. The problem? Steven Raynor is the archaeologist in charge and he's using Daniel's research as his own to explain the discoveries.

#464 What if the Sha'uri/Amaunet Teal'c shot in FIAD wasn't the real one? What if Amaunet was part of a bigger plan to take control of the Goa'uld, so she "hired" the Asgard to make a clone of Sha'uri and her? Perhaps Amaunet needed to appear as if she were dead to move more freely behind the scenes. What would happen if the Tok'ra learned of this and Jacob brought the news to Daniel? What would they do? How would Daniel react if he'd believed she was dead these four years only to learn that was a lie?

#465 What if Atlantis flew back to earth?

#466 What would happen if the wraith and the goa'uld were to meet?

#467 With the folks from earth and the goa'uld finding Ancient technology all over the place and the folks on Atlantis living in THE fabled city, where are the Ancients? Are they concerned about people finding all the toys, gadgets and gizmos they left behind? What if they came back?

#468 Spoilers for Endgame
How did that conversation between Jack and the president go when Jack had to tell him that the gate was gone?

#469 Spoilers for Endgame
What if Jack made Daniel make that call to the president to tell him about the stargate disappearing? How differently would Daniel have handled it?

#470 Let's borrow from a MacGyver episode, shall we? What can I say? Time for a little cliched storyline. :) The NID is angry at Hammond for whatever reason, and they decide to show him exactly what will happen if he doesn't do what they say. Unfortunately, they went a little overboard --SG-1, Hammond, Janet and Cassie take a skiing trip to Aspen (beautiful ski lodge, giant recliners by a huge fireplace, hot cocoa, etc). Early one morning, Jack can't find Daniel, but he does find Cassandra at the bunny slope. She's watching Daniel come down Widowmaker Ridge, the toughest hill to ski on the entire resort. Daniel could snowski -- who knew? The NID is there, and they shoot a tree near where Daniel is skiing. The shot creates an avalanche which takes Daniel with it. There's a mad scramble to find him in the snow. Needless to say, this upsets our heroes. How do they get even? How do they stop the NID from furthering endangering them to get to Hammond?

#471 The NID want Ascended information from Daniel, so they kidnap him and inject him with a drug that is supposed to help him remember. However, instead of making him remember, it makes him revert back into Arrom again.

#472 What happened to the Vis Ubanians after the SGC moved them in an attempt to stop Anubis in Fallen/Homecoming?

#473 What if Daniel had been on that mission during Double Jeopardy? A lot of people saw the Daniel robot get his head blasted off. How would they have reacted if Daniel had shown up?

#474 In the episode where Tanith finds out he'd been used by the Tok'ra and imprisoned before separation, why didn't he jump into another host?

#475 When Sam and Jacob blow up Vorash's sun to create an artificial supernova and wipe out Apophis' fleet, the idea is to dial the gate from the world the black hole was coming toward. Jacob said if they couldn't connect with the gate, they'd just forget it and fly out of there. Now, what if they did connect with the gate, but it wasn't around the black hole? What if the goa'uld had found the gate floating in space, salvaged it and placed it on an important, populated world? What if they didn't connect with the gate? What if they had to run from Apophis?

#476 When Tanith escapes and Sam is wanting to blow up the sun in Exodus, Teal'c is unhappy because he didn't get to destroy Tanith barehanded. When Daniel tries to talk to him about this, Teal'c asks if Daniel wouldn't want to crush Apophis with his bare hands and Daniel says he's thought about it. What if Daniel got that opportunity?

#477 In Exodus, Jacob and the team are stuck 125 years away from earth. What if they didn't find another way home? What if they were on that ship for 125 years?

#478 In Exodus, Jacob and the team are stuck 125 years away from earth. What if they didn't find another way home? What if they were on that ship for 125 years?

#479 Shaun'auc was from Chulak. The symbiote she carried would have been Apophis' offspring -- so Tanith was Apophis' son. Why do you think Apophis was more "paternal" toward Klorel and hardly noticing Tanith when they finally met?

#480 In Exodus, Jacob tells them that they were 125 years from Earth and in another galaxy. Which galaxy did they go to? What if they were stranded in that galaxy? What if the ancients never went there? What if it was the Pegasus galaxy?
What if SG-1 and Jacob met up with the wraith?

#481 What if Jacob/Selmak and Apophis were to meet by themselves?

#482 What if the team got one of those Tollan devices that allow the host to become dominant and put it on Apophis? How much of the scribe's sanity would have survived to help them in whatever they needed him for? How would the scribe apologize to Daniel for what Apophis had done to his family?

#483 Why does a jaffa concussion grenade look like a magic 8 ball?

#484 In the movie, what if Jack, Daniel, Kawalsky and Ferretti didn't go up against Ra but another Goa'uld instead?

#485 The planet: Vis Uban
The occurrance: Daniel Jackson descends without his memory BUT he does have clothes on, especially a certain sweater.
The timing: Two months after descension
The plot: SG-1 goes to Vis Uban. Jack and Teal'c are fairly non-chalant about things until they see a familar sweater lying in a heap in the storyteller's tent.

#486 After Daniel gets his memory back, he moves into his new house. Jack and the others help set up the furniture, and he finally asks Daniel why he always wore that sweater when he was ascended. What would Daniel's answer be?

#487 In Upgrades, Sam works on a book about wormhole physics that she's never had the time to write before. What kind of book would Daniel write if he had the time?

#488 Homage (rip-off) time!
Daniel takes the rest of the team to Egypt to help an old friend with an archaeological dig. However, one things leads to another, and soon they're in situations we've only seen in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

#489 Variation on CHALLENGE:
In Upgrades, Sam works on a book about wormhole physics that she's never had the time to write before.
What happens when she finally finishes it? Does she publish?

#490 Season 7. SG1 is visiting with the Tok'ra. A rogue Tok'ra poisons (or injures) Daniel at a time when SG1 cannot return to Earth. When they begin to believe his only chance of survival is a symbiote, the rogue Tok'ra offers itself. The plan was designed so he could get an ex-ascended as a host.

#491 Inspired by the Bad vs. Bad thread
Egeria spawned the first Tok'ra 2000 years ago (if you use the series canon and ignore any conflicting subsequent statements). Would that mean that Ra was the head honcho 2000 years ago? Even Hathor was in her sarc for about 2000 years, so given that one of the first things she asks about is Ra could be supporting evidence for that. Also, by the time we met up with the Tok'ra, they weren't just against Ra anymore. They had been working for 2000 years to eradicate the goa'uld themselves, not just one particular system lord. What if Egeria and the Tok'ra played a pivotal part in bringing about Ra's downfall from being the head honcho of all goa'ulds? Now we know that alliances and territories change in the goa'uld regimes. We don't know if Ra was still as big a threat to the galaxy as he was 2000 years ago. Perhaps Apophis had been gaining ground over those 2000 years and had displaced Ra, but Ra was still a major player. Imagine Ba'al and Ra fighting each other for territories. Cronos and Ra. Heru'ur and Ra, although Heru'ur was Ra and Hathor's son (mythologically speaking, that is). What if Ra had lost so much territory by the time of the movie, that he was no longer the threat he used to be? (I'm seeing plot bunnies galore with all the big bads going up against Ra). Ra could have been on a downward spiral and the events on Abydos were the proverbial straw that broke the mastadge's back. I'm sure he'd dealt with uprisings before. Would blowing up the city and/or planet been his first option? Or was the Abydonian uprising his last swan song to prove to himself that he was still Ra, the all powerful?

#492 What if Daniel had gone with Sam and Teal'c when they went to contact the Asgard in New Order? What would Weir have done with the negotiations? Would there have been any negotiations?

#493 When Fifth was "torturing" Sam, in one sequence she was seeing Chaka and/or Unas. Why?

#494 What if Thor went on a mission with the team?

#495 What if Ba'al had come to earth to check out the new superweapon that destroyed Anubis?

#496 What would the conversation between Jack and Daniel be like when they discuss the Asgard ship The Daniel Jackson? Would Jack be jealous or proud? Would he wonder what Daniel had been up to all that time he was frozen?

#497 Since Jack's a general now, he gets piloted all over the place instead of doing the piloting himself. How do you think he feels about that?

#498 In "Fallen", what if it was Daniel who was captured by Anubis instead of Jonas. What effect would Anubis's mind probe have on Daniel's memory?

#499 In Fallen, what went through Reynolds' mind when Daniel came walking out of the forest?

#500 In Fifth Man, what if Daniel had been left behind with Tyler instead of Jack?

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